Channeling Archangel Chamuel, New Moon in Leo 2010

August 10, 2010

Beloved Lightworkers,

Thank you for opening your hearts and sending love and healing to the World through the Grid, to places of current unease and unrest.

Lands are flooding. And the waters of emotions in some of your personal lives are flooding over as well. These are great times of change. When energies increase and frequencies rise, this acts as a stirring in the cauldron of your lives. Things that seemed so be sunk to the bottom of your cauldron are being brought to the surface through this stirring and shaking cause by the rising energies.

Though this can be hard and cause fear, anger and anguish, we want to let you know there is no need for fear. Bring an enquiring mind to these happenings. Look upon the ingredients you find on the surface of your personal cauldron. What are these telling you? Do you like to eat them? Are these things you still need and want? Or have they served their purpose and is it time to let them go?

Old thought patterns and behaviours are acted out in relationships at these times. These are beautiful opportunities for growth and expansion. They require for you to step back and truly see the mirror the other person is holding up to you. They may reflect the relationship you have with yourself. Look at any challenging relationship through the eyes of love and ask yourself “what would love do?”

If you find this hard and you realize your heart is closed, please call on me and my angels of love to heal and open your heart. You may wear a rose quartz to help you with opening and softening your heart.

So often we see human beings crave love. They seek it around them. They look to the other person to fill them with love. But if there is no love of self, no other person can fill that lack. In the coming weeks, when the going gets tough, please surround yourself with a blanket of soft, pink, loving energy. Be the friend you seek. Treat yourself as you want others to treat you. Believe in who you are. And once you start opening your heart and fill it with love, you can then send it out to those you love, but also to those you find yourself in conflict with.

Love is the greatest power on Earth. Let is fill and strengthen you and let it radiate outwards to all you meet.

We from the angelic realm love you immensely. Our love is always here for you, awaiting you call. We are proud of your Light work and we love you for it. Please accept this love from us angels and from God/Goddess.

I am archangel Chamuel and I bring you these truths.

Channeled through Cathelijne, Angeltherapy Coach

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3 thoughts on “Channeling Archangel Chamuel, New Moon in Leo 2010

  1. Jude Dickinson

    Hey Cathelijne

    I didn’t manage to do this months meditatioin but what you tuned into is spot on on whats been going on for me. It seems a mirror has been reflecting what I see in other relationships and how I would like to be treated. One of my challenges is that to hold unconditional love for people who I think have dis-respected me as i guess my ego says well if you allow that to happen then they have a chance to walk all over you so at the moment it is hard. Thank you for the message in surrounding ourselves in a blanket of pink love ie rose quartz, wear more pink.

    Love and blessings to you

    Jude xxx

    1. engelentherapiecoach Post author

      Hey Jude,
      yes it feels very true to me as well, but as I channeled it, there can always be a piece of me in it, so it is lovely to receive your feedback and hear how it has resonated within you as well.
      I believe there is a fine line to walk between unconditional love and being walked over. You can lovingly set your boundaries. Forgiveness is a part of loving. It does not mean you say the hurtful behavior was allright. And it does not mean you accept it happening again. It does mean you are no longer willing to hold on to the pain it has caused you and wish to move on into the future (whether with that person or without).
      I must say this is a huge theme and learning for me as well.
      Lots of love
      Cathelijne xxx

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