Full Moon Meditation August 2010

I have written this blog article to invite you you to join in with the full moon meditation, if it feels right for you.

The power of the (full) moon
The Full Moon meditation is a good moment to focus your attention on things your want to release.

The Full Moon on August 24, 2010
The next full moon will be on Tuesday, august 24. A wonderful moment to connect to all other Light workers in a full moon meditation.
When the moon is full, tit completely reflects the sunlight back at us like a beautiful, enchanted mirror. Therefore the full moon is a splendid moment to tune into the Light during meditation. 

This Full Moon in Pisces will help us to make better use of our creativity, enhance our creative ability and artistic skill, and enable us to improve our relationships .

During the last Full Moon Meditation, Archangel Gabriel’s message was:
I would like to inspire you all to use the energy of the next full moon to work on unity and interconnectedness by letting go of all that keeps you separate from others, from love and from the Creator.”

Many people around me seem to find themselves stuck in old patters of feeling unloved, alone, unwanted and face issues of lack of self love. As we are all one, there is no reason to feel alone. All are connected. We all are made of the same stardust and we all breathe the same air. We come from the same Source from where we will return. When we start to focus on differences instead of love, we become seperated from one another.  

Preparation for meditation

Before going into meditation, take a few minutes to write down the things that prevent you from feeling connected to others and to feel the oneness with all life.

Find a peaceful place where you can meditate without being disturbed.
If possible you may want to meditate in the fresh air out in nature, as to be closer to the full moon. An undisturbed place inside can be equally beneficial.

An altar can help you find the right focus for your meditation.
You can make this in a way that suits you. My altar holds crystals, candles, a Buddha Statue, angel statue and a Statue of mother Mary that belonged to my grandmother. For this full moon meditation you may want to fill a bowl of clear water to represent the moon. You may place a moonstone before you or hold it in your hand. As Archangel Gabriel rules over the powers of the moon, you may choose a picture of Gabriel.

The meditation

You are welcome to connect to me and all the other Light workers who are meditation on the full moon at 7 p.m. UK time.
Though far away, we can all connect through the field of unity. You may find this strongly facilitates your meditation. If you cannot make it at 7 p.m. you may sit down another time with the intention of connecting.

  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
  • Sit quietly.
  • Ask the angels for protection during the meditation. You may do this by asking Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection around you.
  • You may also ask the angels to clear your space and surround it with white light.
  • Ground yourself by imagining a perfect lotus flower underneath each foot. Let the petals softly open towards the earth to let the healing energy of the earth flow into your body.
  • Feel the power of the earth flow into your feet, ankles, knees and then to your upper legs upwards. Which colour is this healing energy from mother Earth?
  • Let is flow into your pelvis, your abdomen and finally your chest. Take it into your heart and let your fill untill it flows over.
  • At the same time, envision a cord or root grow from the base of your spine into the earth. Use this connection to Mother Earth to let go of all things you no longer need; any tension or pain in your body. Do not feel guilty about this. Mother Earth is able to re-use the pent-up energy. Much like turning the contents of your compost bin into fertile ground, she transforms all the things you let go of and give to her.
  • Once you feel completely filled by the power of the earth and once you have let go of all you need to, imagine a big, beautiful lotus flower on the top of your head (=crown chakra). Let is open its petals and connect to the power of the moon.
  • Imagine a moon beam flowing into your crown chakra. Let this solver light fill your head, your brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth with twinkling energy. Your intuition and creativity are enhanced by this wonderful light. Then let it flow through your throat, neck and shoulders into your chest where the energy of the moon and the earth come together in a perfect rainbow of opalescent colour.
  • Now imagine Archangel Zadkiel standing before you. Zadkiel is the angel of forgiveness and transformation and his Golden, Zilver, Violet Flame helps you transmute anything that holds you back.  Ask hiss help to let go all the things that no longer serve you and the greater good. Tell him about all the things you wrote on your list.
  • Beloved Archangel Zadkiel, I now release………… I let go off all that no longer serves me. In this way I open my heart and open myself to connect to other people, the earth and life in a more loving manner. Please fill my mind and heart with violet light and help me tranform any thoughts and beliefs that keep me seperated from others and life.”
  • Next imagine all the people meditating right now being connected by loving light. Then send loving energy from your heart to other, to those you love, but also to people you have a hard time dealing with.
  • You may site quietly for a while to receive any images or insights for the coming phase of the moon.
  • Finally, come back into your body. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Be aware of your body. Feel the contact it makes with the ground or floor beneath you. When you are done, mindfully blow out your candles to let go of the meditation.

I would love to hear about your experiences with the meditation. 
Should you need angel e-coaching to further let go of the old and manifest the new, feel free to email me at:

You may also email me if you want to receive the full moon meditation via email.

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