Channeling Archangel Gabriel, New Moon September 2010

I am Gabriel, bringer of good news, guardian of the moon, archangel of the divine feminine. Today on this new moon I have come to pay my respects and inspire you.

It is time to embrace the Goddess within and to understand this world is one of yin and yang, male and female, lightness and the dark. The one balances out the other in an eternal dance of energies. And through the cosmic dance on earth your soul experiences, learns and grows.

The lessons I wish to convey today is that of the feminine principle of nurturing and care.

Quite often care is more easily given to the other than to the self. Many Light Workers send healing to the sick, to the earth, to those in need, but they forget themselves. I would like to say: “Healer, heal thyself”.

The world today still is very male principle oriented with people being centred in the head and not the heart, with being goal oriented bordering on destructive greed. Slowly, but strongly, a change is being made in this special time on earth to balance the masculine energies with the feminine. To balance the head with the heart. And by so doing bringing balance to the earth with the recognition that male and female are vastly different, but equal at the same time. With the realisation that Source is God and Goddess entwined. With the realisation that by embracing the masculine and feminine within, true love for self and others becomes possible. It is time to go within and nurture your soul. Take time to pamper your body, mind and soul. Take good care of your body by healthy eating and by gentle exercise. Take care of the mind by focusing your thought on self-love and acceptance. Nurture your soul with meditation and spiritual practice.

We angels are ready to assist you in the process of integrating all parts of your divine self into this earthly life.

We are here to support and bless you and to remind you that you are loved unconditionally and endlessly.

Give your intention for this new moon to me and I will carry it up to the heavens for you.

I am Archangel Gabriel and I bring you these truths.


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