Channeling Archangel Gabriel about the words we speak and think.

New moon, december 5, 2010

I am Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel.

With the raising of the energetic vibration on earth, the impact of your words, whether spoken out loud, thought internally, or written down on paper, or the computer, cell phone or any other device, all contain magnified power.

Much like the Japanese doctor Masara Emoto proved: beautiful words create beauty. Chaotic words create chaos.

Words can harm or heal.
Word can uplift or steal.
Words can transform and transmute.
With words you create the stories of your life. And so, what story are you writing, my dear one? Are you writing a story of love or of hardship?

In this last part of 2010 I would like to invite you to become aware of your thoughts and words. Whenever you find yourself worrying, complaining or even cursing, I want you to imagine a huge eraser with angel wings flying in to erase the words or thoughts. This leaves a blank canvas and I’d like you to imagine writing loving words on it in beautifully written golden letters. Reprogram your thoughts and words. Let them radiate qualities such as love, respect, peace and healing.

You can practice by silently blessing all those you meet. Try it. Imagine those words:
“Be blessed.”
“Be at peace”
“Be healed”
“Be at one”
“Be loved”

Repeat these words now. Feel them resonate within you. Can you feel the difference this makes?

You literally have the potential to huge change and healing on the very tip of your tongue.

Let this coming holiday season not be about material gifts. Let it be about the true blessing of loving thoughts and words.
Choose appreciation over criticism.
Choose love over hurt or resentment.
Choose your words with care.

I will be there to support you with your inner and outer communication whenever you ask.

I am Archangel Gabriel.

Copyright Cathelijne Filippo

Feel free to share, but please include the copyright.

3 thoughts on “Channeling Archangel Gabriel about the words we speak and think.

  1. Cat

    Why do I keep receiving messages about my exact birth date on January 13th, a message from the angel Gabrielle, the date of December 6th, and the black hole? Who am I and what am I supposed to do?

    1. Angel Light Heart Post author

      Thanks for your reply.
      Symbols can often be very personal. As it is clear the signals you are receiving are unclear to you, please ask the angels for clearer guidance. A 2013 reading could help you gain insight into the times ahead. Feel free to brows my site
      My first intuition about your signs would be that the time between the 6th of December and January 13th can be a bit like a black hole, in the sense that it is a time to move into the unknown and make desicions on where you want to go with your life. As the 21st of December is like the rbeaking of the waters before the birth for many of us, so this time serves as a prepration for you.
      There is only one person how can answer your questions about who you are and what your are suupposed to do and that is…you.
      The angels always tell me the heart is the compass of the soul. It will guide you if you listen to it closely.
      Love and light


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