Working with Orbs: Archangel Michael

This orb appeared on a photograph I took in a little church dedicated to Archangel Michael in the Tuscan city Volterra after spending time communicating with Archangel Michael.

Diana Cooper has written two books about orbs and she says “the angels can lower their frequency to impress their light bodies in a circular shape on the photographs.  These were the Orbs which contain the angelic energy and continue to radiate light and messages after they have been pictured.

Every Orb is a key to a specific energy.   Some offer healing, love and enlightenment.  Others give you special attunements.  A few are portals to the universe.”

She further explains that when you look at the Orbs of angels and other high dimensional beings you will receive:

  • Specific energies to enlighten you and transform your life
  • A connection with unicorns, angels, archangels and fairies
  • Tools for confidence, love, empowerment, spiritual expansion and hope
  • Expanded enlightenment

This orb is sent to us by Archangel Michael. It exudes protection, clarity and communication.

You can work with this orb in many ways:

  • Simply putting it in a room or on your altar can raise the vibration of the room and help bring in energies of protection, clarity and a higher frequency.
  • You can use the card as a focus for your meditation. By looking at the orb you can connect to the energy of Archangel Michael.
  • When you would like protection, clarity or better communication in some area in your life, you can place a word or picture representing that area (or a picture of yourself) on top of the orb.
  • If you would like to receive guidance from Michael in your dreams you may ask him to send it and place the card underneath your pillow (or if you do not want to damage it, place it on your bedside table).

May the orb picture and this great archangel be a support on your path to spiritual wholeness and wellness.

Angel blessings


PS you can find the orb postcard and my other work in the Angels & Co webshop. 


7 thoughts on “Working with Orbs: Archangel Michael

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    1. engelentherapiecoach Post author

      Hi Maria,

      very good question. I do not know, but when I look at this orb from Michael long enough i can see a figure inside it. So I am guessing the circles are just energy carriers that hold special energies, figures and symbols inside.

    2. madmike1359

      I took three photos at my mom’s funeral with my cell phone in less than a second. The third photo had an orb and when you zoomed in you could make out a bodily presence with wings. It was incredible.

      1. Angel Light Heart Post author

        That is so beautiful Mike. I would definitely see this as a sign the angels are taking care of your mom and she was around to feel your love and goodbye! Bright blessings

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