Orb of Mother Mary and Archangel Chamuel

On our last day in the Midi-Pyrenees my hubby wanted to visit a famous “col” from the Tour the France. I had actually planned to just relax by the pool for the day, but decided to join him and enjoy some stunning views. I had not been feeling all that well and all the zigzagging in the car did not do much to make me feel better.

After a while we passed a place with a statue of Mary and after driving past it I felt just fine. On the way back I decided to quickly make a snapshot of it from the car.

So funny! In Lourdes, I asked for orbs and nothing happened. It reminds me of last year in Italy when we visited Cathedral of Michael in Luca, where no orb was seen. Whilst I had a profound experience of the Archangel in the small ChurchofVolterra dedicated to Michael. After this experience I received a beautiful blue orb in a photo, that many people have since enjoyed on a card and had vivid experiences with as well. It’s often the small places where miracles happen.

Similarly, this time a beautiful orb appeared out of nowhere with in the upper right corner of the photo beautiful rays of soft colours. The pink energy runs like a helix to the earth and represents the loving energy of Chamuel. Chamuel was present at the creation of the last two sprays of Crystal Angel Essences (which you can order with me via angellightheart@hotmail.com) and then indicated that we could use this spray extra well in advance of the Venus transit in order to open our hearts to love. After the holiday we are to make a spray attuned to Mother Mary spray containing the nurturing powers of the Divine Feminine. The energy of Mother Mary is visible in the soft blue energy to the left of the pink ray.

Thus, these beautiful, soft energies of Mary, Queen of Angels, and Archangel Chamuel together help us to open our hearts to love and feminine divine forces.

 You can meditate on this photo. I  would love to hear your experiences with it!

Bright blessings





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