Dragon Oracle News

Dear BlogReader,

I have exciting news to share
In exaclty one month from now my Dragon Oracle will be printed and delivered to my door! From there it is ready to be shipped all over the world, to anyone who feels it resonates with them.

And you can be one of those people as I am gifting all my blogreaders a discount (and feel free to forward it to friends as well). The dragon oracle will be for sale for 18,99 and you can now pre-order one for 17,50 euro (shipping excluded).

Feel free to order by sending me an email to angellightheart@hotmail.com. Please let me know how many you would like and make sure to email your name and adress as well.

I will be sending out invoices halfway through August. For those who want to, payment can be done through paypal. When the money has arrived, you pre-order is official and I will then send out your oracle as soon as it is delivered to my door!

The dragon oracle is a powerful tool. 
For empowerment and spiritual growth.
A lovely gift for yourself or a loved one
(or both;-))!

About the Dragon Oracle:

Dragons are known to some as archetypes and to others as divine angelic beings carrying cosmic fire. These cards will help you attune to the archetypes and wisdom of the dragons and the wisdom within yourself.Thirty-three cards with different dragons will give you insight into the qualities within yourself that you can further develop.  They aim to support you on your spiritual path and help you work towards empowerment, wellbeing and healing. These solution focused spiritual cards will help you deal with life’s challenges in a positive way.The booklet includes information on how to use the cards, descriptions for each of the dragon cards and their accompanying declaration to be used as affirmation. 

Bright blessings Cathelijne

2 thoughts on “Dragon Oracle News

    1. Angel Light Heart Post author

      thank you Sandsfire!
      And welcome to my blog.
      Should you be interested or know anyone else interested (seeing your site is about dragon hearts): the oraclecards are for sale, both in Dutch and in English, and I am still looking for ways to get them out there outside of my own country (The Netherlands)…
      Bright blessings


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