Riding the wave of current energies

Lots of Lightworkers are experiencing current energies as hectic and turbulent.

The Group as channelled by Steve Rother gives us some clear options for the road ahead. We have options: we can be overwhelmed by the wave of energy now building or we can ride the crest of the wave to its new destination. Many will choose variations of the two they even remind us that one is not right and one is not wrong. They simply want us to have the knowledge to make an informed decision about our next reality. As they say: “Every wave that comes in will help to take you to that next level, but you still have to figure out how you are going to anchor yourself today. It is not so much about tomorrow or the future., Instead, it is about what you can do today to make yourself feel comfortable here and your body feel capable of expressing this empowered spirit. How do you do that? You do that one step at a time. You set your intent, you move forward, and you create your reality one heartbeat at a time.”

So, if you are finding the energies around challenging, here are some tips to ride the new waves of energies:

  1. Ground yourself daily through grounding exercise and spend time in nature every day. Let Mother Earth ground you and stabilize you in these changing times. Nature itself is constantly changing and you can learn from it in moving with the change instead of against it.
  2. Shield yourself when you feel fragile. You can ask Archangel Michael to help you. Great results are reported in using the Crystal Angel Essence of Archangel Michael I have created with my soul sister Sabine.
  3. Take time for quiet reflection and meditation. When meditating you change vibration and you raise your consciousness, which will enable you to use the high energy waves to manifest your renewed life and goals.
  4. For many these energy patterns are quite heavy on the body. Aid your body through taking excellent self care. Exercise, eat healthy foods, drink lots of water and take enough rest. The Mother Mary Essence can help you work towards better self care. The Archangel Raphael Essence can help you towards a healthier life style.
  5. Play with the energies currently effecting you and the planet as a whole. Be playful and look at it as an adventure. The Angel Dolphin Essence will help you in doing this.

The Crystal Angel Essences can be ordered by emailing me at angellightheart@hotmail.com. They are 11,99 euro per piece (postage excluded) and money transfers can be done through pay pal. If you like I test the essences and when you order several it is possible for an extra 11 euro to receive a program for your personal use for several weeks.

Bright Blessings




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