2013, bringing mind and heart together and living in the NOW

e607394a-d277-4ecb-8e06-ee8dc001e1dcHere we are…in 2013! A very happy New Year to all my blog readers!

The foundation of the new energy has been constructed by light workers all over the world on December 21st. What a magnificent day and such unity!

I organized a gathering at Keins on the ley line of Archangel Michael. Keins is a tiny chapel in North-Holland dedicated to Mary and it has a healing well next to it. We had decided to gather before 11.11 am around the well and then to move inside the chapel for 11.11. As we were doing a meditation of the angels and ascended masters another group arrived and during our meditation they started to drum softly. Their shamanic work tied in beautifully with our meditation and as we went inside the chapel they took our place around the well to continue the Light Work there. The drumming and chanting outside softly entered the chapel and as we are alone, we decided we could break the silence of the chapel my chanting ohm in sync with the drumming and chanting outside.

I remember thinking “ this is what the new age is about…unity in diversity!” A Golden Age where each may speak his or her truth and we all bring forth our own harmonious sound, tying in with others to form a beautiful symphony.

As we enter the Golden Age, whale consciousness reminds us it is not just about a meditation on the winter solstice. Though powerful in itself, we need to use all we learned and take positive action in our personal lives and in the world.

I feel two things are of greatest importance in the shift to the Golden Age:RadiantHeart-300x300_2

  • Living from the heart (unity between the mind and the heart)
  • Living in the Now

But how do you do that? Connecting mind and heart? A lot of research done by the Heartmath institute tells us how. They have discovered a state called heart coherence where the pattern of our heartbeats is coherent and regular. This pattern emerges when people are experiencing positive emotions, such as feelings of appreciation. In such a state the mind and heart are united and we are able to think clearly and make wise decisions.

During the last couple of years scientists have discovered that the heart has a nerve system of its own. This complex system is called the brain of the heart. It receives information and sends it to the brain in the head. As such the brain and the heart are in mutual communication.

Heart-Electromagnetic_field1I have just bought an emWave2 from this institute. This little device is an easy form of biofeedback, letting one know how coherent the heart is at a certain time. It has a little program to help you become into a stat of heart coherence. As I type this blog, I am connected to it. When the light turns green my heart is coherent. When it turns blue, it is less so and when it turns red there is little coherence. When I am connected to my hear whilst typing, there is a green light, but as soon as I am typing like a mad woman, hammering away on my keyboard, it turns red! Just as it turned red, mu red cat Ludo jumped on my lap. As I breathed deeply and gave him some much needed attention, the light turned green again. Which just goes to show how pets reduce our stress levels (well, unless they pee on the carpet…huh Ludo?!)

A simple way to reach heart coherence are the following three steps:

  1. Focus your attention to the area around your heart.
  2. Breathe in and out deeply and imagine the breath moving in and out of this heart area.
  3. Once your breathing becomes easy and rhythmic, focus on a positive feeling. Think of something joyful (such as a person you love, a beautiful sunset, a great holiday…for me thinking of dolphins usually does the trick).

Heart coherence will help you live in the here and now, as does mindfulness. Both will help us move into the Golden Age from a more conscious way of being.

I wish you all: living from the heart as we lovingly move into the Golden Age. I hope that this blog will inspire you on your spiritual journey in 2013!

Bright blessings,logo ALH tekst


PS you can order a 2013 reading for more spiritual inspiration for the year to come, as well as a Healing Heart Angel as a focus for your spiritual development. There is a bit of a waiting list for both at the moment. You will find more information about both on:


6 thoughts on “2013, bringing mind and heart together and living in the NOW

  1. Arielle

    Love your new blog Cathlejine. I always enjoy when you share you lovely energy in service. Happy new year to you. Arielle

    1. Angel Light Heart Post author

      Thank you Arielle. I will be posting my moon meditations on here and some other things. I will also still be sending out the monthly angel news, though it does have some overlap with this one.
      Kappy new year to you as well my dear!

  2. vision5d2012

    Beautiful beautiful article! I am using it as a “related article” for my own post next week on coherency. Nice to “meet” you and I will return to check out what else you have here.
    Blessings, Alia

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