The angels are here to support you…even when you doubt it

2497201818_3277ee5076_zThough officially spring has started, the last couple of days we have had snowflakes fluttering down on us here in the Netherlands. Even though it might make one wonder when spring will truly arrive, sooner or later it will. In the same way, we can confidently continue on our path, knowing that all the lessons we are currently learning are getting us ready for the spiritual spring. This is the spring of personal growth and spiritual awakening.

That may sound easier than it is for many people, as I am finding out through all the questions that reach me when people purchase an angelheart e-consultation, ask for a healing or simply send an email to me. Many people are experiencing a sense of heaviness in life. When people suffer, grieve, hurt or despair they often wonder why God allows this suffering and why the angels do not prevent it from happening. A dear friend of mine wondered if there were angels after all.

I know deep inside that the angels are here, no matter what. I’ve seen one and I often feel angels around me. I feel it tingling on my back (angel wings), or I hear their high frequency in my ears and when I channel their energy in my email consultations, drawings and sculptures, they uplift my thoughts.

Yet, even though the angels are always there, this does not prevent us from experiencing difficult times, suffering loss, making mistakes or becoming sick. These are all part of our souls’ path of growth and experience. At such moments the human condition is a major challenge. At such time our frequency may drop, making it impossible for us to feel the angels anywhere near.

I have experienced this myself when feeling down or stressed. Though the angels areCemetery_Angel_by_AshenSorrow still there, it is me who turns away and has a hard time opening up to them. By resisting what is, we resist the solutions that may be awaiting us as well. All solutions lie within ourselves. Even if there is no practical solution within our experience of 3D reality, there may be a solution in our heart concerning the way we respond to the challenges on our path.

At such times, please search for a light in yourself, in others, or in the world, however small. This light will help you to slowly raise your vibration once more … until one day when you find yourself opening up to the soft whispers of the angels, guides and ascended masters once more. They have simply been waiting for you, ready to support you. Re-connect you with your soul. That’s where the real healing comes from…


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