Faeries and nature spirits near Watersmeet

watersemeetI love all things mystical and magical. Faeries are certainly that.

Faeries and nature spirits guard the natural world. Their energies can be found where two or more elements meet, such as water and earth.

All the experiences I have had with faeries so far were in such places: The Fairyglen in Wales, Les Roches des Fees in France and the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. A few days ago we were walking from Brendon to Watersmeet in Exmoor National Park. Such unspoiled nature!

As we sat down on some rocks amidst the stream of the river I picked up a faery channeling. Somehow they always come in a rhythmic cadance with lots of rhyme in between. That never happens when I channel angels or dragons or unicorns.

Here is what they said:

Where rocks and water meet 
We are present
Gateway to other worlds
Enter into faery

Be still and be here
Just this moment in time
Let yourself be guided   faery orbs
As gurgling waters rhyme

We are the spirits of nature
We are the fair and fey
Be welcome nature lover
Those without love stay away

We are the guardians
Of ancient forests and waters
We are of faeryland
Be present in nature and we will take your hand

To see the beauty around you
In all that lives and breathes
To uncover mother natures secrets
Unlocking you heart’s beliefs

Believe in us and nature
Bring honour to our world
In turn we will bless you
With all that’s good and pure.

After spending time with faery energy, lots of orbs surrounded my picture! So much fun.

faerydoorsSo next time you spend some time in nature…open up to all that leaves and breathes, all that streams and all that is. the seen and unseen. And perhaps you will feel the presence of the nature spirits too.

Faery blessings


PS I love helping you connect to the mystical and magical. You can inquire about the Crystal Angel Essence “Fairies and nature spirits”. I also love making faery doors. It is possible to personlize them just for you.

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