Blue Moon meditation, August 21, 2013

Blue-Moon-646x970Do you also feel that time seems to fly by ever more quickly? I was just reminded the moon is almost full by someone on facebook. Where does the time go? Lots of people are experiencing intense changes, energies and emotions. Now is the time to start living from the heart.

This months full moon is seen as a Blue Moon by some systems. Some sources indicate that a blue moon appears when there are two full moons in a calendar month. According to this definition, there will not be a blue moon until 2015. An older definition appoints the Blue Moon to the third moon when four full moons appear in one season. According to that definition, the upcoming full moon a blue moon.
Spiritually speaking, a blue moon is extra powerful and can be used to set goals and intentions of a spiritual nature related to yourself.

This august moon is also seen as a harvest festival in pagan traditions, involving a harvest on a spiritual level. This may mean that you will see new solutions to old problems. A relationship can improve. Old patterns can be released and replaced by new ones.

What is it that you want to harvest? What spiritual changes would you like to make in your life? These are excellent questions to ponder at this time.michael4

This full moon we will work with Archangel Michael because he can help in manifesting our deepest wishes. He helps us to change our thoughts to lighter thoughts and which will help us with spiritual goals.

Meditation Time
Like every full moon we meditate with a large group of light workers, all connected remotely via intent, at 20:00 Dutch and Belgium time. You can be present around the same time in your time zone or choose a different time and simply intend to connect to all the other light workers meditating here at 20 o’clock.

• Find a place where you will not be disturbed.
• Create a sacred space a way that suits you. For instance: burn incense, light a candle, place flowers on your altar, choose special crystals or invoke the elements.
• Ask for Archangel Michaels protection, with or without the Crystal Angel Essence Michael
• You can hold a clear quartz in your hand or put it in front of you. This is a natural enhancer that will help you in turn. Force your intentions
• You can write down your spiritual goals and intentions.

The meditation
• Sit down, ground yourself well, close your eyes and be present in your body.
• Invite Archangel Michael and ask him to cut any negative cords between you and everything and everyone holding you back from living your Divine Blueprint. As you see him cutting the cords, release any negative attachments.
• Now tell him about your intentions. Tell him what it is you would like to manifest.
• He then shows you a round screen with a blue, sparkling edge. It is your Divine whiteboard and you can write or project anything on it that you wish to manifest. See it happen. Project everything on it: what does this look like, how does it feel, write it in words or images. This is your intention!
• Michael asks you to look at the board and all you projected on it and to go deep within your heart to check if all that is on the board resonates in your heart. If you feel not all resonates with your deepest Self and your heart, change it around. You may want to add things or leave things out. Play with the image until it is finished.
• Then send light from your heart to your manifestation board as Archangel Michael adds his special light to it as well.
• Ask him if he has any wisdom to share with you. Perhaps there are steps you can take in your daily life to bring your intentions about.
• You may now release the intention in the knowledge that the angels will help you to manifest this or something better for your highest good and the highest good of all.
• Thank you Archangel Michael for his loving help and guidance and then return to your body. Ground yourself once more and slowly move your body.
• You can write down any insights your received.

_wsb_247x342_Archangel_metatronI wish you a magical, blue moon.

Angelic Blessings,

PS An Angelic Reiki treatment or training can help you accelerate your spiritual development and deepen your contact with the angels. In all my work I try to inspire and guide people on their path towards wholeness. You can read more about my work at

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