Full Moon Meditation December 17: letting go

924951__moon-behind-tree_pAs always the energy of the full moon helps us in sorting through our lives and releasing what no longer serves us. As I was preparing for this full moon meditation the message to let go of the old cam through extra strongly. Since then I have gotten the flu. How clear can the angels be about time for clearing?

Hence a very short moon meditation this month. You can simply join at 7 pm UK time with other light workers.

You may want to prepare by making three lists:

  1. the accomplishments and blessings of 2013
  2. the things you wish the leave behind in 2013
  3. what you wish to manifest in 2014.

Then during the meditation focus on the deep gratitude in your heart for the first list and share this with your angels. Next give your release list to Archangel Zadkiel and the violet flame. Lastly tell Archangel Jeremiel about your manifestation list as you picture this on an angelic whiteboard. Fill in all the details and feelings of how it would look and feel. The angels will hold this vision for you.

After you are done let the images go and send your gratitude and love all over the world to merge with that of the other light workers.

Bright blessings!



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