Star Crop Circle near the Long Man of Wilmington

crop circle long man2There is no place quite like Britain to recharge my spiritual batteries. And it was clear my inner batteries needed recharging after both the batteries of my cell Phone and e-bike broke down! A last resort for the angels to be sure, as I had not listened very well to all the guidance about this in the past months. I was simply too busy organising the Earth Angel Fair in Holland and still trying to find time for my other spiritual endeavours.

So, about time to really take a break, leave Holland behind and go to the UK. Now usually we plan everything well ahead of time, as we did this year. But the week before our departure, we decided to leave a day earlier. As we waited at the channel tunnel we decided to make a huge detour to not only visit my friend Jude in Eastbourne, but also to visit the crop circle near Eastbourne at the Long Man of Wilmington.

Last year we had met with my friend Maaike in Glastonbury and she had visited a crop circle oncrop circle long man the way there. I had never seen one for real and though I did not quite know what to make of them, I decided I would love to experience it. I love sacred sites such as monolyths and Cairns, so it seemed right up my alley to visit a crop circle.

Early morning on 11th of July we went in search of the crop circle, happy we got coordinates and a Garmin to guide us in the right direction. It took a little while to find it. At first I thought it had been demolished as there was a square patch of corn that had been cut away. After doing research into the circles I later found that there had indeed been a crop circle there and that the farmer had taken it of its land. Such a pitty.

2014-07-11 09.33.37Thankfully the older one was still there. It took us a bit of effort to get there through the soaky wet wheat. We ended up with huge clumps of mud on our shoes. As we got there we were both amazed. We looked at it wondering how it was made and by whom. I must say I did not feel any alien presence whatsoever. After stepping out of the crop circle I decided to send some light into it, as I felt it was a symbol and as such the light could touch those entering it. As I did so the light was quite immense and I felt the crop circle acted as a portal of Light for many.

Crop circle researchers Ed and Kris Sherwood feel the circles act as symbols as well. Like them I felt  they contain codes. Whether these are made by men, aliens or Divine intelligence, the three forms these researchers have found to be at the base of them, I feel they can act as codes of Light for those open to receive.

In the end intention is everything. Just as symbols in (Angelic) Reiki have the intention of attunement and healing, so crop circles can become symbols for the healing of humans and the planet.

Healing blessings,



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