Dragon Photo-shoot in Wales

IMAG0231A very different blog this time….the story of my very favorite dragon!! Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a dragon called Saphira. Her task was to guard the Crystals of the Earth and as such her true name was ‘Saphira Crystal Keeper’. Her scales glittered in sparkling blue as she guarded a cluster of clear quartz crystals representing the crystal kingdom.

Now Saphira was birthed in Holland and she felt this could not possibly be right. This could certainly not be happening to one as great as herself! What itself respecting Dragon was created in a land as flat and crystal-less as that? It could not possibly be right.IMAG0235_1

As such she flew to Wales, the land of dragons. After all, did the Welsh not have a red dragon on their flag? This must definitely be the place to be.

And so she flew to Powys where she ended up in a lovely New Age shop where she was admired for a year and a day. By that time a restlessness started to creep in. If this was where she was supposed to live, why had she not been bought by some great wizard or healer? She just sat there being an ornament when she had so much more to bring to the world! Could this really be all there was to life? Just sitting there, looking pretty? Admittedly she was the loveliest dragon of all of Wales, but she started to feel an emptiness inside her.

IMAG0236She even started missing her Dutch creator and wondered if perhaps there had been a reason to be born in a country where dragons were less known and common. Perhaps she had a huge task there to bring some of the dragon energy to a land that could use some extra myths, legends and crystal healing power.

In her great haste to return to her creator, she bumped her head and a little chip came off her lovely horn. Saphira was devastated. Had she not been on her way to some great destiny? Had she been wrong? Was this a sign? How could she possibly do that with this small imperfection in her otherwise perfect countenance?

So as she arrived at the holiday cottage of her creator, she sat there sitting like a wilting flower.

“Enough of this!”, her creator said. “You are the Crystal Keeper and do not need perfection to be who you are!” To cheer her up they went for a walk to enjoy the Lleyn peninsula. “You will be the first dragon ever to walk here and get a photoshoot!”, said her creator. And there they went…walking near the sea, climbing little walls. Saphira felt the sun glitter and sparkle of her as she sat by a little stream and in a tree. IMAG0237

And all was well. She just knew she was perfect, just the way she was!

Copyright Cathelijne


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