No more loneliness with AartsEngel Chamuël

I would like to share this lovely prayer written by Michele, one of my angel colleagues here in the Netherlands: No more loneliness with AartsEngel Chamuël.

It is a very powerful one and though it does not feature in the Angel Prayer Book it would most definitely fit in there.

Many have been experiencing loneliness in these past days. Some because they missed connectedness to family or true friends during Christmas time. Others may be experiencing a deeper sense of loneliness born from being a multidimensional soul in a human body with perhaps a touch of homesickness to its soul origins.

Please know we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. We all have an angel team to help us with any feelings that need healing and balancing. Do ask them for their help as they lovingly give it to you!

Bright blessings


via No more loneliness with AartsEngel Chamuël.


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