Lovely news and lots of gratitude


This week it is exactly five years ago that I cycled to the Centre of Commerce in Leiden City to start by own business. though I loved helping people as a psychologist, my heart and soul yearned to share the spirituality and creativity with others to help them to shine their unique light.

I have not regretted it one day. My (angel) sculptures have flown all over the world as have the intuitive angel drawings. I have created the Dragon oracle, Dutch Angel Cards and a line of Crystal Angel Essences together with my friend Sabine. Each time we attuned a new essence we received the attunement in our own aura’s and beings, leading to processes of personal growth and spiritual insights. Not always easy, but always blessed. I have written articles, done many angel -ereadings, helped bring Angelic Reiki to the Netherlands, given healing treatments.

I have enjoyed Lightwork and meditations, like the ones shared during the full moon on this blog and hope to continue this for many years to come.

My dream is to celebrate this jubilee by publishing my first Angel Book in Dutch, called “Angels on your Path”. I am currently getting the finance ready through crowd funding. If you want to join in, you can do so and instead of the Dutch gift of the book, I will send you the book 365 Days of Angel Prayers as a thank you  when donating 25 euro’s

Lastly, i have some lovely news…you can finally order my sculptures, essences and oracles through my webshop Angels & Co with English translation! Please visit to have a look. This week there is a discount to celebrate the fact Angel Light Heart turned 5 years old!

I thank the angels, dragons, unicorns, dolphin spirit guides and other Light beings for their loving support. And I thank you for being on this journey with me!

Angel blessings,



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