Hay Moon: an archangel meditation about your destiny

21 juni zonThe summer solstice has passed. On this longest day of the year the energy on Earth (at least on the Northern hemisphere) is full on. For me it was a day of celebration as I presented by Dutch angel book Engelen op je pad.

The period between the last new moon and the summer solstice was a powerful one, shaking things up quite a bit. The deepest wishes of the soul may have come up for you and at the same time you may have been confronted with human frailties and boundaries. It may have been a time where you deeply felt your own potential, but also the blocks that have been witholding you from manifesting your full potential. Some have felt this deep within there being. Add some powerful solar flares and emotions may have run high. This is the time and the moon to really go within and ask yourself” What is my true destiny?”volle-maan-2

This full moon is called Plant Moon in the Netherlands and this is about nature being at its most bountiful. Now is the time to realize our destiny.

Take some time to contemplate the last 6 months. What has happened in your life the past period of time? What bounty has come to you? What is your destination or your destiny?

guardian_angel_by_mis_destiny-e1343562670158Meditation time
We, in the Netherlands, will be meditating on the full moon at 8 pm (this is 7 pm UK time). You can either participate at the exact same time or whenever it is 8 pm in your time zone. All Light workers participating in this event connect to each other from afar. You will find this often enables a deepening of the meditation to occur.


  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
    Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use my own sprays by Crystal Angels Essences Especially the one called Archangel Michael created a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
  • Connect to all the other Lightworkers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.EarthAura2011
  • Open yourself up to the energy of the full moon. This is the energy of letting go. So if there are things in your life and personality, you would like to lovingly let go of, you can do so now. Simply give those things to Archangel Zadkiel to be transformed and transmuted by the violet flame.
  • Then open up your being to the energy of the sun. Shine the golden light upon all you wish to further develop. Like a flower opening up to the rays of the sun, feel yourself and your life basking in the golden glow.If there are areas you are unsure of, doubts about which directions to take you can now call in the help of the archangels, for example:
    ~Archangel Jeremiel to show you your Divine Blueprint
    ~Archangel Raziel for esoteric knowledge and spiritual understanding
    ~Archangel Raphael for physical healng
    ~Archangel Raguel to heal the relationship with self and others
    Or simply let an appropriate angel come to you.
  • Share any doubt or feelings with the angel and listen to their reply. It may come in the form of images, thoughts and feelings. And keep an open mind to angel sings the coming days.
  • When you feel that are ready, bring your consciousness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch and feel your body making contact with the floor beneath you. Then blow out the candles, and let go of this meditation

Bright Blessings


I have finally created a bilingual web shop where you can order Crystal Angel Essences, mystical sculptures, some crystals and books and oracles. You can find it at: www.angelsco.nl. All you need to do is click the icon of the British Flag.

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