Be at peace and celebrate all that is well this autumn equinox

Amidst a month of pretty intense energies, including two eclipses, I received this lovely piece of inspiration and wisdom from my friend Nicky Jevon from Balance in Being:


THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX – night and day in beautiful balance


WORLD ANIMAL DAY – 4th October An indispensable and brilliant booklet enabling people to shop for cruelty-free toiletries, cosmetics, household and pet care cleaning products

Amidst tragedy and turmoil in the world today, let us take time to celebrate too. This will lift the energy, the ripples from which will spread near and far. Late Summer and early Autumn have such a special feel about them, a glow all of their own, enhanced by the glorious colours filled with vibrant warmth, power and unceasing love. Its colours sing “Come let us dance, be not sad, celebrate life and those no longer with us on this earth.”

For many the harvest is a busy time, followed by reaping the rewards plus festivities. This marks the passing of time in a full and appreciative way. A good time to acknowledge the efforts of others by letting them know the difference they have made to one’s life, to this amazing planet or to any who dwell upon her. Thank you.

Time too for reflection upon the year thus far: what has been learnt or accomplished, one’s goals or where one ‘is’ at this time. Surrounding all this is a mellowness and truthfulness where love and harmony reside, so no need to be hard on oneself if it seems that things are not ‘quite right’. Autumn’s guidance is that of finding both flexibility and contentment in life. BRIGHT BLESSINGS TO ONE AND ALL.”

It is a time to go within, be mindful of all the good in your life and to share your appreciation and gratitude with others. Let there be peace in your heart and let this radiate out into a world where the energy of peace is now needed and welcomed.

Bright blessingsIMG_5292


PS the current week from September 21st to 28st is said to be extra powerful. To support those who are sensitive and to those who would like some faery inspiration, I gift the Faery Oracle I made years ago with any orders over 30 euros in the webshop .

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