Full moon meditation and lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017

I am rather late with this post, as I have been very busy with the launch of my third Dutch book.

As such an ultra short message about this special full moon. This moon comes at a time the first harvest in nature. Likewise we are invited to look at our spiritual work and what we are harvesting from it. A wonderful time to practice gratitude.

At the same time we are in eclipse season and dealing with the lunar eclipse. I read a lovely metaphor to explain the power of this eclipse. It is like being in a room and the light going out. Whilst you are in the dark everything in the room is being changed around. So when the light comes back on you can feel rather disoriented and in a room that feels brand new.

So….great times for transformation! One of which is the return of Goddess energy to earth.

So on this full moon I invite you to connect to your angels and to share with them all you are grateful for. As a thank you to the Universe you may offer up something. Like time for a good cause. You may gift something to someone. You may let go of something you know is needed somewhere else. Equally you can spend time sending light to the world or perform other light work with kindred souls, Whatever it is, do so with love.

Wishing you a loving full moon!

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Bright full moon blessings to you all!


4 thoughts on “Full moon meditation and lunar eclipse on August 7, 2017

  1. helenemthian

    Cathelijne, that is so interesting. I am actually moving today, 8.8, to a new room. Your description of the eclipse fits perfectly with my reality. Transformation indeed. Thank you always. x


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