Healing light of the sequoia trees

Dear Light Workers,

What a joy it is to travel through California in our rental RV. The first moment of Light work arrived at Mission Miguel Archangel, which will not surprise those who have followed me for a while and who know of my deep connection I have with this archangel. As I meditated I received seven orbs of light from Michael to leave behind during my travels as I would be guided. The first I left behind in the little church itself. Two days ago I left behind the second in Sequoia National Park. 

After visiting some of the more touristic spots, I went off the most trodden bits of the Giant Forest to sit against a Sequoia Tree to meditate. I sent one of michaels lights to the tree through my heart and so it travel from the tree to his brothers and sisters through a network of light. It traveled the ‘matrix of light’ and did so ‘with the speed of light’. It confirmed information I had received earlier this year for my new Dutch book for its chapter on tree spirits. All trees are interconnected and form networks of energy and consciousness.

After this light work, a soul link was made between the field of the Sequoia Spirits and my soul. I was told (this is not like a voice talking, but a deep inner knowing) this link goes back to the time of Lemuria. I received the impression this was a preparation, which would be followed up with connection to the Sequoia’s of Yosemite (our next stop) and that this will tune up the energy to get ready for that of Mount Shasta for a Lemurian rebirth. I have o idea what that will mean, but I am sure time will tell. 

The lovely tree I was still sitting against communicated to me that sequoias are the ‘Record Keepers’ of the earth, much like the big whales have this function in the oceans and seas. All is interconnected via matrices of light. I was told I can plug into these matrices of Light and I believe all light workers can do the same. They showed themselves to be giant antennae of Cosmic Light and we as light workers can operate in a similar fashion. As such we can merge earth healing and cosmic light within ourselves.  

The Giant Tree showed me how he and other sequoia trees carry and Angelic ibration. And I could hear this as the vibratory sound of the tree sounded just like that of the angels as I experience it when connecting to them, such as through Angelic Reiki. Perhaps it is not so strange as they so stretch out to heaven like no other being on the planet.  

Isnt it beautiful? After receiving this information I was to let it flow in and let the energy of light be downloaded without the need for words. I sent it to other light workers of whom I know would love to receive it. Perhaps you have felt it. Or if not, take a look at the pictures I have taken and let the healing power of these trees flow to you and though you. They are such old, wise and healing souls. 

Love & Light,

Cathelijne (Cathy)

2 thoughts on “Healing light of the sequoia trees

  1. Ann

    So grateful you shared these pictures and information. I am reading a book called The Hidden Life of Trees by a German forester and he describes how trees communicate, socialize, and sometimes share sustenance with each other through a network of mycelium and other systems. Although he was conventionally trained as he began his career, when I read his descriptions of the various social interactions of trees, including why the sequoias behave differently in North America than where they are planted in Europe, I get the sense that he must have received his insights from the devas and angels.

    1. Angel Light Heart Post author

      Thanks so much for your reaction dear Ann. The Book you are reading sounds fascinating. It reminds me of the work of a scientist from Canada of what they termed the Wood Wide Web. I think her name was Susan something, can’t remember and too little wifi here to look it up for you. Sending you lots of love and light x


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