Full moon and lunar eclipse meditation, June 5, 2020

I don’t know about you, but I could really feel the full moon coming as well as the effects of the incoming energy this week. * And it’s not just a full moon, it’s also a partial lunar eclipse. That means that you can experience a lot of emotions, but it may not always be clear where all those emotions are coming from. It is an extra powerful time to let go of old stuff, especially from the past six months.

By letting go of that which no longer suits you and no serves your highest good, there will automatically be room for what does resonate with you. Strangely enough, this full moon in Sagittarius also lends itself well to dream big. This planet brings a lovely dose of happiness and also helps to connect with others. It is a very optimistic sign and we can really use that now. This is also a sign that you are strengthening your ideals. So have a good feel if you live in alignment with your own values ​​and your personal truth. You can let go of things that are no longer in line with them. That can also mean letting go of old ideals and old ways of being and believing. You can let go of anything that holds you back, be it old intentions or ideas or people or circumstances that no longer serve your greatest good.

Also, take the time to take care of yourself. The incoming energies can really take some processing time for the physical body. This can sometimes lead to symptoms. So be gentle with yourself.

This moon in June is also known as the grass moon and has the theme GROWTH. So that goes very well with the positive power of Sagittarius.


  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
    Sit quietly and ground yourself by connecting to your earth star chakra and feel how it in turn connects you to the core of the Earth and the crystalline grid around the Earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use lovely aura sprays attuned to angels and higher light beings that I make. The one called archangel Michael creates a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
  • Connect to all the other Lightworkers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.
  • Now imagine that you are in a beautiful meadow full of blooming flowers and grasses. It smells delicious and the sun is shining on your face. The grass is waving gently in the wind and you feel very peaceful and at ease.
  • You see a Being of Light walking towards you in the field. This is your Soul Angel, the angel guiding you through all your incarnations and life lessons. The angel moves towards you through the tall grass and you are filled with joy. The angel gives you a big hug and its loving wings envelop you.angel and tree
  • Then the angel releases you from its warm hug and asks you if there is anything that is blocking your (spiritual) growth. Feel free to share anything that is holding you back. The angel holds out a big, golden bowl for you. You place all those things that do not serve your growth in the golden bowl. When you are finished and the bowl is full, two angels come to take it away to Source for recycling. The angel then asks you what growth you would wish to bring into your life. As you ponder this question a large white board appears before you. This allows you to project images of what you wish to manifest in your life and all things you want to see grow and flourish. You can fill the board with the words, images or video clips of what you would like to see happen. You can remember this board and add to it daily before going to sleep to increase your good intentions and to anchor them in your awareness. You can also write down an affirmation after this meditation and daily repeat it during the month.
  • When you are finished, thank your Soul Angel. Ask your angel to support your growth and intentions. The angel does so lovingly and willingly. It is time to say goodbye to your angel and you watch the angel leave the field.
  • When you feel that are ready, bring your consciousness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch and feel your body making contact with the floor beneath you. Then blow out the candles, and let go of this meditation

Bright Blessings



* Incidentally, there have also been solar flares and there is a lot of shifting in the energy. One of the wonderful things that are happening at this time are new dragons around Earth from Andromeda. They come to help us during this challenging period on the planet.

Funnily enough, their arrival was almost at the same time as the arrival of beautiful new dragon skulls for the Angels & Co Shop. I love it when things are so synchronicstic. You can see visit the dragons in the Angels & Co. webshop.

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