Full moon meditation with the Archangels on September 2nd.

On the 2nd of September it’s another full moon. The th

eme of this moon is Wisdom and so it is a wonderful time to go within, to seek your inner wise (wo)man and connect deeply into what it is you need to let go of to walk your highest path.

This full moon may make you more sensitive than usual. You are invited to fill yourself with your own Soul Light. By filling yourself up with your own Light this brings in a different energetic protection: one from within. The more you are attuned to yourbhighest vibration, the more your outer circumstances will respond to it.

The meditation

We usually meditate at eight o’clock (which is 7 pm UK time) at the same time with other light workers to strengthen our meditation and intention. Of course you can also connect at another time and use intention to connect to all the other light workers.

  • Light one or more candles before starting the meditation. You can also burn an incense stick or use an oil in an evaporator.
  • Sit quietly and relaxed.
  • Start by cleansing your space. I always do this by placing a column of light, letting a platinum net pass through space and inviting the ascension flame (more on this can be read in the work of Joshua David Stone). The angel essence Zadkiel can also help you to clear the space.
Image: Marius Fine Art Studio
  • Place your feet firmly on the Earth to ground yourself. Connect to your earth star chakra (20-30 cm below your feet). Imagine it connecting to the crystalline grid around the earth and the core of Mother Earth. Fill your earth chakra with Light. Let the Light then fill your body and then let it move into your aura to protect yourself from within. This is your light, your wavelength. Everything that resonates with it is welcome and the rest can gently pass you by. Archangel Michael can help you with this. The Crystal Angel Essence Michael is a nice addition to this.
  • Now feel yourself connect with all Lightworkers from your heart, so that we form a network of Light around the earth.
  • Imagine that through your soul star chakra (app. 30 cm above your crown) cosmic Light enters that settles in your heart. Then send it from there to the other light workers. You can see this as lines or threads of Light that run from heart to heart
    and thus form a network of Light around the earth
  • Now breathe into your heart and imagine that your heart is a temple of light that you enter.
  • Here you first see Archangel Jeremiel appearing to you, the angel of the life review. Take the time to discuss with him what your true goal is, whether you are on schedule and whether or not you feel blocked. He will gladly help you with this. Set the intention that you want to be faithful to your highest blueprint and soul plan.
  • Then Archangel Zadkiel joins you with his Golden, Silver and Violet Flame. He holds this in a large golden bowl and you can symbolically let go of everything that holds you back by placing it into the bowl.
  • Finally, Archangel Michael appears. Ask him to dislodge any fears with his sword of light and truth and to give you the confidence to take steps forward.
  • A crystal table now appears in the middle of the room and you lie down on it. The archangels stand around it. You give your soul permission to merge with you. See a beautiful light come to you. It is indescribably beautiful and powerful. This is you. Feel how this power of Light is completely merging with you.
  • When you feel that this process is ready, you can set the intention that you will live from heart and soul.
  • Then slowly bring your consciousness back to the space where you started and your own familiar body. Thoroughly ground yourself and take a few deep breaths before opening your eyes.
  • Write down your insights to return to later.

I wish you a beautiful meditation and a loving full moon!


You can find more about my work at http://www.angellightheart.nl and in the shop http://www.angelsco.nl

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