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Last supermoon meditation of 2014

ocean_moon_by_potentially_fatal-d4c52qdToday is the third in a series of three supermoons. Though I am unable to write a thorough moon meditation as usual, I just wanted to write you all a short note to help remind you it is an excellent time to meditate.

This super moon is in Pisces, bringing to the fore emotions. As the moon influences the element water greatly and this element in turn is all about emotions, the super moon brings in an extra activation. You may experience some ups and downs. The plus side to this is that the full moon is an excellent time to let go of old emotions that have served their purpose. They are always here to guide us and help us make changes for the better.

This full moon is also linked to Chiron, the Wounded Healer. As such during the meditation you could send healing to the wounded healer within.Dia1

Lastly Archangel Haniel and Muriel work together being the archangel of the moon and the sea. They ask us to send healing to all the waters on the planet as it is very needed.

Those of you who join (preferably at 7 pm UK time), can focus their meditation on these themes and use the same start and ending as usual, making sure of good grounding and protection.

Wishing you a healing supermoon!

Bright blessings


Archangel Haniel about the Supermoons of 2014

imagesCADJXSZXWhat a lovely place to be during this first of three supermoons. The Llyn Peninsula is such a beautiful place. And though the clouds are blocking out the sight of the supermoon, its power can be felt clearly nonetheless.

As I sat down to do the meditation as written down in the last blog, the presence of the angels came in quickly. Raguel, Zadkiel and Michael came in to help clear away unwanted energies from past connections.

After that, I sat down to see if there was any information the angels wanted to convey concerning the three supermoons. The following came through from Archangel Haniel:

 “Beloved Children of the Light,Dia1

I am Archangel Haniel, angel of the moon and restorer of Divine Feminine energies on Earth.

As the moon waxes and wanes, the waters of life ar in constant motion; an ebb and flow of life’s lessons and creations.

This full moon is the first of a Holy Trinity of Supermoons, here to truly help you let go of all that no longer serves you, all that does not resonate with your soul.

Now is the time to truly step away form those things that are not in accordance with your inner truths.

Let go of all outmoded ideas, concepts, connections, judgments and situations in a loving yet firm way.

supermoonThose who have lived Atlantean lives are extra sensitive to these supermoons as they are NOW called to step into their true spiritual power.

This can only be done when one lives in full integrity of ones soul and places Higher Self above ego. Letting go of ego by no means entails letting others run over you, disregarding your boundaries or take from you which is not by right theirs.

Live from the heart. Give from the heart. And say ‘no’- if need be-  from the heart.

You are ever growing, ever expanding on this spiral of life. Letting go of the “old stuff” will free up your energies to live a truly creative & magical life of Light and Love.

I am Haniel and I send you my Silver Light.”

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