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Summer solstice meditation with Archangel Raziël.

Summer-Solstice-StonehengeHappy solstice tomorrow! Last year I spent it in France where I meditated just after sunrize and received this uplifting and encouraging message from Archangel Michael who confirms it is still very well suited for this time.

“It is time for you to step into your real power. The time of hiding has passed.

Now is the time for each Lightworker to follow his or her destiny: to work with the Light and to be guided by the Light. To go within thier Higher Self’s flow and to sing their unique song.

One can only do so by being present in each moment and by keeping a clear connection to their Higher Self and through it to Father-Mother God.

Please now sit to receive the incoming solar energies to help you align to your Higher Self and Higher Purpose.

It is done.

I am Archangel Michael and with your permission I overlight you at this time.”

It was very fitting for Michael to come through as this great Archangel’s planet is the sun.

This year me and my friend Sabine will spend the solstice together to make two newraziel Crystal Angel Essences. We were directed to create the Archangel Raziel who brings esotheric knowledge, insights in the mysteries but also solar initation. What better day to work with him than the summer solstice, when the longest day is upon us? We will also be making the Archangel Raguel essence, which is so helpful in these times as many are being challenged in their relationship with others (as well as themselves).

If you would like to join in with us and other lightworkers to meditate this solstice, either take time at sunrise or our regular time (8 pm Central European time) or any conventient time simply by stating the intention you join us and the energy field created during the group meditation.

  • Meditation
    Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
    Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use the aura sprays I have created with my collegue Sabine (www.crystalangelessences.nl). Especially the one called archangel Michael creates a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
    Connect to all the other Lightworkers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.
  • Now imagine opening up to the rays of the sun and letting them fill your heart. Imagine your heart filled with solar light and send it from your heart to all those that need it and to all situations in your life that need some light.
  • Then connect to Archangel Raziël. Ask the angel to show you your Solar Self, the Higher Aspect of your being. Give him permission to bring in more of your soul energy and take time to integrate this energy into your being.
  • Thank the angel.
  • Then bring yourself back to full awakened consciousness and write down any insights you have received.

Happy solstice!


PS want to bring more of your soul energy into your being? I am now Soul Body Fusion® facilitator and can help you with this. Unformation will soon follow on www.angellightheart.com

Countdown to December 21, 2012: use Crystal Clear Intention!

bridge20to20kosmos_1Much has been said and written about The 21st of December 2012. The Mayan Ajq’ij Carlos Barrios indicates that the expected change does not occur exactly at 21-12. This date is only a beginning, and the real changes will take years.

Eden Sky says “we are the Prophecy” in her article “The Living Prophecy: Exploring the Mystery of 2012”. Each of us is part of the larger transformation on Earth. Through our intentions and actions we all contribute to the whole.

21 December 2012 is a date given by Ancient Civilizations to let us know this is a critical moment in time when we are called to bring to the fore our inspiration and personal empowerment.

In quantum physics it is found that the observer influences the observed through his or her perception. As such our intentions, thoughts, beliefs and our perception of 2012 and the winter solstice greatly influence what our experience will be. As spiritual Alex Polari said: “ Every thought is an entity.” Thought is energy and a force of creation.

Thus as we are heading towards the 21st it is of great importance to work with positive intentions for the Earth.

On the Harmonic Reconvergence a big group of people will come together for glastonbury_tor_postcard-p239551411640792326envli_400Lightwork on Glastonbury Tor to chant OM and bring in the Light. We will do the same here in the Netherlands with a small group of people. We will come together at Keins on the Michael Leyline, that enters in Noord-Holland here in the Netherlands.  By doing so we will bring together out Lightwork with that of other Lightworkers on the leyline, such as on the Glastonbury Tor.

We will add to this Lightwork by each bringing a crystal that we will program with Light and Healing and give back to the Earth.

You can add to this Lightwork, no matter where you are in the world. We will be returning a crystal to the Earth on 21-12-2012 as is described by Little Grandmother. This will be a crystal we no longer use and that is charged with positive intention for the healing of the Earth. Anyone can do this. And even better, why not pick a crystal and daily charge it for the next 21 days?

KieshaCrowther6You can do so by placing the crystal you have chosen on your personal other or another special place in your home. Make time every day to sit with your crystal and send positive thoughts to it. You can do this in a minute, but you can also meditate on this for a longer time a day.

You can also choose to use a declaration, such as:

“I program this crystal with deep love for Mother Earth. May this crystal carry my gratitude to Mother Earth. I now send love, healing and light to the Earth and to all that lives. May this light strengthen the web of Light around the globe. So it is.”

By so doing you will charge your crystal during the next 21 days with love, light and healing. When we all give this crystal back to Earth on the 21st this will bring about healing.

 Feel free to share this message with coyright.

Copyright. Cathelijne ~ Angel Light Heart

Summer Solstice Blessings from Michael

Dear Lightworkers,

today is a most special day. This is the summer solstice. Though June 20 marked the actual beginning of summer this year on the Nothern hemispehere, I had decided to celebrate the summer solstice on the traditional solstice day: June 21st. I had promised myself that if the sum would wake me up early, I would go outside to meditate.

As the sun filtered through the curtains of our holiday cottage, I barely could open my eyes. I was about ready to sleep on, when I thought I should at least look to the sun outside the window to welcome it.

As i did, I saw this mystical sunlight filtering through the misty trees and decided to get my butt out there.

We have a lovely wooden decking behind the cottage that overlooks a wood through which water cascades. And so I greeted the beautiful Solaris and found the meditative moment magical with the rustling trees, exuberant singing of birds and the gurgling and cascading sounds of the brook.

As I closed my eyes to breathe the wonderful sunlight into my heart, I received a short yet powerful channeling from Michael, linking me to the sounds around me:

It is time for you to step into your real power. The time of hiding has passed.

Now is the time for each Lightworker to follow his or her destiny: to work with the Light and to be guided by the Light. To go within thier Higher Self’s flow and to sing their unique song.

One can only do so by being present in each moment and by keeping a clear connection to their Higher Self and through it to Father-Mother God.

Please now sit to receive the incoming solar energies to help you align to your Higher Self and Higher Purpose.

It is done.

I am Archangel Michael and with your permission I overlight you at this time.”

As I did the meditation I felt we can now receive Lightcodes through the sun. If you have not been able to meditate during sunrise, you may use the pictures I made for you to do so. All you need to do is look at the sun filtering through the forest, envisioning the ring of Light surrounding you and adjusting you energies in the most perfect way for you now. You can call in Arhcangel Michael to guide the process. Be open to receive any messages he imparts on you.

Happy solstice!


Closure for 2010 and Manifesting a Wonderful 2011

Just a few more weeks and 2010 will come to a close. Midwinter and Yule is almost upon us and this time Yule coincides with the full moon. What better year to look back on your year and see what has gone well and to let go of the things that no longer serve you? By letting go of the past year, you open up to new possibilities for 2011!

Now how can you do this? There is a simple and joyful way to do so:

1. write down a gratitude list for 2010
2. write down all that you would like to leave behind in 2010
3. write down what you wish to manifest in the new year


Gratitude is a powerful tool for every Lightworker, every spiritual seeker, and every human being. By feeling grateful for what we have and have done, we create a sense of harmony, lightness and love. One of the spiritual laws, the law of attraction, states that what we give our attention to, increases. And so by focusing on what we are grateful for, we create an energy that attracts more of the same. What better way to close the year and start the new one than with an attitude of gratitude?

And so, take a pen and paper and write down all the things you are grateful for (big and SMALL) and all the things you accomplished. All that has given you joy or the things you did that gave joy to others.

Letting go

Every year we have new experiences and new lessons to learn. Once learned, we can then let go of them, so we do not have to repeat the same thing over and over again. And so, take a second sheet of paper and write down all that no longer serves you. This may be conflicts in friendships or relationships, worries and thought patterns that hinder you, behaviour patterns that do not reflect your inner light.


Once you have insight in what you no longer want, it is time to focus on what you do want. What new experiences do you want to attract and manifest in the year 2011? What new ways of thinking and behaving would you like to learn and create? Which changes do you like to see happen in all the different areas in your life?

Again, you can write this down on a sheet of paper. But, you can be more creative about this manifesting process! For instance you can make a vision board, on which you write the things you want to manifest and stick pictures that illustrate this. Beneath you will find a manifestation angel. You can print it and write on its body all you wish to manifest. Be sure to always use affirming, positive, here-and-now words.


Now that you have made the three lists, you can create a little angel ritual for yourself. You may need to do part of it outside. Whichever place you choose, make sure you will not be disturbed and feel safe and secure. Before beginning any spiritual practice, make sure you protect yourself. You can do this in many ways. One of my favourites is to ask Archangel Michael to put his deep, blue cloak of protection around me.

First tell Father Mother God and the Angels what you have written down on your gratitude list. Express your gratitude and truly feel it. Feel the blessings that are in your life.

Then, tell them about the things you want to let go of and destroy the second list. When outside, you can do this by burning the list and asking Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain to add the Golden, Silver, Violet fire to your earthly flames for transformation and transmutation of all the things on your list.

Lastly show them your manifestation list and ask them to take it up to the higher Dimensions for perfect manifestation.

I wish everyone a lovely Christmas time and a most blessed, inspired and loving 2011!


Copyright Cathelijne – HEART HEaling ART