Healing Heart Angel 37This blog is meant for everyone who is interested in angels and other beings of light, wants to work with them or is seeking angelic help through readings, meditation or artworks.

I am Cathelijne. I am a Dutch psychologist, cognitive behavioral therapist, solution focused therapist en mindfulness therapist. As I missed the spiritual and creative elements in my professional training, I decided to also learn many holistic forms of healing to both use for myself, my loved ones and in my business.  I have been educated in usui reiki I, II en III, Bach Flower remedies, “Engelen Therapie Coaching” (Miracle Light Therapy) and Angelic Reiki. Also I was trained by Doreen Virtue in London to become an Angel Card Reader.

I have been fascinated by angels from a young age and have read a lot of wonderful books about them. I feel espcially inspired by the writings of Doreen Virtue, Ronna Herman and Diana Cooper. Having done the course to become an Angel Therapy Coach has been a great personal learning and blessing. I love working with the angels in my own business.

You will find angel meditations, channelings and articles on this blog as well as spiritual vacation journals about sacred places and ley line. Light workers enjoy reading the blog and doing the meditations, so feel free to browse or subscribe.

For questions about e-consultations, e-coaching, or angel sculptures, feel free to email me at info@angellightheart.com. When mailing from a hotmail account or when mails have been unanswered for more than a week, please email me at:


Or visit my websites at:

www.angelsco.nl (the webshop)


4 thoughts on “About

  1. vision5d2012

    Hello Cathelijne, I just realized when I saw the spelling of your name that you and I have worked together last September on a couple of calls to support Kevin Annett. What a lovely surprise to find your site here on WordPress — and all about angels, too! My favorite. Much love, Alia

      1. vision5d2012

        Thank you, After I made that comment, I realized that in your country, that spelling of Cathelijne with the “J” in it is a common one. So we may not have “met” before. But we have NOW! Blessings to you, Alia

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