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Super Blue Icemoon with Lunar Eclipse! Meditate with archangel Jeremiel.

Dear Light workers and sensitive readers,ice-moon-and-stars-2880x1800-wallpaper-1250

how are you? What an interesting time we are living in. Eclipse season is here and tomorrows fun moon is not only a blue moon (which is the second full moon in a month) and the ice moon, but a lunar eclipse as well. Suffice it to say potent energies can be felt and it is not always easy to ground these in the body and being, which can lead to extreme fatigue, flu like symptoms and perhaps emotions being more deeply felt than usual.

As such it is extra important to connect to your Soul, your Spirit guide team, to meditate and to rest when needed. Be extra gentle with yourself!


This full moon is called the Ice Moon. The Ice Moon is a good time to reflect; to go deeply within ourselves. Whilst nature is full of outer stillness, the trees and plants that seem asleep still are active in their deep roots in the earth. Likewise we need to go within. We cannot seed our dreams on frozen ground, we need to dig deep to reach fertile grounds at this time.

Lunar Eclipse

There will also be a lunar eclipse when sun, earth and moon are aligned. With the earth in between, this casts a shadow on the moon, making it nearly invisible for a bit. This often reflects on ones emotional life where you may feel out of touch with your feelings. Looking at the things you have a hard time dealing with and letting go of the blocks that go with it, is extra beneficial at this time!

Archangel Jeremiel

During this meditation we will once again connect with the energy of Archangel Jeremiel. This archangel helps us to have pure spiritual vision and he gives us divine guidance in our life. He can help us find our life purpose and live it fully. Maybe you know your soul purpose already, in which case he can help you to keep in mind this objective clearly. He will help you clarify the next step on your path.

Start of meditation

You can meditate at 7 pm UK time with me and the other Lightworkers who join in on January 31st. Although we are all in different locations and even time zones, we can still tune in to each other and form a field of consciousness . This will deepen the meditation. If you can not attend at this time, you can also tune in earlier or later.


  • You can start your meditation by lighting a candle and perhaps some incense.
  • Sit down quietly and relax yourself.
  • Begin by clearing your space . I always do this by calling in a column of light and asking for the platinum net to be brought down through the room. I also use the aura spray Archangel Michael Crystal Angel Essence. The Jeremiel essence will be a lovely addition to this meditation as well. IMG_1121
  • Put your feet firmly on the ground to ground , before you make contact with the silver light of the moon.
  • Imagine roots growing from your feet into the earth.
  • Then ask Archangel Michael to protect you with his deep blue cloak of protection.
  • Connect with the other Lightworkers who are meditating at the time, so we form a network of light around the earth .
  • Now imagine that you are in a Temple of Light in the higher dimensions. In the midst of the temple you encounter the Archangel Jeremiel . This magnificent angel is holding a book; the book of your life . In this book, your life purpose is written down.
  • If you have questions about your life mission, you can ask the Archangel about it. Let the visualization unfold. You may see visions of your future, read words about your mission or gain insights. If nothing comes, you can now reinforce the intention that you will clarity in the next few days.
  • Jeremiel finally closes the book and puts his hand on your heart and says, ” Your heart is the compass of your soul. Follow it with wisdom. ” The Archangel takes the book and says goodbye to you as you thank him for his help.
  • If you want you can now connect with other light workers who have joined this meditation. You enter a room full of loving, pink light where all lightworkers are celebrating their True Self and Soul Purpose. There is laughter and hugging.Together you use this energy of celebration to shower it all over the earth, sending positivity wherever it is needed. Let yourself be guided as to the what and where.
  • Now bring your awareness back to the room where you started . Move your hands and feet, and feel your body firmly connected to the Earth.
  • When you ‘re done, blow out your candle ( s) and thus let go of the meditation.
    Bright blessings



Blue Moon Meditation for July 31st, 2015

ace2d82c6a8c8072e357672be4b151fcOn the 31st of July we are greeted by a second full moon. The first one was on July 2nd. Whenever a second full moon is seen in a month, this is called a Blue Moon.

July’s Blue Moon will be here to help you find enlightenment and will help you realize your true goals. What are these goals? Often we think we know what our goal is, but then it turns out it was just made up by the ego. Instead, our soul knows what our true goals are and this is the perfect time to connect to your soul and find out what they are.

We spent the first half of July on Sao Miguel on the Azores. There we became very aware of the difference between guidance from the soul as opposed to the wanting of ego. We had a great adventure swimming with dolphins. As I have been experiencing some very rough clearing DolphinMoon-MalcolmCrookssymptoms after visiting sacred places the past year, I asked my Spirit Guide Team to help me attune to the energy field of the dolphins and whales gradually. They promised me this and it was reflected by our physical encounters with the dolphins. The first sesssion was a bit challenging with migrating dolphins that did not stick around in one place. This made the contact beautiful but very short. The second dolphin swim we encountered bottlenose dolphins again and this time they were bow riding along the boat. Though they kept their distance when we went into the water, it was a much easier swim. My greatest wish was to also swim with Atlantic Spotted Dolphins. During our third and last swim we were allowed to swim with Common Dolphins. It was magical as one really came up to me to look me in the eye. As I had been meditating every night before the dolphin swims and my angel dolphin guides had told me I would receive a blessing, I was quite sure the spotties would also come. And so in my mind I meditated and called them and there we were! This would be the most magical swim with many spotted dolphins and one of them coming up to me and my hubby to check us out.  They are so cute!  It had been our last swim and though nothing could possibly top it, we felt a bit addicted to being with the dolphins and wondered if we should book another one. But as we each had a feel, there was a definite “no”. My thinking mind did not much like it! But we followed the guidance anyway. Later we bumped into the marine biologist who had been on our boat and she told us the session that day had been very difficult. It was the swim we had considered! A day later we spoke to people that had been on the last boat trip with us and it turned out the next day the dolphin boats motor was no longer working and there would not be the possibility for dolphin swims for a couple of days.  full-moon-dolphin-live-wallpap-781741-1-s-307x512Our guidance had obviously prevented us from disappointments.

During this Blue Moon the angels and angel dolphins* invite us to connect to the goal(s) of our soul and formulate a first (doable!) step towards that goal. Though the energy of the full moon usually is better for letting go and releasing, this one does stimulate us to focus on our intentions. Of course it will be helpful to let of of old ego tendencies that prevent us from living our Soul Based Life.

This Blue Moon falls within the period of the Lions Gate. I will create a new gemstone elixir for the Crystal Angel Essence Archangel Michael, powered by the Blue Moon!


Take some time to contemplatie your goal(s).

Meditation time

We, in the Netherlands, will be meditating on the full moon at 8 pm (this is 7 pm UK time). You can either participate at the exact same time or whenever it is 8 pm in your time zone. All Light workers participating in this event connect to each other from afar. You will find this often enables a deepening of the meditation to occur.


  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
  • Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use my own sprays by Crystal Angels Essences Especially the one called Archangel Michael created a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
    Connect to all the other Lightworkers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.
    And open yourself up to the energy of the full moon.
  • Now breath into your heart and see, feel and imagine your heart is a temple of light. Enter the temple.
  • Now connect to your Spirit Guide Team and call in the appropriate guide for this time. It may be your guardian angel, an angel, a guide, angel dolphin or something else.
  • Talk to your guide about your goal and ask if this goal serves your soul purpose and the highest good. If so, then please ask them to bless your goal. If not, ask for a goal that does fit your Soul Purpose.
  • Thank your guides and then bring your attention back to your body and the here and now.
  • Write down your insights so you can later go back to them when evaluating your soul goals.

Happy and blessed Blue Moon!


http://www.angellightheart.com /  ww.angelsco.nl

* I hope to write an article about the angel dolphins and their guidance another time!

Blue Moon meditation, August 21, 2013

Blue-Moon-646x970Do you also feel that time seems to fly by ever more quickly? I was just reminded the moon is almost full by someone on facebook. Where does the time go? Lots of people are experiencing intense changes, energies and emotions. Now is the time to start living from the heart.

This months full moon is seen as a Blue Moon by some systems. Some sources indicate that a blue moon appears when there are two full moons in a calendar month. According to this definition, there will not be a blue moon until 2015. An older definition appoints the Blue Moon to the third moon when four full moons appear in one season. According to that definition, the upcoming full moon a blue moon.
Spiritually speaking, a blue moon is extra powerful and can be used to set goals and intentions of a spiritual nature related to yourself.

This august moon is also seen as a harvest festival in pagan traditions, involving a harvest on a spiritual level. This may mean that you will see new solutions to old problems. A relationship can improve. Old patterns can be released and replaced by new ones.

What is it that you want to harvest? What spiritual changes would you like to make in your life? These are excellent questions to ponder at this time.michael4

This full moon we will work with Archangel Michael because he can help in manifesting our deepest wishes. He helps us to change our thoughts to lighter thoughts and which will help us with spiritual goals.

Meditation Time
Like every full moon we meditate with a large group of light workers, all connected remotely via intent, at 20:00 Dutch and Belgium time. You can be present around the same time in your time zone or choose a different time and simply intend to connect to all the other light workers meditating here at 20 o’clock.

• Find a place where you will not be disturbed.
• Create a sacred space a way that suits you. For instance: burn incense, light a candle, place flowers on your altar, choose special crystals or invoke the elements.
• Ask for Archangel Michaels protection, with or without the Crystal Angel Essence Michael
• You can hold a clear quartz in your hand or put it in front of you. This is a natural enhancer that will help you in turn. Force your intentions
• You can write down your spiritual goals and intentions.

The meditation
• Sit down, ground yourself well, close your eyes and be present in your body.
• Invite Archangel Michael and ask him to cut any negative cords between you and everything and everyone holding you back from living your Divine Blueprint. As you see him cutting the cords, release any negative attachments.
• Now tell him about your intentions. Tell him what it is you would like to manifest.
• He then shows you a round screen with a blue, sparkling edge. It is your Divine whiteboard and you can write or project anything on it that you wish to manifest. See it happen. Project everything on it: what does this look like, how does it feel, write it in words or images. This is your intention!
• Michael asks you to look at the board and all you projected on it and to go deep within your heart to check if all that is on the board resonates in your heart. If you feel not all resonates with your deepest Self and your heart, change it around. You may want to add things or leave things out. Play with the image until it is finished.
• Then send light from your heart to your manifestation board as Archangel Michael adds his special light to it as well.
• Ask him if he has any wisdom to share with you. Perhaps there are steps you can take in your daily life to bring your intentions about.
• You may now release the intention in the knowledge that the angels will help you to manifest this or something better for your highest good and the highest good of all.
• Thank you Archangel Michael for his loving help and guidance and then return to your body. Ground yourself once more and slowly move your body.
• You can write down any insights your received.

_wsb_247x342_Archangel_metatronI wish you a magical, blue moon.

Angelic Blessings,

PS An Angelic Reiki treatment or training can help you accelerate your spiritual development and deepen your contact with the angels. In all my work I try to inspire and guide people on their path towards wholeness. You can read more about my work at http://www.angellightheart.com

Blue Moon Meditation, August 31, 2012

These are such special times. Energies are all over the place and more
and more we are invited to become who we really are: speak our truth,
walk our talk and spread our spiritual wings!

Another special moment is this next full moon. This August has two full
moons! This happens only once every 2.7 years. Such a full moon is
called ‘Blue Moon’, though it has little to do with the color blue.
Originally called ‘Belewe Moon, “which meant something like Fake Moon.
Language is an evolving system and Belewe Moon became ‘Blue Moon’.

The Blue Moon is known as a very powerful moon. Every full moon affects
our emotions, but at the Blue Moon, this effect is even stronger. It is
said that especially feelings of sadness and loneliness are multiplied.
Given the strong influence of the moon on our feelings, it is important
to take excellent care of yourself during this time and allow feelings
to be as they are. It is the fighting against our emotions that brings
more suffering.

Due to the publication of my Dragon Oracle, it seems appropriate to
bring in the Dragon Energy in the meditation.
You can also work with the elemental dragons, especially when dealing
with difficult emotions and thoughts.
A channeling I received for my article in Paradigm Shift comes to mind
to explaing this:

“We are the Dragons, Keepers of Fire, Air, Earth and Water. We are the
Keepers of the Golden Flame of Light, ready to blaze this Light through
you and your life.
We are the Great Archetypes, mirroring back to humanity their darkness
and Light.
Now is the time to let go of all inner darkness and to embrace the
Inner Light.

Often it is your Light that you fear most. We do not understand why
people would choose to make themselves small and insignificant. We do
not understand why they would give away their power to external
authorities. It is not power itself that corrupts. It is the wanting of
other people’s and beings’ power. Every being has enough of its own.
Everyone has special gifts to share. We Dragons know this and we yield
our own power, knowing it is ours to use and we need nothing more.

Take your strengths; give them to Fire Dragon to forge it like a sword
of unbreakable steel.
Take your weaknesses and insecurities and give them to Air Dragon and
let them be blown away as you feel the wind of change coming. It is
here. These grant new energies bring turbulence to you, the Light
workers and Light bearers. Try not to block them or to stop them. Use
them as an airstream to float and fly upon to greater heights and

Take your body as it tries to deal with the new energies of ascension
and care for it with Earth Dragon’s help. Shelter your body, ground
your body and know that this will center you completely, bringing calm
in the eye of the energetic hurricane.

Take your emotions. Look upon them. Accept them as you flow with them.
Any feelings that no longer serve you can be given to Water Dragon.
Water Dragon will help you accept them and express them in constructive

Thus you become a Dragon Priest or Priestess, wielding our combined
ancient powers for the greater good of self and all.
What better helpers with ascension than us dragons, who are closely
linked to the stars, the Earth, the ley lines and the sky?
Fly ever higher Light Workers. A new world awaits.”

You can work with the Elemental Dragons through meditation. The
Dragon Essences from Crystal Angel Essences can help with this process
and can be ordered by emailing me at angellightheart@hotmail.com. There
is a special discount when ordered with the Dragon Oracle.


You can join other lightworkers on the 31st of August for the Moon
Meditation. Feel free to do so at a time that suits you and focus on
bringing together our energies. Most will be meditating 7 pm UK time.

Ground yourself properly and call in spiritual protection before you
start your meditation. Prepare yourself for this meditation by relaxing
your body and breathing deeply.

Imagine walking in an ancient forest. The trees are thick and gnarled
and your feet are touching a thick blanket of moss. Spiders weave their
webs and birds sing their songs.

As you move deeper into the forest you find a cave before you. As you
enter this cave a red light radiates from the crystals in the cave. In
the middle a red dragon raises itself up and it breathes the red light
over you and through you, bringing you strength. You thank the great
being as you leave.

As you walk onwards within the cave, you find an opening to an alcove,
shimmering in orange. There an orange dragon awaits you amidst orange
calcite stones. The dragon looks you in the eyes and from its eyes a
beam of orange light emerges. The light surrounds you and encourages
you to live your dreams and follow your passions. Again you thank the
dragon as leave the alcove and move deeper into the large cave.
Another area of the cave appears; this one a shining yellow citrine
area. A yellow dragon moves its talons through your aura and you see it
cutting away dark cords from your being. It then softly touches your
solar plexus, empowering you with golden yellow energy. You thank the
dragon as you move onwards.

A lovely green dragon appears. It is surrounded by the most brilliant
emerald cave as it shines soft green light from its huge heart into
yours, bringing forgiveness and healing of the heart. You feel your
chest expanding and your heart filling itself with love. You send back
love to the dragon before you leave its lair.

Onwards a blue dragon lies in another alcove of deep blue sapphire.
From its throat radiates a clear blue light into your throat chakra as
it gives you the power to express your feelings and speak your truth.
You thank the blue dragon as you continue on your journey.

You keep walking through the caves as an indigo dragon appears in a
dark blue cave that looks like the night sky. It touches its brow to
yours, sending indigo energy into your third eye to awaken your
spiritual sight.  You bow deeply to this great Master.

Finally you enter a beautiful amethyst cave. A great purple dragon with
butterfly wings motions you to come closer. It lights a campfire for
you by spitting violet fire onto the ground. It encourages you to give
all that no longer serves you to the flames. You gladly do so, thanking
the dragon for its wonderful help.

As you walk on you hear a great rumbling sound and you realize you have
come to the end of the cave It is covered by a great waterfall, which
radiates rainbow colours. You step through it as it cleanses your aura
and brings together all the attributes of the colourful dragons.
As you emerge from the waterfall a white, crystalline dragon soars in
the sky. It looks magnificent and reminds you of a unicorn with its
white, spiral horn. It lands before you and touches your forehead. You
feel a strange tingling sensation and as you look into the lake at the
bottom of the waterfall you see a diamond shaped light on your
forehead. It will help you use your spiritual power wisely.
Now you are ready to return to the place where you started, to your own
body. Make sure you ground yourself as you return to your normal
consciousness and write down any insights you received during this

Bright Blessings



Feel free to share this meditation with others, but please enclose the
source and copyright.

© Healing HEART ART ~ Cathelijne Filippo Kokkeel