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Channeling fo The Angels of Creativity about Flow

IMAG0366Today I visited the Aysgarth Falls. What a beautiful place! I found myself a perfect little spot, tucked away next to one of the falls. A great place to just Be and meditate. Earlier this week I asked other Lightworkers to send the intention of Peace to such areas as Gaza and Ukraine (on my Dutch blog). Sitting at the Falls I started doing so myself from that peaceful place next to the thundering water. I also sent some Angelic Reiki to a dear friend in the U.S. Then as I sat down to experience the beautiful energies of this unspoiled place in nature a channeling came in, that could almost be seen as a visualisation. You may want to use it as such to create more freedom, flow and creativity in your own life:

Beloved Human Angel,IMAG0384

As the water rushes down, let its energy field cleanse yours. Ever streaming. Ever flowing. Bringing new energy to you.

Let go of all that has gone before. Let it simply flow down the river. Ease into this energy of flow as it moves through your energy field, right to the very core of your being. As it flows through you it sets free old pain, old stuff, and you feel freedom and lightness entering into your body, your state of mind and feelings. Your nature is like this. Ever flowing with new ideas and new creations. Choosing your own path over the river banks of life, through rocks and cracks. Just like the light falls and flitters on the waterfall, so the Light shines on your creative flow. Let is shine through it, bringing you new ideas and lifting older ideas to a higher level.

IMAG0370If another Lightworkers creative flow is compatible with yours, you can now enjoy flowing together, catching and reflecting the Light, making each other better, lighter and filled with joy. Those whose flow does not resonate with you, can follow their own stream. Let them go with grace and your blessing and do not look back. The river certainly never does. It’s simply joyful and powerful in its own flow and direction.

The Light is guiding you strongly through your ideas and inspirations, but most importantly through your heart! Listen to it carefully and let it be light-filled. It will help you channel any angelic virtue into your life, your work, your words and your creations.

You can ask the angels of creativity to expand your creativity and to help you ground it in your world of form. We are with you always to guide, support and inspire you under the watchful eye of Archangel Jophiel.

Be blessed.”

PS please join our efforts in sending the Intention of Peace to areas on Earth that need it right now. If you want to add any to Gaza and Ukraine, feel free to do so, or add them in the comment below.IMAG0376

Copyright Cathelijne ~Angel Light Heart

Dragon Photo-shoot in Wales

IMAG0231A very different blog this time….the story of my very favorite dragon!! Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a dragon called Saphira. Her task was to guard the Crystals of the Earth and as such her true name was ‘Saphira Crystal Keeper’. Her scales glittered in sparkling blue as she guarded a cluster of clear quartz crystals representing the crystal kingdom.

Now Saphira was birthed in Holland and she felt this could not possibly be right. This could certainly not be happening to one as great as herself! What itself respecting Dragon was created in a land as flat and crystal-less as that? It could not possibly be right.IMAG0235_1

As such she flew to Wales, the land of dragons. After all, did the Welsh not have a red dragon on their flag? This must definitely be the place to be.

And so she flew to Powys where she ended up in a lovely New Age shop where she was admired for a year and a day. By that time a restlessness started to creep in. If this was where she was supposed to live, why had she not been bought by some great wizard or healer? She just sat there being an ornament when she had so much more to bring to the world! Could this really be all there was to life? Just sitting there, looking pretty? Admittedly she was the loveliest dragon of all of Wales, but she started to feel an emptiness inside her.

IMAG0236She even started missing her Dutch creator and wondered if perhaps there had been a reason to be born in a country where dragons were less known and common. Perhaps she had a huge task there to bring some of the dragon energy to a land that could use some extra myths, legends and crystal healing power.

In her great haste to return to her creator, she bumped her head and a little chip came off her lovely horn. Saphira was devastated. Had she not been on her way to some great destiny? Had she been wrong? Was this a sign? How could she possibly do that with this small imperfection in her otherwise perfect countenance?

So as she arrived at the holiday cottage of her creator, she sat there sitting like a wilting flower.

“Enough of this!”, her creator said. “You are the Crystal Keeper and do not need perfection to be who you are!” To cheer her up they went for a walk to enjoy the Lleyn peninsula. “You will be the first dragon ever to walk here and get a photoshoot!”, said her creator. And there they went…walking near the sea, climbing little walls. Saphira felt the sun glitter and sparkle of her as she sat by a little stream and in a tree. IMAG0237

And all was well. She just knew she was perfect, just the way she was!

Copyright Cathelijne

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Star Crop Circle near the Long Man of Wilmington

crop circle long man2There is no place quite like Britain to recharge my spiritual batteries. And it was clear my inner batteries needed recharging after both the batteries of my cell Phone and e-bike broke down! A last resort for the angels to be sure, as I had not listened very well to all the guidance about this in the past months. I was simply too busy organising the Earth Angel Fair in Holland and still trying to find time for my other spiritual endeavours.

So, about time to really take a break, leave Holland behind and go to the UK. Now usually we plan everything well ahead of time, as we did this year. But the week before our departure, we decided to leave a day earlier. As we waited at the channel tunnel we decided to make a huge detour to not only visit my friend Jude in Eastbourne, but also to visit the crop circle near Eastbourne at the Long Man of Wilmington.

Last year we had met with my friend Maaike in Glastonbury and she had visited a crop circle oncrop circle long man the way there. I had never seen one for real and though I did not quite know what to make of them, I decided I would love to experience it. I love sacred sites such as monolyths and Cairns, so it seemed right up my alley to visit a crop circle.

Early morning on 11th of July we went in search of the crop circle, happy we got coordinates and a Garmin to guide us in the right direction. It took a little while to find it. At first I thought it had been demolished as there was a square patch of corn that had been cut away. After doing research into the circles I later found that there had indeed been a crop circle there and that the farmer had taken it of its land. Such a pitty.

2014-07-11 09.33.37Thankfully the older one was still there. It took us a bit of effort to get there through the soaky wet wheat. We ended up with huge clumps of mud on our shoes. As we got there we were both amazed. We looked at it wondering how it was made and by whom. I must say I did not feel any alien presence whatsoever. After stepping out of the crop circle I decided to send some light into it, as I felt it was a symbol and as such the light could touch those entering it. As I did so the light was quite immense and I felt the crop circle acted as a portal of Light for many.

Crop circle researchers Ed and Kris Sherwood feel the circles act as symbols as well. Like them I felt  they contain codes. Whether these are made by men, aliens or Divine intelligence, the three forms these researchers have found to be at the base of them, I feel they can act as codes of Light for those open to receive.

In the end intention is everything. Just as symbols in (Angelic) Reiki have the intention of attunement and healing, so crop circles can become symbols for the healing of humans and the planet.

Healing blessings,



Archangel Haniel about the Supermoons of 2014

imagesCADJXSZXWhat a lovely place to be during this first of three supermoons. The Llyn Peninsula is such a beautiful place. And though the clouds are blocking out the sight of the supermoon, its power can be felt clearly nonetheless.

As I sat down to do the meditation as written down in the last blog, the presence of the angels came in quickly. Raguel, Zadkiel and Michael came in to help clear away unwanted energies from past connections.

After that, I sat down to see if there was any information the angels wanted to convey concerning the three supermoons. The following came through from Archangel Haniel:

 “Beloved Children of the Light,Dia1

I am Archangel Haniel, angel of the moon and restorer of Divine Feminine energies on Earth.

As the moon waxes and wanes, the waters of life ar in constant motion; an ebb and flow of life’s lessons and creations.

This full moon is the first of a Holy Trinity of Supermoons, here to truly help you let go of all that no longer serves you, all that does not resonate with your soul.

Now is the time to truly step away form those things that are not in accordance with your inner truths.

Let go of all outmoded ideas, concepts, connections, judgments and situations in a loving yet firm way.

supermoonThose who have lived Atlantean lives are extra sensitive to these supermoons as they are NOW called to step into their true spiritual power.

This can only be done when one lives in full integrity of ones soul and places Higher Self above ego. Letting go of ego by no means entails letting others run over you, disregarding your boundaries or take from you which is not by right theirs.

Live from the heart. Give from the heart. And say ‘no’- if need be-  from the heart.

You are ever growing, ever expanding on this spiral of life. Letting go of the “old stuff” will free up your energies to live a truly creative & magical life of Light and Love.

I am Haniel and I send you my Silver Light.”

Copyright Cathelijne

Full Supermoon Meditation July 12, 2014

supermoonThis full moon is called Plant Moon in the Netherlands and this is about nature being at its most bountiful. It is the first full moon after the summer solstice. Now is the time to realize our destiny.

On top of our destiny and building on the bountifulness in our lives, this is a super moon as well! Supermoons are especially close to the earth and this one is the first in a series of three (the others being August 10 and September 9). whenever this happens the power of the moon is extra strong on the Earth and all its dwellers. As such emotions may be felt ore strongly and we are challenged to accept them and work through them. 


Take some time to contemplate the last 6 months. What has happened in your life until the summer solstice? What bounty has come to you? What is your destination?

Meditation time

Dia1Lightworkers following my blog in the Netherlands will be meditating on the full moon at 8 pm (this is 7 pm UK time). You can either participate at the exact same time or whenever it is 8 pm in your time zone. All Lightworkers participating in this event connect to each other from afar. You will find this often enables a deepening of the meditation to occur.


  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
  • Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use my own sprays by Crystal Angels Essences Especially the one called archangel Michael created a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
  • Connect to all the other Lightworkers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.
  • Open yourself up to the energy of the full moon. This is the energy of letting go. So if there are things in your life and personality, you would like to lovingly let go of, you can do so now. Simply give those things to Archangel Zadkiel to be transformed and transmuted by the Dia1violet flame.
  • Then open up your being to the energy of the sun. Shine the golden light upon all you wish to further develop. Like a flower opening up to the rays of the sun, feel yourself and your life basking in the golden glow. If there are areas you are unsure of, doubts about which directions to take you can now call in the help of the archangels, for example:
    ~Archangel Jeremiel to show you your Divine Blueprint
    ~Archangel Raziel for esoteric knowledge and spiritual understanding
    ~Archangel Rafael for physical healing
    ~Archangel Raguel to heal the relationship with self and others
    Or simply let an appropriate angel come to you.
  • Share any doubt or feelings with the angel and listen to their reply. It may come in the form of images, thoughts and feelings. And keep an open mind to angel sings the coming days.
  • When you feel that are ready, bring your consciousness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch and feel your body making contact with the floor beneath you. Then blow out the candles, and let go of this meditation

Bright Blessings


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