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Channeling Torquaret, the Autumn Angel

Beloved, with the autumn’s magic in the air, I draw closer to the earth to bring my energy. The energy I carry is both the energy of harvest and of letting go. I touch nature and work with the nature angels in this special time of the year when leafs turn into a painting of warm, lush colours, from pale green to deep gold, from vibrant orange and red to earthy brown. Within the letting go of seeds and leafs nature prepares for times ahead. For the seeds will germinate and the leafs will nourish the earth that keeps de seeds safe until the time when spring will bring all of nature back to life.

Like the trees I would like you to slowly draw your energy inwards; deep inside your being so that you can digest the past year and take stock of all your accomplishments. What does your harvest look like? And what things would you like to let go of so that it’s energy can be neutralized and recycled to nourish those seeds and nuts you’d like to plant out for future growth and expansion?

Please understand you could not do this without Mother Earth being here to take care of you. Respect the earth by treating her kindly and give thanks for all her bounty.

You are a star seed planted on earth at this time to plant your unique seeds onto the earth. Bring your uniqueness to life. Share your talents and gifts for the benefit of the greater good; the Cosmic Ecosystem of Life. And water your seeds; your special talents and gifts with the water of love, light and mindfulness.

Be mindful of what you give. Be mindful of what you take. Bring balance between the two. As you share your gifts, you will receive blessings. True blessed living is authentic living. By taking stock of your life you can become truer to yourself. As you let go of all that you no longer need, of all that no longer resonates within your being, you will find new energy and a sense of freedom and well-being.

Once you let go of all those old outmoded patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour a void is created. In this void you can place your new seeds: your projects and dreams so that they can flow and flourish.

I will gladly support you in this process.
I bless you with the nourishing energy of the golden autumn light.
I am Torquaret, the Angel of Autumn.

Channeled by Cathelijne.

Feel free to contact me if you want help with letting go of your old patters and work towards new goals. I can help with this as a spiritual psychologist and angel coach.


Full Moon Meditation September 23, 2010

Harvest Moon– immortality
The Full Moon is upon us once more. A lovely moment to get together (from a distance) and meditate. This time we are dealing with the Harvest Moon, which represents immortality.  
This Moon follows the Autumn Equinox.
As such this is an excellent time to ponder about what things give you energy and what things you can harvest and take with you in the times to come.

With this moon’s harvest you may acknowledge that all things happen for a reason. And thanks to the harvest, new seeds can be planted.
Before meditating you can sit down for 15 minutes to write down the things you are grateful for: what did you harvest in this last period of time? Appreciate yourself for making things happen!
After that you can write down a problem you may be facing. The current full moon can be the excellent moment to find solutions as the energy of the Harvest Moon will support you in that process.
Should you meditate by an altar, you may choose to adorn it with special gifts from nature such as apples, pears, and sunflowers to represent the harvest. Coloured leafs can represent autumn and coloured or even scented candles can finish the creation of the autumn energy in your sacred space.

The Meditation
You can join me and the other Light Workers (in the UK and the Netherlands) at 7 PM UK time for the meditation.
Though we will all meditate in our own space, we will be able to tune into each other and by so doing form a field of united consciousness.  This enables meditation. If you cannot join at 7 pm, feel free to tune in at a different time.    

  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
  • Sit quietly.
  • Ask the angels for protection during the meditation. You may do this by asking Archangel Michael to place his deep blue cloak of protection around you.
  • You may also ask the angels to clear your space and surround it with white light.
  • Ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet into the earth. Send your gratefulness to Mother Earth through these roots. Afterwards she sends back warm, healing energy into your body, from your feet upwards. The energy settles in your heart.
  • Imagine a moon beam flowing into your crown chakra. Let this solver light fill your head, your brain, eyes, ears, nose and mouth with twinkling energy. Your intuition and creativity are enhanced by this wonderful light. Then let it flow through your throat, neck and shoulders into your chest where the energy of the moon and the earth come together in a perfect rainbow of opalescent colour.
  • Lastly imagine connecting to all the other Light Workers.
  • Now imagine being in a wonderful forest full of rich an warm autumn colours. The sun shines through the leaves. Walk towards a huge oak tree. It is magnificent to behold. Before it stands Torquaret, the autumn angel. Tell him about all the things you have harvested and are grateful for. And tell him the problems you want to find solutions to. He will gladly help you with it and may give you an intuitive message to help you.  
  • You may site quietly for a while to receive any images or insights for the coming phase of the moon.
  • Finally, come back into your body. Take a few deep, cleansing breaths. Be aware of your body. Feel the contact it makes with the ground or floor beneath you. When you are done, mindfully blow out your candles to let go of the meditation.
  • I always welcome any comments, experiences with the meditation or feedback.

    Should you like help working towards your solutions with the help of the angels, feel free to contact me about angel e-coaching by mailing to

    Love and light and blessed full moon,


    Channeling Archangel Gabriel, New Moon September 2010

    I am Gabriel, bringer of good news, guardian of the moon, archangel of the divine feminine. Today on this new moon I have come to pay my respects and inspire you.

    It is time to embrace the Goddess within and to understand this world is one of yin and yang, male and female, lightness and the dark. The one balances out the other in an eternal dance of energies. And through the cosmic dance on earth your soul experiences, learns and grows.

    The lessons I wish to convey today is that of the feminine principle of nurturing and care.

    Quite often care is more easily given to the other than to the self. Many Light Workers send healing to the sick, to the earth, to those in need, but they forget themselves. I would like to say: “Healer, heal thyself”.

    The world today still is very male principle oriented with people being centred in the head and not the heart, with being goal oriented bordering on destructive greed. Slowly, but strongly, a change is being made in this special time on earth to balance the masculine energies with the feminine. To balance the head with the heart. And by so doing bringing balance to the earth with the recognition that male and female are vastly different, but equal at the same time. With the realisation that Source is God and Goddess entwined. With the realisation that by embracing the masculine and feminine within, true love for self and others becomes possible. It is time to go within and nurture your soul. Take time to pamper your body, mind and soul. Take good care of your body by healthy eating and by gentle exercise. Take care of the mind by focusing your thought on self-love and acceptance. Nurture your soul with meditation and spiritual practice.

    We angels are ready to assist you in the process of integrating all parts of your divine self into this earthly life.

    We are here to support and bless you and to remind you that you are loved unconditionally and endlessly.

    Give your intention for this new moon to me and I will carry it up to the heavens for you.

    I am Archangel Gabriel and I bring you these truths.


    Weekly Healing List

    I have started a weekly healing listback in 2010, to help those in need by sending distant (angelic) reiki healing every sunday night both on this blog and mu Dutch angel blog. It has been my joy to do this for all who needed it.

    As demand has grown, I have decided to no longer send free distant healing, but I do offer to call on the angels on your behalf on a single sunday night. Feel free to email me your request.

    Should you like further support or healing, you might like to order starbursts, request a distant treatment with Angelic Reiki, an Angel Heart E-consultation or a Healing Heart Angel.

    Please note that the healing list is not a replacement for medical help. should you have (serious or recurrent) physical or mental problems ALWAYS visit your doctor a.s.a.p.