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Healing Visualisation for Japan

News about the situation in Japan confronts us with the uncontrollable force of nature, the resilience of man and the risky use of the facilities on earth. This 3-in-1 disaster of earthquakes, tsunamis and nuclear disaster affects the people and creatures of Japan in a very hard way.

We can bring a small contribution to the healing of Japan and its people by sending light and angels to assist all in the affected area. You can do this healing visualization whenever you want, but if possible it would be nice to have all of us do this on a daily basis.

Healing Visualization

1. Sit quietly in a place where you will not be disturbed.

2. You can hold a picture of Japan in your hands or place it on your altar.

3. Light a candle with the intention that this session will bring healing for the highest good for Japan, its people and the world.

4. Then close your eyes and take three slow, deep breaths.

5. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you during your healing work by placing his deep blue cloak of protection around you.

6. Then ask him then to go to Japan and place a protective cocoon of golden light over all the nuclear reactors and to protect the Earth and it’s atmosphere. Ask him to fix any technical problems within the reactors.

7. Ask Archangel Raphael and his healing angels to support and heal the wounded. Imagine the angels sending emerald green light to the people, animals and nature of Japan and imagine this light to envelop and penetrate each and all to bring peace, harmony and healing.

8. Ask Archangel Chamuel to ensure that survivors are found, so they can be saved and healed.

9. Request Archangel Azrael that all souls who have not survived the disaster be brought to the Light gently and lovingly and ask him and his angels to comfort and support the bereaved.

10. Now ask Archangel Ariel to help restore and protect nature in Japan from all the natural and unnatural violence.

11. And finally, ask Archangel Jophiel to aid in the process of clearing and cleansing all the debris to bring back order and beauty in the country.

12. Thank all the angels and archangels for their help and ask them to send little signals to you on your path that will show you how you can continue to contribute to the healing of Japan and the planet.

Let us hope that this disaster will lead to a flood of compassion, love and understanding of the world.

Your Healing Heart Angel

A unique one of a kind angel made in spiritual alignment to what you need in your life.

I made the first Healing Heart Angel for myself in 2005 in response to losing my dad to cancer. My heart definitely needed healing and the angel sculpture helped me in the process of grief. Since 2010 I have started making more Healing Heart Angels, especially for clients who either need healing or like an angel to help them on their spiritual path.

A sculpture for healing and spiritual growth.

The person who orders the angel, tells me what he or she wants the angel to portray. For instance, I had one lady and a young man who wanted an angel to help remind them to love herself. Another lady has asked for an angel to welcome her grandson into the world and yet another wanted one to bring protection to her ill son. There have been healing heart angels for self love, love, strength, a soul mate relationship and to strengthen the connection to the higher Self. You can decide for yourself what it is you need in your life to become whole and happy.

The process of making the angel especially for you.

Once I received the information about what the angel should help with, it is easiest when I have a picture of the person at hand.
Before starting the sculpture I meditate, ask my Higher Self and guardian angel to connect to that of the other person. Sometimes a symbol comes to mind, such as with the person who needed to be reminded to love herself. I saw a double heart. And later on she was amazed as she used that symbol in her meditation. If nothing at all comes up I pick an angel card for inspiration. Usually during the process of sculpting little messages for the person come through, which I write down and send together with the angel.

High vibrational sculptures.

Before drying I infuse the sculpture with some angel aura spray. Then it needs to dry three weeks. Depending on how many artworks are drying it takes some time to fill the kiln completely. It fires between 900 and a 1000 degrees Celsius and then before sending it, I attune it to Angelic Reiki. 


Current prices can be found on my website http://www.faeryqueen-healingart.co.uk.

Feel free to contact me there or through this blog. I always love making Healing Heart Angels for spiritually minded people!

Channeling Torquaret, the Autumn Angel

Beloved, with the autumn’s magic in the air, I draw closer to the earth to bring my energy. The energy I carry is both the energy of harvest and of letting go. I touch nature and work with the nature angels in this special time of the year when leafs turn into a painting of warm, lush colours, from pale green to deep gold, from vibrant orange and red to earthy brown. Within the letting go of seeds and leafs nature prepares for times ahead. For the seeds will germinate and the leafs will nourish the earth that keeps de seeds safe until the time when spring will bring all of nature back to life.

Like the trees I would like you to slowly draw your energy inwards; deep inside your being so that you can digest the past year and take stock of all your accomplishments. What does your harvest look like? And what things would you like to let go of so that it’s energy can be neutralized and recycled to nourish those seeds and nuts you’d like to plant out for future growth and expansion?

Please understand you could not do this without Mother Earth being here to take care of you. Respect the earth by treating her kindly and give thanks for all her bounty.

You are a star seed planted on earth at this time to plant your unique seeds onto the earth. Bring your uniqueness to life. Share your talents and gifts for the benefit of the greater good; the Cosmic Ecosystem of Life. And water your seeds; your special talents and gifts with the water of love, light and mindfulness.

Be mindful of what you give. Be mindful of what you take. Bring balance between the two. As you share your gifts, you will receive blessings. True blessed living is authentic living. By taking stock of your life you can become truer to yourself. As you let go of all that you no longer need, of all that no longer resonates within your being, you will find new energy and a sense of freedom and well-being.

Once you let go of all those old outmoded patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour a void is created. In this void you can place your new seeds: your projects and dreams so that they can flow and flourish.

I will gladly support you in this process.
I bless you with the nourishing energy of the golden autumn light.
I am Torquaret, the Angel of Autumn.

Channeled by Cathelijne.

Feel free to contact me if you want help with letting go of your old patters and work towards new goals. I can help with this as a spiritual psychologist and angel coach.


Weekly Healing List

I have started a weekly healing listback in 2010, to help those in need by sending distant (angelic) reiki healing every sunday night both on this blog and mu Dutch angel blog. It has been my joy to do this for all who needed it.

As demand has grown, I have decided to no longer send free distant healing, but I do offer to call on the angels on your behalf on a single sunday night. Feel free to email me your request.

Should you like further support or healing, you might like to order starbursts, request a distant treatment with Angelic Reiki, an Angel Heart E-consultation or a Healing Heart Angel.

Please note that the healing list is not a replacement for medical help. should you have (serious or recurrent) physical or mental problems ALWAYS visit your doctor a.s.a.p.