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Summer Solstice Blessings from Michael

Dear Lightworkers,

today is a most special day. This is the summer solstice. Though June 20 marked the actual beginning of summer this year on the Nothern hemispehere, I had decided to celebrate the summer solstice on the traditional solstice day: June 21st. I had promised myself that if the sum would wake me up early, I would go outside to meditate.

As the sun filtered through the curtains of our holiday cottage, I barely could open my eyes. I was about ready to sleep on, when I thought I should at least look to the sun outside the window to welcome it.

As i did, I saw this mystical sunlight filtering through the misty trees and decided to get my butt out there.

We have a lovely wooden decking behind the cottage that overlooks a wood through which water cascades. And so I greeted the beautiful Solaris and found the meditative moment magical with the rustling trees, exuberant singing of birds and the gurgling and cascading sounds of the brook.

As I closed my eyes to breathe the wonderful sunlight into my heart, I received a short yet powerful channeling from Michael, linking me to the sounds around me:

It is time for you to step into your real power. The time of hiding has passed.

Now is the time for each Lightworker to follow his or her destiny: to work with the Light and to be guided by the Light. To go within thier Higher Self’s flow and to sing their unique song.

One can only do so by being present in each moment and by keeping a clear connection to their Higher Self and through it to Father-Mother God.

Please now sit to receive the incoming solar energies to help you align to your Higher Self and Higher Purpose.

It is done.

I am Archangel Michael and with your permission I overlight you at this time.”

As I did the meditation I felt we can now receive Lightcodes through the sun. If you have not been able to meditate during sunrise, you may use the pictures I made for you to do so. All you need to do is look at the sun filtering through the forest, envisioning the ring of Light surrounding you and adjusting you energies in the most perfect way for you now. You can call in Arhcangel Michael to guide the process. Be open to receive any messages he imparts on you.

Happy solstice!


Orb of Mother Mary and Archangel Chamuel

On our last day in the Midi-Pyrenees my hubby wanted to visit a famous “col” from the Tour the France. I had actually planned to just relax by the pool for the day, but decided to join him and enjoy some stunning views. I had not been feeling all that well and all the zigzagging in the car did not do much to make me feel better.

After a while we passed a place with a statue of Mary and after driving past it I felt just fine. On the way back I decided to quickly make a snapshot of it from the car.

So funny! In Lourdes, I asked for orbs and nothing happened. It reminds me of last year in Italy when we visited Cathedral of Michael in Luca, where no orb was seen. Whilst I had a profound experience of the Archangel in the small ChurchofVolterra dedicated to Michael. After this experience I received a beautiful blue orb in a photo, that many people have since enjoyed on a card and had vivid experiences with as well. It’s often the small places where miracles happen.

Similarly, this time a beautiful orb appeared out of nowhere with in the upper right corner of the photo beautiful rays of soft colours. The pink energy runs like a helix to the earth and represents the loving energy of Chamuel. Chamuel was present at the creation of the last two sprays of Crystal Angel Essences (which you can order with me via and then indicated that we could use this spray extra well in advance of the Venus transit in order to open our hearts to love. After the holiday we are to make a spray attuned to Mother Mary spray containing the nurturing powers of the Divine Feminine. The energy of Mother Mary is visible in the soft blue energy to the left of the pink ray.

Thus, these beautiful, soft energies of Mary, Queen of Angels, and Archangel Chamuel together help us to open our hearts to love and feminine divine forces.

 You can meditate on this photo. I  would love to hear your experiences with it!

Bright blessings




Sacred places: visiting Lourdes

I always feel so blessed when I can combine my vacations with visits to sacred places, also known as power places. A few days ago I wrote about our visit to Rennes-le-Chateau and the contact I felt with the feminine energy of Mary Magdalene.

I had dreamt of a apparition of white Light the night before and I went to Lourdes with a list of names of people who desperately need the healing of the Virgin and with a wish list for souvenirs to bring back with me for other Lightworkers. I also wanted to light a candle for the people of Syria, and especially the children there, that are suffering so much.

Lourdes is located in the Hautes-Pyrenees in France. It is the largest Catholic pilgrimage site in France. It is located in the south of the country in the foothills of the Pyrenees and has about 17,000 inhabitants.

I was surprised to find Lourdes to be a real city, filled with shops and especially tourist shops selling religious figurines, bottles and rosaries. I had promised some friends and relatives to bring water from Lourdes, so we went looking for the right bottles to start with. I also wanted to buy a beautiful statue of Mary with my birthday money. Yet I could not find what I had in mind. It became clear to me that I nothing there could compete with the lovely statue of Mary that I received after the death of my grandmother. I do feel I will be adding some Mary sculptures to my Angelic Art when I get back!

I did find two beautiful reproductions of more contemporary art inspired by Mother Mary and Lourdes.

My dear grandmother Toos had a special love for Mother Mary. The statue of Mary I mentioned above had prominent place in her living room and she would have a little candle burning with it, whenever she was home. She also had some books about apparitions of the virgin Mary, such as in Lourdes.

Bernadette Soubirous declared to have seen several apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the grotto of Massabielle far in 1858, when she was a 14-year-old girl. In 1864 a statue was erected in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes at the site of the apparitions. There was a chapel built which soon became too small and did serve as a crypt for the first basilica, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Over the years two more basilicas were built and several other buildings, now all part of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.

When visiting Lourdes the result of this history is clearly visible. Although the sacred buildings are wonderful, I felt a longing for the time that the cave still existed by itself without all the business surrounding it and the well-oiled machine of the church. How would it have been to feel the energy of Mary in the natural environment of the cave?

How appropriate that this feminine aspect of divinity has so often been revealed in caves and near springs. It connects the Divine Feminine to Mother Earth, who is our mother and gives us shelter and refreshment.

Lourdes is not only known for the apparitions of Mary, but also recognized miraculous healings to have happened ever since. On 11 November 2005 the Vatican recognized the 67th official healing miracle.

After burning a few candles for those who need healing and for all Lightworkers to lovingly work together to bring more Light to Earth, I went to sit by the grotto and the statue. Soon after I closed my eyes in meditation, there was a perception of bright light. I was surrounded and permeated by it. I felt an infinite compassion from Mother Mary for all people who suffer and who have lost their way. She clearly let me know that she is not (only) of the Church but of the Light and thus she is there for everyone. To be able to pass on the Creator Light to the Earth she needs our pure intention and heartfelt prayers. For just as the angels will never dismiss free will, neither does Mary, who is known as the Queen of Angels. Therefore it is important that we ourselves call for help and pray for and / or send light to others.

After my time in the cave, I lit a candle burning in small a chapel and dedicated it to the people of Syria for peace, support, comfort and healing.

I would like to invite all Lightworkers to do the same. When we light a candle for another, we literally and figuratively send Light and pure intention to their side.

Sending you Bright Blessings and Light of Mother Mary.


Venus Transit and Mary Magdalene

What a special day, this was: 06/06/12 with the Venus transit.

I wrote about the transit earlier in my angel newsletter. Venus would move in fornt of the sun, bringing to the Earth her beautiful qualities. Whilst I would be in the South of France these couple of weeks, I knew that Lightworkers everywhere on earth would be meditating on this cosmic moment that helps us to honour the Divine feminine aspects of ourselves and unite them with the Divine Masculine parts.

How lucky just to be close to Rennes-le-Chateau. A perfect place to attune to Venus’ energies. Rennes-le-Château is a small town in France in the Pyrenees, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aude, between Carcassonne and Andorra. In 1885, Rennes-le-Château was a small provincial town. That year Bérenger Saunière was appointed priest of the village. He started a modest renovation of the church. Rumour has it that Sauniere found something that brought in large sums of money which he used for to fund a much larger renovation. The question remains what Sauniere found. There are now thousands of people around the world in search of this secret. Especially since it would appear that it has to do with the underground tradition around the doctrine of the Cathars and the worship of the Feminine and the specific role of Mary Magdalene. The church itself holds hidden symbols indicative of this role. Furthermore, information underscoring her role has said to have been found in the parchments Saunier discovered. According to the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail Saunière found evidence that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ, and had children with him. she is said to have traveld to France with their children.

It seemed a good day to visit Rennes-le-Chateau and meditate in Venus transit. I woke up early and I hoped to be able to see Venus dancing in front of the sun, but it was too cloudy so I went back in my bed. During the morning we left for Rennes-le-Chateau. The sun had come out and I enjoyed the scenery.  Nature around us reminded me of the beauty of Mother Earth. Vast vineyards were interspersed with wild flowers. There were rocky slopes with forests. A breath of fresh air compared to our rather over-populated country. The road to Rennes-le-Chateau had a few hairpins. I never like being on hairpin roads much, but my hubby had a great time traversing them.

Arriving at Rennes-le-Chateau, we first visited the museum about the supposed treasure and Sauniere. We enjoyed the open views and when the belltower announced it was noon, I felt it was time to go to the church dedicated to Mary Magdalen.

The atmosphere in the church was very special. It was like stepping into a warm bath. As receiving a warm and loving embrace. It literally felt very warm. All the holy statues are lovely and the dome behind the altar is painted a beautiful blue with stars.

The church exuded a very strong angelic energy, and I felt many angels were present. I sat quietly in a church bench and sank into a light meditation, occasionally interrupted by other visitors. Soon the energy of Mary Magdalene was present as I received a channeling and guided meditation.

When I closed my eyes I saw a circle with a dot in it. I was asked to do the infinity breath through the center of my heart. Breathing in I was to bring down a loop into Cosmos, breathing out into the Earth. Then I was to do the infinity breath horizontally from the front of my heart to the back. The vertical movement focused on Light and the horizontal one on Love.

I sat for a while breathing the Light and Love through me and around me. In the channeling I was blessed with the Love of the Mother, the Light of the Father and finally with Love of Self. I was once more welcomed into The Sisterhood of Light, as has happened before in Glastonbury.

I was told that the balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine was torn apart in Atlantean times when the energy of this continent sank and most people started to listen to the negative ego instead of the Higher Self. We are invited to meditate and pray to restore these Divine energies at this time. There is much work to be done. We have free will and we need to make our own contribution. It does not matter how we do this, as long as it comes from pure intention (Light) and a pure, heartfelt awareness (Love). With this, we give the angels and ascended masters permission to do the work on our behalf.

We must realize that we have the masculine and feminine within us. The light and love are here to guide us in our lives. How beautiful!

After the silence and meditation in the lovely church of Magdalena, we drove to the Cathar Castle of Arques. And while I was waiting for the door to be opened, I looked up. There was a beautiful halo around the sun. There it was again: the dot with the circle. I made a picture of it. When  downloading it on our laptop, I saw two birds within the circle. A beautiful reminder of the twin aspect of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine: two separate parts which still form a unity.

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Bright blessings