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Summer solstice meditation with Archangel Raziël.

Summer-Solstice-StonehengeHappy solstice tomorrow! Last year I spent it in France where I meditated just after sunrize and received this uplifting and encouraging message from Archangel Michael who confirms it is still very well suited for this time.

“It is time for you to step into your real power. The time of hiding has passed.

Now is the time for each Lightworker to follow his or her destiny: to work with the Light and to be guided by the Light. To go within thier Higher Self’s flow and to sing their unique song.

One can only do so by being present in each moment and by keeping a clear connection to their Higher Self and through it to Father-Mother God.

Please now sit to receive the incoming solar energies to help you align to your Higher Self and Higher Purpose.

It is done.

I am Archangel Michael and with your permission I overlight you at this time.”

It was very fitting for Michael to come through as this great Archangel’s planet is the sun.

This year me and my friend Sabine will spend the solstice together to make two newraziel Crystal Angel Essences. We were directed to create the Archangel Raziel who brings esotheric knowledge, insights in the mysteries but also solar initation. What better day to work with him than the summer solstice, when the longest day is upon us? We will also be making the Archangel Raguel essence, which is so helpful in these times as many are being challenged in their relationship with others (as well as themselves).

If you would like to join in with us and other lightworkers to meditate this solstice, either take time at sunrise or our regular time (8 pm Central European time) or any conventient time simply by stating the intention you join us and the energy field created during the group meditation.

  • Meditation
    Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
    Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use the aura sprays I have created with my collegue Sabine (www.crystalangelessences.nl). Especially the one called archangel Michael creates a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
    Connect to all the other Lightworkers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.
  • Now imagine opening up to the rays of the sun and letting them fill your heart. Imagine your heart filled with solar light and send it from your heart to all those that need it and to all situations in your life that need some light.
  • Then connect to Archangel Raziël. Ask the angel to show you your Solar Self, the Higher Aspect of your being. Give him permission to bring in more of your soul energy and take time to integrate this energy into your being.
  • Thank the angel.
  • Then bring yourself back to full awakened consciousness and write down any insights you have received.

Happy solstice!


PS want to bring more of your soul energy into your being? I am now Soul Body Fusion® facilitator and can help you with this. Unformation will soon follow on www.angellightheart.com


Full moon meditation 27 march 2013: Death Moon ~ Protection


 volle-maanThis full moon is called the Death Moon as it falls in a period where plants and trees are most fragile. Fruit trees often start blooming and can suffer when the temperature drops and it starts to freeze. Where the Snow Moon dealt with which seeds would be germinating, this moon is about the survival of these germinating seeds, as not all of those seeds will make it to adulthood. Thus it is a time to protect those seedlings in your own life that need tender loving care.

A wonderful Archangel to focus our meditation on is Archangel Michael, the great protector.
Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is probably the most famous of the archangel michaelarchangels and his name means “He who is like God”. In art he is usually depicted as a strong and powerful male angel carrying a sword with which he is holding a demon or devil down. This symbolizes one of Michaels many powers: helping us beat ego and fear. He helps us to fight our inner demons.

His sword of Light can be used to cut negative etheric cords that are draining our life energy. Also, you can symbolically use the sword to cut away negative thinking.
Michael defends all that is pure and true and symbolises courage and strength.He can be called upon for protection whenever needed and can also protect our belongings.

Not only does this mighty archangel provide us with physical protection, he can also be called upon for spiritual protection. That is why I always call on him before I start any spiritual practice (such as light work, meditation, healing). That way, only that which is of 100% pure light can be present.

Lastly one can call on Archangel Michael with questions concerning one’s life purpose. He helps you find out your true goal in life and enables you to take the small but necessary steps to work towards that goal.

Theme of the meditation
Green seedling illustrating concept of new lifeLast month we meditated on the seeds we wanted to plant and which one had true potential. Archangel Uriel helped us with this. Now, we will ask archangel Michael to protect those seeds. In this moon meditation we focus on all we would like to express, support and protect. This can entail Light Work: which areas do you want to send healing to? And which people? Likewise you can focus on your personal life and whatever you want to bring to the fore and support, which can relate to work, business, relationships, health, family and such.

The meditation
We, in the Netherlands, will be meditating on the full moon at 8 pm (this is 7 pm UK time). You can either participate at the exact same time or whenever it is 8 pm in your time zone. All Light workers participating in this event connect to each other from afar. You will find this often enables a deepening of the meditation to occur.

You may want to write down a list of the things that are dear to your heart and you would like to send healing to. Or you may write down any questions concerning you life purpose.

The Meditation

  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
  • Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use lovely aura sprays by Miracle Lights**. Especially the one called archangel Michael created a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
  • Connect to all the other Light workers so we may form a network of Light around the planet. You may imagine drawingSyrie in Cosmic Golden Light through your Crown chakra into your heart and sending it from your heart to me and all other light workers participating. When we all do this we form a powerful network of Light that helps heal the earth. When you are done, imagine us all simultaneously sending the energy to the Middle East and especially Syria to bring Light, Love, Peace, Protection and Healing. Ask Archangel Michael to protect those who are vulnerable. Ask Archangel Zadkiel to transform all negativity. Finally ask the angels of peace to overlight the area.
  • Now, you have the intention to connect to Archangel Michael in his temple of Light in the Higher dimensions. Imagine standing before a wonderful, radiantly blue temple of light. You know this is the home of Archangel Michael. You walk up the broad stairs of the temple that lead to a huge door. As you approach the door opens for you and you enter a magnificent hall.
  • In the middle of this hall is a comfortable throne. By sitting on this throne, you honour your soul that is eternal and wondrous.
  • Archangel Michael enters the hall and comes towards you. He asks you if there is anything that has been bothering you or draining your energy that you would like him to cut away. Tell if this is the case and feel his sword of light doing its divine work.
  • If you have returned from last months meditation with archangel Uriel with certain seeds, you may hand them over to archangel Michael. He then blessed them and surround them with protecting light. He may have a message for you about these seeds.
  • Next you may request protection for yourself and other, your belongings and for any issues. He lovingly surrounds it all with protection (when in accordance with Free Will of those involved of course) Feel his loving presence surrounding you and enveloping you in a protective bubble.
  • Should you have any questions relating to your life purpose, you may ask this. You may receive insights, images or words immediately, or signs and direction will be offered in the coming weeks. Be sure to keep your eyes open for any synchronicities and repeated signs.
  • When you are done, you thank the Archangel. He tells you that you are always welcome to return to him with any questions. He gladly helps you realign your thought processes to Higher Truth.
  • When you feel that are ready, bring your consciousness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch and feel your body making contact with the floor beneath you. Then blow out the candles, and let go of this meditation.
  • You may want to write down the insights your received or the plans you feel need your full attention.

I wish you a most blessed Full Moon with new insights and clarity!
Love and Licht,

© Angel Light Heart ~ Cathelijne Filippo

You can support your Light work with the angels by using the Crystal Angel Essences. These Dutch essences are made of crystal elixers and overlighted by the angels and beings of light. They can be ordered from the Dutch webshop and I will translate the information to English as needed.

Feel free to share this meditation with others, but please enclose the source and copyright.

Doreen Virtue. Archangels 101. Hay House, INC, 2010.

Archangel Michael (Orb) in Volterra

We are on holiday in Tuscany at the moment. It is a beautiful area, with its rolling hills, vineyards and many cultural and historical treasures. Today we were to go to the City of Volterra.  

I awoke from a very busy dream. I dreamt of holding a healing evening and there were so many people there, payment became an administrative chaos and I remember thinking I should do theme nights instead of trying to heal so many individuals at once. Now I do have a spiritual/creative business but do not do healing evenings at the moment and have even been wondering about which direction to go with my business as I still have a paid job and the business is much more about Lightwork and helping people than about earning money. 

After waking up I checked my email and there was an e-newsletter by Mikael and Amethyst, two people who do spiritual work and the message was for Lightworkers to stop making excuses and get off their buts to do their true lifé’s work:

“If you are here to change the world we want you right now to stop making excuses, get off your buts, and do it!! Inspired ACTION is what We’re calling forth!! INVESTMENT in accessing all the HELP YOU NEED is what We’re calling forth!! DETERMINED, SPIRIT GUIDED Decisions-in-Trust are what we’re calling forth.

Let me share with you, dear hearts. You do NOT make a difference sitting on your BUTS. You do NOT create a business and serve the people you are here to serve by staying behind your computer screen in your comfy pjs just dreaming about it.”

I was a bit unsettled after that wondering as to what the dream and newsletter were meant to tell me. Even though I did not feel too well, we went off on our day trip anyway to the city of Volterra. We were going there to visit the Etruscan Museum, but as we were walking through the old City I spotted a little church dedicated to San Michele (Archangel Michael). Most of the churches and cathedrals here are much bigger, but as Archangel Michael is my favorite angel and I have worked with him a lot I really wanted to enter the church.

Upon entering there were some people there and I felt very emotional. As I sat in front of the altar I felt Michael was close. My husband who is an indigo, but does not go around chasing spiritual experiences, felt the energies were a bit too much for him and left the church. As he did everybody in the church left and I was there alone with the presence of Michael. I was very warm! And felt some encouraging thoughts being sent to me. Archangel Michael reminded me of being a Light Worker and gave me a renewed choice about that. As always I told him I truly want to be a Light Worker and serve the higher good. He told me not to worry about which way to go about it, especially with my business. All I need to do is check in with him daily and we will take it one step at a time. I do not need to know where I am heading as my mind (uhm ego) would just get in the way. What a wonderful bit of guidance!

As you may know the angels are there for each and every one of us. And they will let their presence be known in many different ways. I would say there are as many ways as there are people. They may work through signs such as angel numbers, sending white feathers, sending coins, or other coincidences but they may also come through our different spiritual senses. Doreen Virtue describes four of them: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and claircognizance. If you want to know your primary clair, you can do a little test on one of her blogs.  

For me this encounter with Michael covered almost all the clairs. The thoughts in my head were definetely claircognizance (my most used clair), but the feelings upon entering the church and the feelings of warm rushes of energy coming in were a form of clairsentience. And although I am not much of a clairvoyant type, my camera seems to be…

As I was about to leave the church I dedicated a candle to Michael and took a picture of the church and lo and behold! A beautiful blue orb appeared on my camera! It looks a bit like a shield.

What an extraordinary gift from the great archangel!

When we returned in our holiday appartment I decided to pick one of the Archangel Michael cards of Doreen Virtue. I usually do not take oracle cards with me on holiday but had packed this as an after thought.

It said: Go forward fearlessly. And part of the desciption of the card was the same as Michaels encouraging message to me earlier today! A lovely confirmation I am on the right path.

Want to learn more about the angels, receive an e-consultation or card reading or order a Healing Heart Angel? Feel free to contact me through this blog or through my website www.faeryqueen-healingart.co.uk

Channeling Archangel Gabriel about the words we speak and think.

New moon, december 5, 2010

I am Archangel Gabriel, the messenger angel.

With the raising of the energetic vibration on earth, the impact of your words, whether spoken out loud, thought internally, or written down on paper, or the computer, cell phone or any other device, all contain magnified power.

Much like the Japanese doctor Masara Emoto proved: beautiful words create beauty. Chaotic words create chaos.

Words can harm or heal.
Word can uplift or steal.
Words can transform and transmute.
With words you create the stories of your life. And so, what story are you writing, my dear one? Are you writing a story of love or of hardship?

In this last part of 2010 I would like to invite you to become aware of your thoughts and words. Whenever you find yourself worrying, complaining or even cursing, I want you to imagine a huge eraser with angel wings flying in to erase the words or thoughts. This leaves a blank canvas and I’d like you to imagine writing loving words on it in beautifully written golden letters. Reprogram your thoughts and words. Let them radiate qualities such as love, respect, peace and healing.

You can practice by silently blessing all those you meet. Try it. Imagine those words:
“Be blessed.”
“Be at peace”
“Be healed”
“Be at one”
“Be loved”

Repeat these words now. Feel them resonate within you. Can you feel the difference this makes?

You literally have the potential to huge change and healing on the very tip of your tongue.

Let this coming holiday season not be about material gifts. Let it be about the true blessing of loving thoughts and words.
Choose appreciation over criticism.
Choose love over hurt or resentment.
Choose your words with care.

I will be there to support you with your inner and outer communication whenever you ask.

I am Archangel Gabriel.

Copyright Cathelijne Filippo

Feel free to share, but please include the copyright.

Channeling Archangel Zadkiel about transformation

Full moon october 23, 2010

“I am Archangel Zadkiel, known as the Angel of Mercy and Benevolence. I am the Archangel of Forgiveness and I work closely with Saint Germain and the violet ray to bring transformation to this world.

All things change on earth. Life is on earth is a cycle of change, a rise and fall, a growth and decrease. As earth is a dualistic planet, change is one of its main ingredients.

And so to those of you who resist change, who want their lives to transform, but do not know how to do it, who think they cannot, I say: life IS change. Life IS transformation. So, embrace life. Live it to the fullest and try not to resist the natural change and transformation of life.

These times are especially great times of change. Earth, you planet, has decreed she now wants to rise up in vibration to Higher Dimensions. And so with the heightening of frequencies, old outmoded beliefs may go. Old patters that no longer serve you may come to the surface for you to heal and transmute.

In this process I want to ask you to please be merciful to yourself and others. Help yourself and others through these processes of transformation. You are like caterpillars ready to become butterflies. You may think your cocoon is safe and comfortable, but when you stay in your self-imposed cocoon, you can never spread your wings.

Transforming does not mean self-denial or criticism. All too often I see humans trying to live a ‘spiritual’ life, beating themselves up over lack of perfection. Yet your Soul is already perfect, even if your earthly vessel and personality seem flawed.

Everything starts with acceptance. Be aware of who you are and where you are in life. Now. This is the starting point. You are exactly where you need to be. Through the Veil of forgetfulness you do not know which road you chose as a soul. Seeming errors or mistakes may be the very lessons you set out to learn.

So in each moment, tell yourself:

This is me.
I love and respect myself.
And what can I do now to bring forward more of my soul’s qualities and Light?

And so, transformation is not about hating the caterpillar or disliking the cocoon. It is not about judging the larvae.  It is about becoming your True Self and spreading your unique wings.

If anything is holding you back, give it to the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame.

If you need help with forgiving yourself or others, ask me to help. I am always here for you to lovingly help you with this.

 I am Archangel Zadkiel and I love you my butterflies.”

Transmitted by angelcoach Cathelijne.