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Soul Food

Screen-Shot-2012-11-30-at-4_09_11-PMWhat are you doing to flourish like a fresh spring flower in these new times? I have noticed my body has been telling me what I needed, though I am well known for my inability to listen to its advice in a timely fashion. I have spent one and a half week in bed with an ear infection and flu. I used to find comfort in chocolate during these times, but have been intent on eating more wholesome foods. Instead I spent my days sleeping, resting, eating and reading relaxing stories. Strangely all it did was make me more tired.

My dear friend Maaike from Norway treated me with distant Angelic Reiki. After that I realized I had given up one addiction (chocolate) to replace it with another (light reading). There is nothing wrong with reading in itself, but if you use it to escape the world, it sort of backfires. Instead, I decided to read spiritual magazines and books. I soon felt better. It reminded me of the fact that you can raise your vibration by surrounding yourself with high vibration things and reading high vibration books!

As we are dealing with the new incoming energies, this is just the time to feel our soul! How to do that? Here are some tips:

  • Make time daily to breathe through you heart, opening your heart to soul%20foodthe light of your soul.
  • Do the things that bring you true and deep fulfillment as those are the things in which you bring your special talents to the Earth.
  • Meditate regularly. Meditation alleviates stress in oneself. At the same time it has a positive effect as the Maharishi Effect states. It has been proven that areas in which people meditate regularly show less crime, violence, divorces, accidents, suicides and flu.
  • You could even open your living room to others once a month to create a meditation group. Or join an existing group. This initiative was started by Dutch rock star and spiritual teacher Tijn Touber and his wife Kris. You can find living rooms and more information on Cities of Light.
  • When you feel gratitude, you raise your vibration. And it will attract more blessings into your life as well.
  • Spend a day doing everything you do, from brushing your teeth to working, with a special intention. Dedicate all you do to love, or gratitude, or peace etc.
  • Pay it forward. This beautiful idea is shown in the movie “ pay it forward”. It simply means that if you receive an act of kindness you pay it forward by doing something kind to three other people. I have just joined a lovely pay it forward action started by one of my friends on facebook and had so much fun with giving to others. Giving freely from the heart certainly raises your vibration!

Want to treat yourself and your soul? Why not order a Healing Heart Angel or reading for inspiration and Angelic Vibration?

Birth Angels and Aquarius Children

17575_1292569707395_1024842894_899472_1112726_nSince the last decades, many special children have been born. They bring beautiful and powerful qualities to the world, though they can be a challenge for adults. Thankfully many of these special children are being born to sensitive parents and grandparents, such as highly sensitive people, light workers and healers. They are here to add their own colour to the tapestry of life. Some speak of indigo children and adults, rainbow children and crystal children. Though these terms give insight in the end each and every one born on this Earth is special and should be welcomed into this life.

A dear friend of mine is pregnant. As she participated in the Angelic Reiki Retreat here in the Netherlands, she was very unwell at times. I felt a deep respect for her perseverance. She felt she needed to be there very deeply. Not only for herself but more so for her unborn child.  Healing Heart Angel 1

I usually work with (young) adults and am not used to being attuned to small children, but this unborn girl connected with me directly. Last week I treated mother and unborn daughter with distant Angelic Reiki. I was amazed at how easy it was to connect to the soul of this being. She radiated golden and pink light and there was such gentleness in this powerful light.

This week I had the flu and my friend sent me a healing with Angelic Reiki in return. And funnily the little girls was present immediately. She let me know she had gotten the attunements herself even though she is still in her mothers womb. How amazing. No wonder it had been so heavy on her mum as she got all the attunements two-in-one.

This little girl will be named after a star and her connection to the stars was evident when I connected with her. The same is true for many souls. Our souls come from many different places, bringing their own vibration to Earth. Everyone brings special qualities and comes to learn and create unique things.Birth Angel

And no matter where our soul is from, we all are born with a guardian angel with us to keep track of our soul mission and to support us through it all. There is more help available then we may be aware of.

For those wishing to welcome a baby to Earth (or celebrate an inner rebirth and the inner child) I am now creating Birth Angels sculptures. This variant of the Healing Heart Angels holds a childlike energy. The gemstone heart is connected to the astrological sign of the (inner) child receiving it. The colours of the glaze also are in tune with the zodiac sign and the name of the child is painted on the angel. You can order them from the Angels & Co webshop.


Full Moon Meditation January 27, 2013: Ice Moon

Full Moon
January 27, 2013ice_planet_by_boodie

Like last year, whilst writing this moon meditation around the ice moon it is very cold outside. The world is a white wonderland and this brings with it a certain magic. It reminds us of the Purity of our True Soul Essence. At the same time all this white around us acts like the surface of a mirror and it reflecting any impurities within ourselves and our lives. The incoming high energies bring to the fore all that no longer serves us and things we need to let go off, such as old emotional pain and difficult memories. This full moon will certainly help us with that. Should you need an angelic conlsultation, reading or distant treatment to support you with this, feel free to contact me.

The Ice Moon is a good time to reflect; to go deeply within ourselves. Whilst nature is full of outer stillness, the trees and plants that seem asleep still are active in their deep roots in the earth. Likewise we need to go within. We cannot seed our dreams on frozen ground, we need to dig deep to reach fertile grounds at this time.
This Ice Moon falls a few days before the Celtic festival of Imbolc and calls on us to answer the Call and remember our Lineage of Light. Though the Earth still seems to be asleep, it is slowly awakening, Not just to springtime, but to the fifth dimension and the new energies coming in. As the New Earth is born, so a new you is born. The you that is a multidimensional being connect to the Earth, the stars and the Cosmos.

pad%20van%20lichtMany feel homesick and want to return to source. This feeling can be lessened by reconnecting to Earth, self and Cosmos. This will lead to a remembrance of being old souls, healers, priestesses and light workers. Imbolc is the time to remember the energy of a new birth.

As such this meditation will focus on connecting to the new frequency of the Earth and our lineage of Light. Your guardian angel will guide you during the meditation. Archangel Metatron will help you connect to the new Earth Frequencies, whilst the Galactic Masters will reconnect you to the stars and the Cosmos.

The meditation
We, in the Netherlands, will be meditating on the full moon at 8 pm (this is 7 pm UK time). You can either participate at the exact same time or whenever it is 8 pm in your time zone. All Light workers participating in this event connect to each other from afar. You will find this often enables a deepening of the meditation to occur.

Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.

Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.archangel michael

You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use lovely aura sprays by Crystal Angel Essences. Especially the one called archangel Michael creates a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time. You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Deep Blue Cloak of protection around you.

Connect to all the other Light Workers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.

Now feel your guardian angel standing behind you and wrapping his loving wings of light around you and your energy field. Breathe in the energy of your guardian angel and feel it opening your heart.

img_5040As you sit safely within your guardian angel’s embrace, it is time to connect to Earth. Place your attention wherever your body is connected to the surface below you, knowing the Earth is carrying and supporting you. Perhaps you can feel her heart beat. Open yourself to the unique vibration of this beautiful being called Earth or Lady Gaia, your home in this lifetime. As you connect to her, send her your love and deep gratitude. Give your body permission to attune to the Higher Frequencies now available on Earth.

Archangel Metatron joins you and your guardian angel to download the new frequencies of light in your being and in your aura. Energy patterns of light whirl around you in different shapes and colours a your body is softly raised to functioning in the fifth dimension.

As you now vibrate in unity with mother Earth and her highest Divine Blueprint, you are ready to attune to the Cosmos next. We are all made of stardust and many have had multiple lives on other stars and star systems. Galactic Masters of Light help you vibrate in line with the cosmos. As such you form a unique symphony together with Earth and the Cosmos: your very own soul song.

Know you descended from light (as you will ascend to Light). Now is the time to connect to your lineage of Light. Please allow your guaridan angel to help you remember this lineage by giving him or her permission to do so.

This powerful meditation will work through and past Imbolc, helping you to celebrate the light and embrace it.

You can share this Light by sending it to others now.beschermengel

When you feel that are ready, bring your consciousness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch and feel your body making contact with the floor beneath you. Then blow out the candles, and let go of this meditation.

P.S. For those interested I have made Crystal Angel Essences that can support this work: Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron, Guardian Angel and StarSeed. It can be ordered through my Dutch web shop

PPS Are you interested in purchasing a one of a kind angel, made especially for you? Feel free to inquire after a Healing Heart Angel or visit

© HEART- HEaling ART ~ Cathelijne Filippo
Feel free to share this meditation with others, but please enclose the source and copyright.

This moon meditation was partly inspired by a beuatiful newletter by Cora from Gaia Bewustzijn. For those wishing to connect to their de Lineage of Light en Imbolc feel free to email her at

2013, bringing mind and heart together and living in the NOW

e607394a-d277-4ecb-8e06-ee8dc001e1dcHere we are…in 2013! A very happy New Year to all my blog readers!

The foundation of the new energy has been constructed by light workers all over the world on December 21st. What a magnificent day and such unity!

I organized a gathering at Keins on the ley line of Archangel Michael. Keins is a tiny chapel in North-Holland dedicated to Mary and it has a healing well next to it. We had decided to gather before 11.11 am around the well and then to move inside the chapel for 11.11. As we were doing a meditation of the angels and ascended masters another group arrived and during our meditation they started to drum softly. Their shamanic work tied in beautifully with our meditation and as we went inside the chapel they took our place around the well to continue the Light Work there. The drumming and chanting outside softly entered the chapel and as we are alone, we decided we could break the silence of the chapel my chanting ohm in sync with the drumming and chanting outside.

I remember thinking “ this is what the new age is about…unity in diversity!” A Golden Age where each may speak his or her truth and we all bring forth our own harmonious sound, tying in with others to form a beautiful symphony.

As we enter the Golden Age, whale consciousness reminds us it is not just about a meditation on the winter solstice. Though powerful in itself, we need to use all we learned and take positive action in our personal lives and in the world.

I feel two things are of greatest importance in the shift to the Golden Age:RadiantHeart-300x300_2

  • Living from the heart (unity between the mind and the heart)
  • Living in the Now

But how do you do that? Connecting mind and heart? A lot of research done by the Heartmath institute tells us how. They have discovered a state called heart coherence where the pattern of our heartbeats is coherent and regular. This pattern emerges when people are experiencing positive emotions, such as feelings of appreciation. In such a state the mind and heart are united and we are able to think clearly and make wise decisions.

During the last couple of years scientists have discovered that the heart has a nerve system of its own. This complex system is called the brain of the heart. It receives information and sends it to the brain in the head. As such the brain and the heart are in mutual communication.

Heart-Electromagnetic_field1I have just bought an emWave2 from this institute. This little device is an easy form of biofeedback, letting one know how coherent the heart is at a certain time. It has a little program to help you become into a stat of heart coherence. As I type this blog, I am connected to it. When the light turns green my heart is coherent. When it turns blue, it is less so and when it turns red there is little coherence. When I am connected to my hear whilst typing, there is a green light, but as soon as I am typing like a mad woman, hammering away on my keyboard, it turns red! Just as it turned red, mu red cat Ludo jumped on my lap. As I breathed deeply and gave him some much needed attention, the light turned green again. Which just goes to show how pets reduce our stress levels (well, unless they pee on the carpet…huh Ludo?!)

A simple way to reach heart coherence are the following three steps:

  1. Focus your attention to the area around your heart.
  2. Breathe in and out deeply and imagine the breath moving in and out of this heart area.
  3. Once your breathing becomes easy and rhythmic, focus on a positive feeling. Think of something joyful (such as a person you love, a beautiful sunset, a great holiday…for me thinking of dolphins usually does the trick).

Heart coherence will help you live in the here and now, as does mindfulness. Both will help us move into the Golden Age from a more conscious way of being.

I wish you all: living from the heart as we lovingly move into the Golden Age. I hope that this blog will inspire you on your spiritual journey in 2013!

Bright blessings,logo ALH tekst


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