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Full Moon meditation and cosmic portal on December 12, 2019

We are well on our way to to 2020. A number of energetically important days are coming this month! It can be a time of activation, so it is extra important to ground yourself well (preferably in your earth star chakra) and to be truly present. Take time to rest, take good care of yourself. Spend time in nature and look back on the seven years since 2012 and what they have brought you. What would you like to change? Really take the time for this … meditate on it … tune into your soul.

Cosmic portal

It is full moon on December 12. You can imagine stepping from the old timeline onto the new … the timeline to your highest path of Light and to the New Earth. This full moon also coincides with the 12-12 portal (though in the Americas that portal will be on the 11th).Cosmic gate days are always days when more Light comes to earth. A good time to tune into your own spiritual guide team and let them guide you to what this Light can mean for you.

This Angel Gate is a preparation for the Pluto / Saturn conjunction of the beginning of January 2020. This position is not so common and heralds a transformative and intense period. 2020 may bring many changes; not only in the energy on earth, but also in your personal life. The time of transformation that have been here since 2012 is therefore becoming more tangible. Often it requires releasing what no longer serves.

The full moon helps us with this. This full moon is that of the thirteenth month and is known as a tree moon here in the Netherlands. As a tree lover I rather like that term.

Tree moon
The Tree Moon is the last moon of the cycle, the thirteenth moon, which is only inserted if a full moon falls between December 10 and 20, which is the case seven times in nineteen years.
The tree moon reminds us of the cycle of life. Plants that bloom in the spring die off in the fall. This provides nutrition for the earth and makes rebirth possible in the spring. It helps us realise that we are part of this larger whole. We can therefore let go of everything that limits us and gives us a sense of separation from others. Letting go of the limited to open yourself to the unlimited is what the tree moon is all about.

The meditation
You can join me and the other Lightworkers at 8 p.m. to participate in meditation (which is 7 pm UK time).
Although we are all in our own place, we can still tune into each other and thus form a field of consciousness. You will find that meditation is therefore often easier and contains a deeper power. If you cannot participate at 8 pm, you can also tune in earlier or later.

  • Light one or more candles before starting the meditation. You can also burn an incense stick or use an oil in an evaporator.
  • Sit down and take some lovely relaxing breaths.
  • Start by cleansing your space. I always do this by placing a column of light, letting a platinum net pass through space and inviting the ascension flame. I also use the aura spray Archangel Michael of Crystal Angel Essences.
  • Place your feet firmly on the ground to ground yourself and make contact with the earth star chakra below you. Fill your own energy field with the Light from this chakra.
    In addition, possibly ask Archangel Michael to protect you with his deep blue cloak of protection.
  • Connect with all Lightworkers, so that we may form a network of Light around the earth.
  • Now imagine that you are on a timeline. Behind you lies your past … you may see this life, but it can also extend to past lives. Think of it as a line of light. This line also extends before you. Now see before you how there is a new line parallel to this timeline. This is much lighter and more loving. Now you can choose … to stay on your current timeline (perhaps you can see what your future will look like if you do) or make the transition to the new timeline (and with that to the New Earth). Feel what you want in your heart and soul. You can ask for advice from Archangel Michael, who knows your divine plan and blueprint.
    When you opt for the new timeline, step on it with full dedication. Invite your higher self to join you and guide you on this timeline. Also invite your guide team to walk with you and indicate that if other guides are needed on the new timeline, you invite all guides of 100% Light that can assist you on this timeline.
  • Now picture how many other Lightworkers step onto their new timelines, together creating a new network of Light. Much like the 3D grid on Earth being upgraded to a crystalline 5D grid, we can embark on a new timeline of more Light, love and joy.

It is a bit early, but I would like to wish you a loving Yule and Christmas and bright blessings for 2020!


P.S. the wonderful art in this blog is made by Daniel Holeman

Cosmic portals and hunter’s full moon meditation

We have arrived in the last quarter of 2019 and with that the energy of next year can already be felt. According to numerology, the new year and decennium has challenges and changes in store for us.

Towards 2020

2020 is a 4 year. This means that it is a year of spirituality. A year in which it is important to take care of our inner life and our spiritual development. When we do, it can bring a breakthrough. This year’s energy will help you set new priorities and long-term goals. Getting things working is what it’s all about.

This often entails a clearing to make room for the new energy that wants to manifest itself. Things that no longer resonate and vibrate may be released. Nature shows us how to let go. While the leaves are falling, a small miracle takes place on the forest floor and the most beautiful mushrooms can be seen. The same applies in our lives: letting go of unnecessary things brings fertile grounds for what serves our greater good.

The energy of cosmic gates

Yesterday was the cosmic 10:10 gateway. According to ‘the Keepers’ via Irma Kaye, the last three star gates of 2019 stand for:

10:10 – consciousness

11:11 – transcendence

12:12 – realization

Star gates are openings to higher consciousness. This one was for letting go of karma, including blaming yourself for things. Master Adama also informed me this week that it is no longer necessary to participate in the ‘blame game’ that the ego often plays. The expectation is that a large amount of cosmic energy will arrive between 12:12 and 21:12. Everything that we now clean up and let go of creates space to allow more Light into our being.

To do this, we can use a beautiful spiritual tool: the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is said to be a spiritual tool, dating back to the times of Atlantis. It has been withdrawn from general knowledge after misuse of power. Since the beginning of the 20th century St. Germain has brought it back to the earth to a select few. After the Harmonic Convergence in the 80’s it was decided to bring this tool out into the open. The Flame has evolved with the changing vibrations on Earth. In 1998 the Silver Ray of Grace and Harmony merged with the Violet Flame of Transmutation. When this is invoked, negative energy is replaced with something beautiful of a higher frequency. And now the fifth dimensional Gold Ray has merged with the Silver Violet Flame, adding wisdom, angelic love and protection to the qualities of transmutation and harmony – a truly mighty combination that raises your consciousness to the fifth dimension and holds it there.
Using the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame can work as a spiritual super cleansing. Things you want to let go of, can be transmuted.

PreparinArchangel-Jeremielg for the meditation

Before going into meditation, take 15 minutes to make a list of all the things that no longer serve you. You may want to change certain ways of thinking and behaving, relationship or work issues. Write these down and bring them to your meditation.

Find a peaceful place where you can meditate without being disturbed.
If possible you may want to meditate in the fresh air out in nature, as to be closer to the full moon. A place where you will not be disturbed inside can be equally beneficial.

An altar can help you find the right focus for your meditation.
You could put some symbols on the alter this month to represent transformation and the violet flame. You could for instance put amethyst on it, violet or purple candles and flowers or a picture of St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel.

The meditation

You are welcome to connect to me and all the other Light workers who are meditation on the full moon at 7 p.m. UK time.
Though far away, we can all connect through the field of unity. You may find this strongly facilitates your meditation. If you cannot make it at 7 p.m. you may sit down another time with the intention of connecting.

  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
    Sit quietly.
    You may start by clearing and dedicating the space. You can do this in any way feels right to you. I usually call in the ascension column and pillar of light, the Platinum Net and the Ascension Flame.
  • Always make sure your are protected. you can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you or put his deep, blue cloak of protection around you. I always use the Archangel Michael Spray from Crystal Angel Essences.
  • Connect to the earth and ground yourself, preferably via your earth star chakra. Then close your eyes.
  • Connect to all the other Light Workers and imagine us all forming lovely network of light all around Mother Earth.
  • Now see before you a path of Light. On this path of Light are ten portals. As you walk your path of Light into higher Dimensions you pass underneath these ten portals. Each one has two light beings guarding it and they are here to help you on your path.These guardians may be dragons, unicorns, angels or other higher dimensional beings of light. heart22
  • Feel your vibration heightening as you walk through each portal. When you have passed all of them you standing front of a temple of Light in the Higher Dimensions.
  • You step into this violet temple. Before you a magnificent violet fire is burning brightly. Silver and golden flames dance through the violet fire. Archangel Zadkiel stands behind the fire and asks you to put anything that is holding you back and that no longer serves you into the fire. The fire will not only transform it, but will transmute it, bringing something better in its place.
  • When you are done with this personal process you may send the violet light to any area in the world that could use transformation. Send it with your love and compassion.
  • When you are ready, bring your consciousness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch and feel your body making contact with the floor beneath you.
  • Then blow out the candles, and let go of this meditation.

You can use the Archangel Zadkiel Spray of Crystal Angel Essences to help you with your process of transformation.

May you have a blessed and transforming full moon!

Love and light
Cathelijne xx

11.11.11, a Cosmic Portal

We are soon approaching  11 November 2011. The date of 11-11-11 is said to be one of the most powerful shifts in human awareness that we will experience in our lifetime. It is a rare opportunity to release lifetimes of karmic scripting and ancestral entrapment. Entrapment in the sense of the conscious and unconscious habit patterns which have us wondering why we can’t seem to actualize the life we really want to have, and know is possible. 11-11-11 is the cosmic birth date of humanities prayer for liberation from all that no longer serves us.

A friend told me that a guide told one of her firends that it is important to spend the days between now and 11.11.11 on spiritual self-healing where old hurts, behavior patterns and (family) karma are concerned. This was confirmed to me in a channeling by Archangel Raphael I did in preparation of the new Crystal Angel Essence dedicated to Raphael. I have started to daily work on release meditations and visualization both with Archangel Michael for cord cutting, the Lords of Karma for Karmic Release and Archangel Zadkiel and Saint Germain for overall transformation with the Violet Flame. If you want to learn to work with the Golden, Silver, Violet flame, feel free to contact me about a workshop (possible via skype for those abroad).

There is a lot of wonderful information out there about these special energies and times, such as the quote below that I found on exopermaculture.com.

We are entering a field of energy in our cosmos heretofore never seen. That field of energy is completely programmable and will be programmed whether we participate consciously in its programming or not. For whatever human energy field is most prominent on the day for that hour will be the set point of where we begin the next phase of our evolution as humans. The energy is actually available for us to use and program for 28 hours beginning at 19:00 GMT November 10 and running through to 23:00 GMT November 11. However the most influential time during that time will take place November 11 at 11:11 GMT. During that time the field we are entering will close in behind us and we will be encapsulated in the new field. No matter what human energy we hold at that time will dictate the permanent charge of the new earth field and will be our starting point as we journey into a new time.”

Also, 11.11.11. has been named interconnectedness day. On 11 11 11 in every country at 11 AM in every time zone (starting in New Zealand), all people who are aware of interconnectedness and who are committed to translate that awareness into action are invited to practice interconnectedness as much as possible throughout that day. You can do this in many ways, such a through a loving kindness meditation, by expressing your appreciation, by smiling to everyone, even to those you do not like, practice forgiveness and so forth.  

So whatever you choose to do on 11.11.11, make it a day spent with positive, loving thoughts. The more of us send forth healing, loving and forgiving thoughts to self and others, the more positive this cosmic shift will be.

Bright blessings


Healing Heart Angels by Cathelijne