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From worries to prayers with Archangel Sandalphon

IMG_4696As many of you will probably know, I have created a range of Crystal Angel Essences. It was a beautiful road of personal development as me and my friend Sabine created the range over e period of about three years. Today it was time to attune a new batch of Archangel Sandalphon Essence. The gemstone elixir had been made onder the blue moon.

As I attuned the angel to the wonderful energy of archangel Sandalphon I received this wonderful reminder:

“I am with you, grounding you on Earth and connecting you to the Divine.
I am the Great Go Between. It is my joy to deliver your prayers to Father/Mother God.
All you do and think leaves a trail of energy behind. We angels see this and we love it when humans leave patterns of light and love in their wake.
As worry drags you down, I wish to remind you that you can lift yourself up by transforming worries into prayers!
I will be there to catch them and carry them to Source.
Please trust and know that all is well.
I am Sandalphon”

You can call on Sandalphon when in need of grounding and when you need help with your prayers and soul wishes. This angel also brings in the Divine Feminine and helps us balance the masculine and feminine within. Using the Crystal Angel Essence Sandalphon can help you with this!

This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to the energy of archangel Sandalphon and brings this into your aura 
  • delivers your prayers to Source and helps you manifest your dreams
  • helps in the search for your twin soul and helps you open your heart to earthly and heavenly love
  • balances the feminine and masculine aspect
  • brings heaven and earth together in your heart
  • opens you up to the energy of Goddess 
  • helpts to ground
  • lifts blocks on your spiritual journey  
  • helps you translate spirituality to the practicalities of daily living

Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon brings prayers to heaven. His name means ‘brother’ and is the twin 17091102aspect of Archangel Metatron. Both are the only archangels that once lived human lives. in the case of Sandalphon the prophet  Elijah. He rules the earth aspect in the Kabbalah. As such Sandalphon helps us to bring heaven and earth together and live our spirituality in our daily lives. Working with this essence helps develop your spiritual gifts and create a stronger connection to the Divine. Music can help as do poetry and creativity. This essence will help you get unstuck on your spiritual path, when needed.

The crystal power in this essence accelerates spiritual transformation. It helps to gorund and focus the energy of angel prayers and rituals. As such it is a lovely essence to use together with the book 365 Days of Angel Prayers.

This essence also helps to open the third eye and balance the kundalini energy. When speaye in the room, it hieghtens its vibration and makes manifestion easier. This Crystal Angel Essence expands your intuition and gives insight in times of emotional turbulance.  Your vibration gets heightened on the physical level. It brings quantum leaps in healing.

I now offer both the essence and the book with a special extra choice: that I write an angel prayer especially for you and your situation. You can take a look at http://www.angelsco.nl for all the details about these wonderfully inspiring products.

Loving prayers for you

Celebrating Imbolc with Archangel Ariel and Mother Mary

imbolc3Imbolc is celebrated on the 1st or 2nd of February. Imbolc is the second Celtic festival of Light and it coincides with Candlemas on the 2nd of February. Traditionally this festival was dedicated to the Goddess Brigid. In Holland we call this day Mary Lightmas, and as such this day is connected to Mother Mary, Queen of Angels.

This day celebrates the promise of the return of spring. A way to do so is to surround yourself with lots and lots of candles and with each  candle you light, send your thought to the seeds you wish to plant in 2015.

Dia1The angel that helps us on this day is Archangel Ariel, the angel of nature.

I have written a prayer about Imbolc for the book 365 Days of Angel Prayers, that I would love to share with you to inspire you on this day:

Imbolc Prayer

Beloved Archangel Ariel,

Bless me with the quickening of Goddess energy during this Imbolc,
When the seeds of life are planted within the earth and within myself,
Bringing hope for a new time of blossoming and growth.
For as within, so without.

Healing_ArchangelHelp me to care for the deep seeds of my thoughts and feelings,
To create new loving behaviors and manifestations in my life.
Help me to open to the light and inner fire of the Goddess,
Creating healing, revitalization and a stirring of life within.

May I be blessed by the energy of Mother Mary,
Helping me to connect to the energy of the wise woman within,
Bringing her energy into all new projects and intentions.
Healing my body and soul,
Embracing me and making me whole. 

Dear Ariel,
Help me to be reborn today,
Leaving behind the old and outmoded,
Embracing the new and powerful me,
As I merge my mind and heart into the unity of my Soul.

So be it.

Have a wonderful Imbolc and may your life be filled with light!

❤ Cathelijne

http://www.angellightheart.com for more angel inspiration!

No more loneliness with AartsEngel Chamuël

I would like to share this lovely prayer written by Michele, one of my angel colleagues here in the Netherlands: No more loneliness with AartsEngel Chamuël.

It is a very powerful one and though it does not feature in the Angel Prayer Book it would most definitely fit in there.

Many have been experiencing loneliness in these past days. Some because they missed connectedness to family or true friends during Christmas time. Others may be experiencing a deeper sense of loneliness born from being a multidimensional soul in a human body with perhaps a touch of homesickness to its soul origins.

Please know we are all exactly where we are supposed to be. We all have an angel team to help us with any feelings that need healing and balancing. Do ask them for their help as they lovingly give it to you!

Bright blessings


via No more loneliness with AartsEngel Chamuël.


Praying with the Angels! A lovely book for the year ahead!!


Your Angels are ready, are YOU? 

  • What if every day you could encounter the divine?
  • What if you could regularly know the blessing of deep peace and abiding joy?
  • What if you could talk to angels? * Great news – you can!

You are going to LOVE 365 Days of Angel Prayers, a multi-author anthology of daily prayers and readings written to inspire and guide you to experience a rich and continuous communion with the angelic realm. And guess what? I am one of the authors. Yes! I have joined with over 160 of my fellow Angel Messengers gathered together by my friends from Spiritual Living, Elizabeth Harper and Cathleen O’Connor, to share the loving support and gentle wisdom of the Angels. We are passionate about sharing this special book with you. Your Angels are always with you and through the prayers, blessings, invocations, and essays in this magical book you can learn how to communicate with them. As you allow the words of Divine Guidance to wash over your mind and heart, receiving the healing inherent within them, you will begin to see that there is no one way to pray for divine blessing or assistance. Soon, you may even find your own unique words pouring out—embrace them. Remember, you are never alone, this book is a collaboration; one you are warmly invited to join.


So why is this so important for you?

YOU ARE NEVER ALONE! Your Angels are always with you, sending you messages of love and hope. This is a truly amazing time to live your truth as an advocate of the Angels, to spiritually wake up and invite their love and support into your life. Never before have so many people been called to awaken to the guidance of these loving beings from the light. We’re about to take a huge leap together, and the first step is knowing that you have an unseen support team of Angels ready to take this journey with you.

Here’s what some of the people who have already read the book have to say:

“365 Days of Angel Prayers is a book you will want to have at your side night and day! It will provide you with deeply satisfying spiritual sustenance and the beautiful prayers contained within offer a continual reminder of the inspiration, guidance, and solace that is always available. This is a real gem and I highly recommend it.” –Dr. Steven Farmer, author of Healing Ancestral Karma, Sacred Ceremony, and Earth Magic.

“Our angels are all around us; all you have to do is ask them to join you in creating better experiences and 365 Days of Angel Prayers provides the guide to do just that!!” — Carol Gee, M.S. Ed. Educator; Lover of Golden Retrievers, and part-time Cake Artisan

“Having a constant daily reminder of the love and support from the angelic realm is so comforting, and the inspiring personal stories from the authors’ own introductions to the angelic realm adds such perspective, dimension and depth. This book will be my new go-to resource for everything related to divine angelic guidance and love.” Lisa Fraley, JD, CHHC, AADP, Legal Coach + Attorney

“This book came to me as a gift (the angels in action) and I was wondering what would be the best way for me to use it when a date suddenly came into my mind. I immediately went to the prayer for that date and it suited my life at that moment exactly and I knew that I had my answer. The book now lives on my bedside table and every morning when I awake, I ask the angels for a date and use the prayer for that date as my guidance for that day.”
Robin Skidmore, Holistic Human Development Therapist/Psychic


The 365 Days of Angel Prayers is packed with prayers and invocations for everyone’s needs, here are just a few of the themes:

Prayers for:

  • Self Love & Acceptance
  • Inner Peace
  • Protection
  • Physical, Mental and Emotional Healing
  • The past, present and future
  • New growth and manifestation
  • Love and attraction of soul mates
  • Receiving your Life Purpose
  • Letting go of grief
  • Strengthening your connection to the Divine and to your AngelsPLUS, there are 16 inspiring essays with stories of how each Angel Messenger first encountered the Angels, tips on communicating with your Angels, and how to know when the Angels are calling you to join them as a Messenger of hope, love and light. Get your book NOW! 

It’s easy to get caught up in the busy-ness of life. As you become disconnected from your true source of sustenance, you begin to feel alone and useless. The beautiful truth is, you are not alone and you have great significance. At any given moment, angels wait to commune with you and assist you in your divine purpose and everyday tasks. Through the 365 Days of Angel Prayers you can reconnect to the spiritual realm, experience the love and light of the Angels, and open your eyes and your heart to the wonders of the divine world around you.

The prayers in this book can help you to live a life filled with peace, love, abundance and joy. Most importantly, your heavenly light can positively impact the lives of others. Grab your copy today!