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Angel of the Divine Blueprint

IMG_1031[1]We all have a Divine Blueprint. just like a beautiful temple is first drawn on a blueprint, so too does our soul have a blueprint. This Blueprint consists of the lessons we wish to learn, the things we wish to experience, the growth we hope to accomplish. And if we do not learn those things we had planned, than we can return to do so in another life, much like a grand cathedral is built over many lives. 

When we are connected to our hearts, it becomes easier to follow our soul’s path. This angel is therefore here to remind us of our Divine Blueprint and to follow our heart to live according to our higher plan.

The sculpture seemed to make itself after I picked up a high frequency blue Kunzite Crystal at a gemstoneshop here in the Netherlands. 

Kyanite is a beautiful and metaphysically powerful stone claimed to have high vibrations. Kyanite aligns the chakras and meridians  (seven main energetic points in the body) just by holding it and is associated with the third eye (between the eyebrows). It restored Qi and the original DNA. It reveals one’s path in life and helps with meditation. Like a key, it can unlock doors and reveal psychic gifts or allow one to go deeper creatively or metaphysically; even revealing karmic plans and outcomes. It also connects you to your spirit guides and helps to work through karmic patterns. It can be used to heal past relationships and bring love to current or future connections. Since it can align chakras quickly, it provides emotional balance; eliminating worry and confusion. It will also aid communication and reduce disagreements.

And so when I saw this piece that was roughly shaped like a heart, I knew it had to go home with me to be incorporated into an angel sculpture. The angel seemed to shape itself, wanting a body with 12 strands of DNA and wings with 12 curves to represent the 12 chakra’s. It gave me the following message to share with you:

“I Am the Angel of the Divine Blueprint and I am here to help remind you of your inner spark of Light. journeytodivineYou are a Divine being in a human experience en you may now align that experience with your Soul, the truth of who you really are.

Please realize there are no mistakes. Every choice brings lessons and growth. Yet you came to this beautiful planet with a plan and the more you attune to the deeper truth of your heart, the easier it becomes to live according to your Divine Blueprint. 

I carry the energy of Archangel Michael within me and my heart will help your spiritual awakening, as well as help you to speak your truth and go forwards fearlessly on the spiral of life. “

You can meditate whilst looking at this angel and also work with your Divine Blueprint by caling in Archangel Michael or using his essence

Angel blessings,


 PS the angel will be for sale in the web hop soon. Feel free to mail me if you feel drawn to it (info@angellightheart.com)

Special full moon meditation on April 15, 2014: lunar eclipse

foto-'s-van-de-maansverduistering-nb8699The next full moon is on April 15. This moon of April is known by different names, such as the Pink Moon, referring to pink blooming moss flowers. In another system, it is called the Moon of death, because at this time when many crops are particularly vulnerable. Buds and flowers of fruit trees can still significantly affected by the frost that can still occur. In that sense it is a time that separates the wheat from the chaff. When you see your personal intentions as seeds, then some intentions will flourish and others will be like dreams that do not come true.

This full moon will also be a lunar eclipse. Eclipses provide surprises in our horoscope. They can shake up our lives and help us to grow. This may be associated with major life events. Messages that come your way during eclipses require extra attention. Eclipses shine light on deeper truths in your life. They can unveil new insights.

Often eclipses bring about the new. They may announce an end as well as new beginnings.

The eclipses of 2014 are extra powerful because they are total eclipses. These are wonderful moments that can bring around great change, especially when you tune into your higher self and your true path through meditation.

Dia1Please pay extra attention to the signs from your angels and guides. This will help you bring about positive change and inner growth. Use these moments for deep introspection and purification. Go within and find the silence of your heart. The lunar eclipse will give you the opportunity to let go of old stuff from your own and the collective unconscious making room for your True Self to shine through. This is a great time to heal relationships and the earth. A time to bring yourself back into balance and you can recharge your inner batteries.

As such this moon meditation will not only connect you to the full moon and all the light workers who join the meditation, but also to your life path or Divine Blue print. Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who helps us during a so-called life review. After this life we all receive such a review, but there is no need to wait. You can use this meditation to check in with your Higher Self and Archangel Jeremiel to see if you are living your Blueprint. I will create a new Crystal Angel Essence during this full moon, attuned to Jeremiel. By focusing on the beautiful , spiritual energy of Archangel Jeremiel during this full moon will indirectly help to anchor this energy on Earth too!


You can join me and the other light workers at 7 pm UK time. Should this not be convenient, then feel free to join in at another time. In meditation and spiritual work intention is more important and will connect us all regardless of time and space.


1. You can start your meditation by lighting a candle (make sure it is in a safe place).

2. You can also use some incense or aromatherapy.

3. Sit quietly and relax. Be aware of your body and take some deep breaths. This will purify your energy and helps you connect to the angels more easily.

4. Begin by purifying your space, for instance by visualising the golden, silver & violet flame through your room.

5. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you with his deep blue cloak of protection.

6. Put your feet firmly on the earth to ground yourself. Imagine your feet growing roots deep into the earth. Then open up to the powerful energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse. Travel to Archangel Jeremiel on a beam of moonlight.

7. Now imagine that you are in a Temple of Light in the higher dimensions. In the middle of the temple awaits a beautiful purple angel. You know it is the Archangel Jeremiel. He is holding the book of your life. In this book, your mission in life is written down.

8. If you have questions about your life mission, ask Archangel Jeremiel about it. Let the picture unfold. Perhaps scenes are shown, or you receive words or other insights. If nothing comes, you can set the intention to receive clarity and directions from the angels in the coming days.

9. Jeremiel finally closes the book and puts his hand on your heart and says: ” Your heart is the compass of your soul. Follow it with wisdom.” The Archangel then takes the book and says goodbye to you. Thank him for his help.

10. Now bring your awareness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch a bit and feel your body firmly back on the ground. When you’re done, consciously blow out your candle letting of the meditation. Do not forget to write down any insights you received (in a angel diary).

I wish you a transformative and insightful moon.

Angelic love,


PS If you are interested in the Crystal Angel Essence Jeremiel, you can mail me.


Full moon Meditation January 2011

19 jan 2011 

Full Moon

Icemoon – Immersion

Master number 22

On January 19 we celebrate the first full moon of 2011. Here in the Netherlands the Full moon will be exactly at 22.22 hours. This wonderful timeframe consists of double master numbers. According to Diana Cooper 22 is the most powerful of all numbers and is known as the Master builder. This number helps bring ambitious dreams to become real. It combines the inspiration and intuition of 11 with the practical. It calls for making dreams come true on this earthly plane. To do so it is important to set aside our personal ambitions and work for the greater good. This helps us to reach goals that will serve all of mankind.

 The Ice Moon is a good time to reflect; to go deeply within ourselves. Whilst nature is full of outer stillness, the trees and plants that seem asleep still are active in their deep roots in the earth. Likewise we need to go within. We cannot seed our dreams on frozen ground, we need to dig deep to reach fertile grounds at this time. In much the same way our new plans for 2011 and beyond need good preparation.  This Full Moon Meditation can help you do so. Take the time to go within and find inner peace. All things that are important need their own time, something that is often forgotten in our speedy society.

The Labyrinth

A lovely way to picture this is through the labyrinth. When you journey through a labyrinth you find your path twisting and turning. Sometimes it leads you closer to it’s centre only to lead you away from it later. Our lives can travel a similar course to reach our inner core in the end.

And that is what this full moon is about. It is about your inner core, about who you truly are and what is is your soul wants to do and express on this earth.

Archangel Jeremiel

During this meditation we connect to the energy of archangel Jeremiel. This archangel helps us with a clear spiritual vision and he gives us Divine guidance on our soul’s path. He can help us find the true goal of our soul. And when you already know what this is, he can help you with all the steps on the way.

 The meditation

We, in the Netherlands, will be meditating on the full moon at 8 pm (this is 7 pm UK time). You can either participate at the exact same time or whenever it is 8 pm in your time zone. All Light workers participating in this event connect to each other from afar. You will find this often enables a deepening of the meditation to occur.


If you so please, you can prepare before the meditation by connecting to the symbol of the Labyrinth. I was so pleased to find it on the cover of the latest Paradigm shift this week! You can draw your own labyrinth and ‘walk through it’ with your index finger. Or you can make a bigger one outside, for instance with stones or branches, and then walk it.   

The Meditation

  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
  • Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also use lovely aura sprays by Miracle Lights**. Especially the one called archangel Michael created a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
  • Connect to all the other Lightworkers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.

Now imagine travelling through the dimension to a temple of light in the Higher Dimensions.  In the centre of this temple you find the archangel Jeremiel is waiting for you. He leads you to a wonderful and majestic labyrinth on the floor of the temple. It consists of shining gemstones in the colour you need most at this moment.

The angel invites you to walk the labyrinth. You happily do so. See yourself stepping onto the labyrinth. You feel the smooth stones underneath your feet. It feels you with a sense of peace, a sense of calm and yet with a surge of power at the same time. Round and round you walk, while the labyrinth takes you in different directions, much like life does. You contemplate this for a while, realizing that sometimes you seem to be connected to your inner core and at other times you seem to be lost. Step by step you walk on. More and more relaxed. And then, quite suddenly, you have reached the centre of the labyrinth. Take a deep breath. And feel what it is like to stand in the centre of your being. Remember this feeling well, so you can return to it whenever you need to.

You look down and see your feet standing on the centre. The stone beneath your feet is glowing brightly. After your eyes adjusted to the glow, you realize there is a little treasure chest standing at your feet: a very pretty, little box! This box holds a gift or symbol that will help you on your true path in life. It resonates with our soul’s goal. You sit down on your knees and place the box on top of your knees and open it.  Look inside. What do you see? Let is speak to you and stay wit hit for a while.

When you are done, you close the box and take it with you, whilst you walk back through the labyrinth. Back to the beginning where Archangel Jeremiel is waiting for you.

When you emerge from the labyrinth you can ask Jeremiel a question about the gift or about your Divine Blueprint. He may answer you directly or you may receive signs and insights in the time ahead during dreams or daily life. You hand the box over to the angel for safekeeping. He opens it one last time and light flow from it into your heart to anchor the energy of the gift into your heart. Now Jeremiel says: “Dear one, your heart is the compass of your soul. Follow it with wisdom and integrity”.

You say goodbye to the archangel. You can now connect to the other Light workers in the higher dimensions. See them coming into the temple from all directions. It is a happy, joyful reunion full of laughter and hugs. The air seems to vibrate with love and there is a soft pink glow around the hall. These are your spiritual friends and many are from your soul family.

As a group you decide to send this wonderful, loving, joyful energy to the earth for healing and uplifting. Imagine this intention reaching the earth like a huge pink blanket of love. You may want to send extra light and love to specific areas or people, such as Brazil and Queensland to help the earth regain equilibrium and to bring hope to the people there. Send it to wherever or whomever you feel needs it now.  

When you are done, you say goodbye to all the other Light workers and your soul family. You promise one another to support each other in any way you can during the times ahead, to stay true to your soul and to the Light.

When you feel that are ready, bring your consciousness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch and feel your body making contact with the floor beneath you. Then blow out the candles, and let go of this meditation


© HEART- HEaling ART ~ Cathelijne Filippo

Feel free to share this meditation with others, but please enclose the source and copyright.