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Calling in Dolphins in New Quay

dolfijnenI have been attracted to dolphins since I was a teenager. As I looked at a dolphin ring my brother’s girlfriend was wearing, something inside me clicked. Since then I have had many dream visits from Dolphin, visited many places to spot dolphins and had dolphin attunements.

I have loved spotting dolphins off the British coasts, such as around the Moray Firth area in Scotland where you can see them so close from the shore. But also from Cardigan Bay (Mwnt, New Quay) and the Shannon Estuary in Ireland. I have seen dolphins from a boat trip in Tenerife and swam with them in Eilat.

As we were in holiday in Wales this year I could not pass the opportunity to reconnect to the Cardigan Area Dolphins. So off we went to New Quay by car. As soon as I sat down on the quay walls I saw dolphins in the distance. One was making fabulous leaps!

We then went on a little boat trip to see if we could come closer. They remained quite far away. So I asked the angels and angel dolphions to please let them come closer. And as soon as I asked they did! One wanted to bowride, but as the captain stopped the ship to look at it, the dolphin went underwater never to be seen. It wanted to play!!

So I asked them again and then two came up to the boat. You could see them under the water and they came up just two metres from the boat as if to say hi “we heard your message” and then they went off again.

What a blessing!vakantie wales 2008 228

Dolphin is here to teach us about unity community, living in joy, being interconnected, going with the flow and being playfull. Our inner child comes to the surface as soon as we look at them! So be playful today and embrace the inner child and dolphin within!

Dolphin blessings


Ps me and Sabine have created the Crystal Angel Essence “Angel Dolphin” to help connect to the Angel Dolphins and Dolphin consciousness. Feel free to inquire about it by replying to this message or sending me an email via