Crystal Angel Essences

I have developed a series of Crystal Angel Essences with my souls sister Sabine. These essences consist of gem stone elixers and are attuned to the different angels and beings of Light. They form a beautiful support on your path of personal empowerment and spiritual growth as well as in your light work and healings. The essences are connected to Archangels, angels, as well as mystical guides (such as angel dolphins, unicorns and dragons).

Where to buy

You can order a single essence through the Angels & Co webshop.

Personalised Essences

You can also order a personalised essence consisting of several different essences and attuned to you and your needs.

Crystal Angel Essence programs

For those who wish to work in depth with the essences I test which essences are needed at this time. I then write an accompanying program with explanation and a visualization, exercise or affirmation to accompany each esscence. The program usually consists of 7 essences for 7 weeks or 11 essences for 11 weeks.


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