Crystal Angel Essences

I have developed a series of Crystal Angel Essences with my souls sister Sabine. These essences consist of gem stone elixers and are attuned to the different angels and beings of Light. They form a beautiful support on your path of personal empowerment and spiritual growth as well as in your light work and healings.

Single essences

You can order a single essence through or by sending me an email. I will then send an invoice. You can pay by international bank transfer or through paypal.

Crystal Angel Essence programs

For those who wish to work in depth with the essences I test which essences are needed at this time. I then write an accompanying program with explanation and a visualization, exercise or affirmation to accompany each esscence. The program usually consists of 7 essences for 7 weeks or 11 essences for 11 weeks.

Prices (postage excluded)

Crystal Angel Essences per piece: 12,99 euro

Written Program: 33 euro

7-week program including testing, 7 essences and personal written program: from 123,93 for 99 euro

11-week program including testing, 11 essences and personal written program: from 175.89 for 155 euro.

The Essences

The archangels

Archangel Michael ~ Spiritual and energetic protection. Confidence, trust in the Divine Will.

Archangel Raphael ~ Healing energy, stimulates the self-healing ability, heart awareness, empathy and detoxification. Support during traveling.

Archangel Gabriel ~ Improved communication. Helps receive messages from the angels. Supports writers, teachers and therapists. Helps with conceiving and parenting children and a life purpose concerning children.

Archangel Uriel ~ Light Bringer. Brings insight and new ideas. Strengthens inner wisdom. Increases self-esteem and discernment.

Archangel Jophiel ~ Strengthens creativity, eye for beauty and brings a loving energy into the environment. Lightens dark thoughts. Increases vibration. Brings abundance, joy and energy.

Archangel Chamuel ~ Love, self-love, self-esteem. Attracting soul love and what really belongs to you. Universal Love. Return of lost soul fragments.

Archangel Zadkiel ~ Helps you to yourself and to forgive others. Brings transformation to the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame. Removes all forms of negativity. Cleans the energy.

Archangel Metatron ~ Diamond light consciousness, sacred geometry, coping with sensitivity. For indigo’s, rainbow-, crystal, star- children and adults.

Archangel Raguel ~  Healing relationships (including the one with yourself), bringing peace and harmony, conlfict solving.

Archangel Raziël ~ bringing esotheric wisdom and cosmic insights. Helps heal past life issues. Strengthens psychic abilites. soalr initation.

Angels and light beings

Guardian angel ~ Connecting to the highest spiritual level, your guardian and your Higher Self. Helps you to walk your soul path under the guidance of your guardian angel.

Mother Mary ~ Compassion, spiritual self-care, Cosmic Mother, the Divine Feminine. Provides support in difficult times.

Starseeds ~ Supports Starseeds in spreading Starlight. Contact with aliens, Ascended Masters, the Higher Self and the highest spiritual dimensions.

Rainbow Bridge ~ Assists and provides support during transition phases, ascension, birth, death and mourning. In case of loss of an animal. Gives hope in dark times and brings light.

Angels of Atlantis ~ Contact with the energy of Golden Atlantis. Pure, spiritual development. Integrity of the Soul. Being responsible for yourself and your soul path.

Akasha angels ~ Connection with the Akashic Records. Provides access to past lives, the future and your Divine Blueprint. Brings truth and acknowledgment of your true self.

Mystical beings and nature spirits

Fairies and nature spirits ~ Contact with nature and natural beings. Healing for the Earth and animals.

Unicorn ~ Higher Knowing, Christ Consciousness, Pure Intention focused from the Heart

White Whale ~ Unity consciousness, love, integrity, transparency. Letting go of what no longer serves you, true empowerment, walking your highest path walk.

Angel Dolphin ~ Joy, fun, go with the flow of life, flow, synchronicity, connection with all that lives.

Earth Dragon ~ Beingin harmony with your body, being grounded and centered. Connection to the earth.

Water Dragon ~ Flexibility, flow, to flow with life. Acknowledge, accepting and expressing your feelings.

Air Dragon ~ Helps to change thought patterns and helps open to loving and positive beliefs.

Fire Dragon ~Helps you to follow your passion and live your dream. Stepping outside your comfort zone to bring forth your life purpose.


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