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Archangel Metatron: living your full potential with Sacred Geometry

Are you highly sensitive? Are you a sensitive light worker? And do you sometimes feelangellightheart17you are not living to your full potential? Perhaps you feel your sensitivity is in fact holding you back from taking the next step in your life? 

Last full moon as I attuned the newest Crystal Angel Essence  Archangel Metatron, this wonderful archangel gave me the following information in a channeling to help you with this theme: 

Beloved Sister / Brother of Light,

the Sacred Geometry is the secret to unlocking your full potential. It is the instrument of the sensitive soul, the old soul, the light worker. it is there to call on. it moves with the speed of Light, bringing you Creator Light. As such your Diamond Core God Cell is activated. Your body and also your non-physical bodies are then brought to a new vibrational frequency.

For a sensitive this process can be intense, but please know that at all times you can ask for a gentler process. It will then take a bit longer, but for some the integration of the higher energies will be easier.

By surrounding yourself with my Cube of Light, called Merkaba by some, you will be able to spin out all old, redundant energies. This creates diamond energy.merkaba

What does the diamond do? It is crystal clear. It reflects the light. And it is strong. No one can scratch it. As such I recommend all light workers, sensitives and the new children to surround themselves with diamond light. Simply ask me and I will infuse you with it as I now infuse this essence with it. Your sensitivity will become your greatest gift, bringing light and clarity to all and staying strong in its own power.

This is my gift to you. I am Metatron.

So, use the diamond light and Cube of Light in your meditations and visualizations and call in Metatron whenever you need. The picture above shows you how you can visualize the tube of light, which consists of two interlinking pyramids.

You may also strengthen this process with the Metatron Essence.



Archangel Azrael: the angel of consolation

Angellightheart5Everyone will experience loss sooner or later. Whether this loss of a job, a friendship, relationship, health or the most permanent loss that we know on Earth: the death of a loved one. In all these situations, we can call upon Archangel Azrael. In the Dutch angel book I co-authored called Angel Do Book, we called him the archangel of consolation. That’s a very appropriate and gentle name for this loving angel, wo is more commonly known as the angel of death.

Archangel does Azraëls name “Whom God helps” and as said, he is known as the angel of death. This may sound scary, but he fulfills this role in the most loving and healing sense.

Azrael is a true grief therapist who helps the souls during their transition to Heaven. At the same time he comforts those who are left behind. He brings them infinite comfort and helps them cope with their loss. He also helps, more generally, in case of loss and times of transition and transformation.

During the previous full moon, I made the gem elixir dedicated to Azrael, yesterday I attuned this essence and today i have filled the essence bottles. While attuning, I received Azraël the following words, which are also intended for all readers of this blog:

I am with you and as i sense your sadness, I shower you with my loving support. I am the guiding light that returns souls home. So for anyone going through a dark night of the soul, each one with a broken heart and grieving mind I went here.

Death on Earth is a birth in the Light Worlds. There is great joy in the light worlds to welcome souls home and, no matter how strange this may sound, this light and joy at the homecoming of a soul surpasses the sadness of leavened and the deep grief of those left behind. (…)

In truth, love never dies. Soul connections go on forever and in every loss there is also a door that opens to a deeper insight of life, of your true calling.

I am here to bring comfort. To help you move through loss and change and sadness.

I am a guiding light, through any darkness. So for anyone who experiences a dark night of the soul, anyone with a broken heart and grieving mind, I am here.

On Earth all is temporary. Even pain and loss. In Light all is eternal, especially love.

So dear ones, let light come in through the cracks in your heart to heal it. And know that all is well and you are never alone.

I Am Azrael. “

IMG_7696I send love and light to all who are going through a period of loss or bereavement. If you need help, know that the angels are there for you.


PS The Archangel Azrael Essence you can assist as well as the Rainbow Bridge Essence. For those who need extra support I offer Angelic Reiki Distant Healing and also coaching and consultations via Skype or email. Finally, I have made angels for those who are grieving. These Healing Heart Angels, with the intention of consolation, can be ordered as a comfort in times of grief.

Be at peace and celebrate all that is well this autumn equinox

Amidst a month of pretty intense energies, including two eclipses, I received this lovely piece of inspiration and wisdom from my friend Nicky Jevon from Balance in Being:


THE AUTUMNAL EQUINOX – night and day in beautiful balance


WORLD ANIMAL DAY – 4th October An indispensable and brilliant booklet enabling people to shop for cruelty-free toiletries, cosmetics, household and pet care cleaning products

Amidst tragedy and turmoil in the world today, let us take time to celebrate too. This will lift the energy, the ripples from which will spread near and far. Late Summer and early Autumn have such a special feel about them, a glow all of their own, enhanced by the glorious colours filled with vibrant warmth, power and unceasing love. Its colours sing “Come let us dance, be not sad, celebrate life and those no longer with us on this earth.”

For many the harvest is a busy time, followed by reaping the rewards plus festivities. This marks the passing of time in a full and appreciative way. A good time to acknowledge the efforts of others by letting them know the difference they have made to one’s life, to this amazing planet or to any who dwell upon her. Thank you.

Time too for reflection upon the year thus far: what has been learnt or accomplished, one’s goals or where one ‘is’ at this time. Surrounding all this is a mellowness and truthfulness where love and harmony reside, so no need to be hard on oneself if it seems that things are not ‘quite right’. Autumn’s guidance is that of finding both flexibility and contentment in life. BRIGHT BLESSINGS TO ONE AND ALL.”

It is a time to go within, be mindful of all the good in your life and to share your appreciation and gratitude with others. Let there be peace in your heart and let this radiate out into a world where the energy of peace is now needed and welcomed.

Bright blessingsIMG_5292


PS the current week from September 21st to 28st is said to be extra powerful. To support those who are sensitive and to those who would like some faery inspiration, I gift the Faery Oracle I made years ago with any orders over 30 euros in the webshop .

From worries to prayers with Archangel Sandalphon

IMG_4696As many of you will probably know, I have created a range of Crystal Angel Essences. It was a beautiful road of personal development as me and my friend Sabine created the range over e period of about three years. Today it was time to attune a new batch of Archangel Sandalphon Essence. The gemstone elixir had been made onder the blue moon.

As I attuned the angel to the wonderful energy of archangel Sandalphon I received this wonderful reminder:

“I am with you, grounding you on Earth and connecting you to the Divine.
I am the Great Go Between. It is my joy to deliver your prayers to Father/Mother God.
All you do and think leaves a trail of energy behind. We angels see this and we love it when humans leave patterns of light and love in their wake.
As worry drags you down, I wish to remind you that you can lift yourself up by transforming worries into prayers!
I will be there to catch them and carry them to Source.
Please trust and know that all is well.
I am Sandalphon”

You can call on Sandalphon when in need of grounding and when you need help with your prayers and soul wishes. This angel also brings in the Divine Feminine and helps us balance the masculine and feminine within. Using the Crystal Angel Essence Sandalphon can help you with this!

This beautiful Crystal Angel Essence:

  • connects you to the energy of archangel Sandalphon and brings this into your aura 
  • delivers your prayers to Source and helps you manifest your dreams
  • helps in the search for your twin soul and helps you open your heart to earthly and heavenly love
  • balances the feminine and masculine aspect
  • brings heaven and earth together in your heart
  • opens you up to the energy of Goddess 
  • helpts to ground
  • lifts blocks on your spiritual journey  
  • helps you translate spirituality to the practicalities of daily living

Archangel Sandalphon

Archangel Sandalphon brings prayers to heaven. His name means ‘brother’ and is the twin 17091102aspect of Archangel Metatron. Both are the only archangels that once lived human lives. in the case of Sandalphon the prophet  Elijah. He rules the earth aspect in the Kabbalah. As such Sandalphon helps us to bring heaven and earth together and live our spirituality in our daily lives. Working with this essence helps develop your spiritual gifts and create a stronger connection to the Divine. Music can help as do poetry and creativity. This essence will help you get unstuck on your spiritual path, when needed.

The crystal power in this essence accelerates spiritual transformation. It helps to gorund and focus the energy of angel prayers and rituals. As such it is a lovely essence to use together with the book 365 Days of Angel Prayers.

This essence also helps to open the third eye and balance the kundalini energy. When speaye in the room, it hieghtens its vibration and makes manifestion easier. This Crystal Angel Essence expands your intuition and gives insight in times of emotional turbulance.  Your vibration gets heightened on the physical level. It brings quantum leaps in healing.

I now offer both the essence and the book with a special extra choice: that I write an angel prayer especially for you and your situation. You can take a look at for all the details about these wonderfully inspiring products.

Loving prayers for you

Lion’s Gate 2015: stepping into your spiritual power!

lions-gate.jpgA most special time awaits us. In the calendar of the Tzolkin kalender the 25 of July is the Day out of Time. Which means the 26th is the spiritual New Year. This periode of the year had been known as the Lion’s Gate as the constellation Leo aligned with the pyramid of Giza, says Celia Fenn.

Both the sun and sirius are rising, bringing the powers of gold and blue. Sirius used to bring us many Master Teachers. So…what does this mean for us in 2015? Well, as Celia says so beautifully:

Now, in 2015, we are being given the chance to live the process of integrating the Gold Frequency in the process of Ascension. And, as the Blue Sun rises in the morning sky, we are reminded that waves of Love and Blessings are pouring out to us from the Sun, from Sirius, from the Great Central Sun at the Center of the Galaxy, and from the Cosmic Sun or Heart.The Blue Sun represents the Love and Support of advanced beings of Light who have incarnated on Earth or who have guided consciousness in other ways in order to achieve this moment of deep change when the Earth is ready to become a Body of Light and a Multi-dimensional Blue and Gold Star.

The Lion’s Gate opens on July 26, with its peak at the powerful moment of 8-8 and it then closed beautiful-lion-wallpapers-2560x1920on the 12th. This is a time to connect to our own spiritual power and all the guidance available from our Higher Self and Spirit Guide Team. Those sensitive will feel this strongly and may download packages/downloads of Light. As I mentioned to a friend the other day, it seems we are on an ascension high Way. It is like high speed internet with all the downloads.

This can be a very intense time where we are forced to let go of stuff that no longer serves us. At the same time these are magical times when it becomes so much easier to raise your vibration and work with your Spirit Guide Team. As such is becomes easier to be true to your True Self and Soul Purpose.

Keep an eye on the blog as within this time frame we also have a full moon on the 31st. As it is the second full moon of July it is a Blue Moon, bringing in powerful energies to set intentions in line with your Soul Purpose!

❤ Cathelijne

PS. You can support your process with:

More information about my work and angel products on: /

Lovely news and lots of gratitude


This week it is exactly five years ago that I cycled to the Centre of Commerce in Leiden City to start by own business. though I loved helping people as a psychologist, my heart and soul yearned to share the spirituality and creativity with others to help them to shine their unique light.

I have not regretted it one day. My (angel) sculptures have flown all over the world as have the intuitive angel drawings. I have created the Dragon oracle, Dutch Angel Cards and a line of Crystal Angel Essences together with my friend Sabine. Each time we attuned a new essence we received the attunement in our own aura’s and beings, leading to processes of personal growth and spiritual insights. Not always easy, but always blessed. I have written articles, done many angel -ereadings, helped bring Angelic Reiki to the Netherlands, given healing treatments.

I have enjoyed Lightwork and meditations, like the ones shared during the full moon on this blog and hope to continue this for many years to come.

My dream is to celebrate this jubilee by publishing my first Angel Book in Dutch, called “Angels on your Path”. I am currently getting the finance ready through crowd funding. If you want to join in, you can do so and instead of the Dutch gift of the book, I will send you the book 365 Days of Angel Prayers as a thank you  when donating 25 euro’s

Lastly, i have some lovely news…you can finally order my sculptures, essences and oracles through my webshop Angels & Co with English translation! Please visit to have a look. This week there is a discount to celebrate the fact Angel Light Heart turned 5 years old!

I thank the angels, dragons, unicorns, dolphin spirit guides and other Light beings for their loving support. And I thank you for being on this journey with me!

Angel blessings,



Angel of the Divine Blueprint

IMG_1031[1]We all have a Divine Blueprint. just like a beautiful temple is first drawn on a blueprint, so too does our soul have a blueprint. This Blueprint consists of the lessons we wish to learn, the things we wish to experience, the growth we hope to accomplish. And if we do not learn those things we had planned, than we can return to do so in another life, much like a grand cathedral is built over many lives. 

When we are connected to our hearts, it becomes easier to follow our soul’s path. This angel is therefore here to remind us of our Divine Blueprint and to follow our heart to live according to our higher plan.

The sculpture seemed to make itself after I picked up a high frequency blue Kunzite Crystal at a gemstoneshop here in the Netherlands. 

Kyanite is a beautiful and metaphysically powerful stone claimed to have high vibrations. Kyanite aligns the chakras and meridians  (seven main energetic points in the body) just by holding it and is associated with the third eye (between the eyebrows). It restored Qi and the original DNA. It reveals one’s path in life and helps with meditation. Like a key, it can unlock doors and reveal psychic gifts or allow one to go deeper creatively or metaphysically; even revealing karmic plans and outcomes. It also connects you to your spirit guides and helps to work through karmic patterns. It can be used to heal past relationships and bring love to current or future connections. Since it can align chakras quickly, it provides emotional balance; eliminating worry and confusion. It will also aid communication and reduce disagreements.

And so when I saw this piece that was roughly shaped like a heart, I knew it had to go home with me to be incorporated into an angel sculpture. The angel seemed to shape itself, wanting a body with 12 strands of DNA and wings with 12 curves to represent the 12 chakra’s. It gave me the following message to share with you:

“I Am the Angel of the Divine Blueprint and I am here to help remind you of your inner spark of Light. journeytodivineYou are a Divine being in a human experience en you may now align that experience with your Soul, the truth of who you really are.

Please realize there are no mistakes. Every choice brings lessons and growth. Yet you came to this beautiful planet with a plan and the more you attune to the deeper truth of your heart, the easier it becomes to live according to your Divine Blueprint. 

I carry the energy of Archangel Michael within me and my heart will help your spiritual awakening, as well as help you to speak your truth and go forwards fearlessly on the spiral of life. “

You can meditate whilst looking at this angel and also work with your Divine Blueprint by caling in Archangel Michael or using his essence

Angel blessings,


 PS the angel will be for sale in the web hop soon. Feel free to mail me if you feel drawn to it (