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Magical pink moon: a meditation for the full moon en lunar eclipse

Hello lovelies,pinkmoon

the moon is almost full! On the fourth of April we can celebrate the Pink moon, named after certain pink spring flowers. On the northern hemisphere this is the first full moon of spring and celebrated in conduction with Easter. This is a super powerful moon as there will be a full lunar eclipse as well, which is quite rare.

It is also the last full moon still connected to the energy of the square between Pluto and Uranus and all the social change and unrest that brought. Since the new moon and solar eclipse two weeks ago, the energies have been turbulent and stormy, in some countries quite literally. Time to shake it up, shake it loose, let it go. A major time to let go of all that no longer servers us:

  • what is keeping the real you hidden from the world?
  • what is holding you back?
  • are you living your divine blueprint?
  • if not, why?

2011-longest-total-lunar-eclipse1These are the themes being brought to the surface so that we can let them go. Of course this may give us the feeling we are going around and around in circles. Again the same lesson? Recurrent themes? You are not alone in this, but it is all about layers that need to go for the real you to shine through. Only then will you be able to step into your true power. Because that is what this time is about..becoming the authentic you with a soul of light shining through.

Now all this shaking and twisting and turning, can have quite an effect on the body:

  • intense fatigue
  • blocks in the lower chakra’s and associated pains, such as in the lower back and belly
  • spinning in the higher chakra’s where integration of the high energies can lead to some head aches and neck and shoulder problems

Not to worry, all this is telling us is that the body needs some time to realign itself to the energies on the planet. You may be becoming even more sensitive and need better grounding and shielding. Most importantly, rest, rest, rest, be in nature, stand against a tree, drink lots of water…and go within.


  • Light some candles. You may choose to burn some incense as well.
  • Sit quietly and ground yourself by imagining roots growing from your feet deep into the earth.
  • You may then clear and dedicate the space. I do this by calling in an ascension column of light, the platinum net and ascension flame. I also the aura sprays I have developed with my collegue Sabine called Crystal Angel Essences. Especially the Archangel Michael Essence creates a high vibration and calls in protection at the same time.
  • You can ask Archangel Michael to place a Golden Dome of protection around you.
    Connect to all the other Light workers so we may form a network of Light around the planet.
  • You may imagine drawing in Cosmic Golden Light through your Crown chakra into your full-moon-angel-night-31000heart and sending it from your heart to me and all other light workers participating. When we all do this we form a powerful network of Light that helps heal the earth.
  • Now picture being in an open circle in the woods. Great oaks stand around you. You stand up against one to ground. Like the oak you are rooted in the earth and yet your being reachers to the stars in the sky.
  • You then move into the circle of grass between the trees and above you, you see sparkling, magical stars around the full moon. You see a circle move in front of it, till there is just a ring of light.
  • And archangel Zadkiel appears to your left and asks you to send all the things that have been holding you back through that ring of light. As you do, the circle lights up with the violet flame igniting all that you send through it.
  • When you have let go of all your old stuff and energetic blocks, the full moon reappears, just like your inner light can now shine freely.
  • Now archangel Jeremiel appears to your right, and you may ask him about your life purpose and Divine Blueprint. He may tell you about the next steps to take.
  • Before you appears a path of light…you walk upon it, moving forwards towards a figure of Light. You realize this is your Higher Self…you now merge with your Higher Self. You feel your mind and heart aligning. You are whole, healed and have realigned with the true you…
  • You now return to your own body and place on earth and take this energy with you for the next steps on your life journey!
  • Make sure you ground and blow out the candle. You may want to write down any insights.

Blessed full moon!



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Dragon Photo-shoot in Wales

IMAG0231A very different blog this time….the story of my very favorite dragon!! Enjoy!

Once upon a time there was a dragon called Saphira. Her task was to guard the Crystals of the Earth and as such her true name was ‘Saphira Crystal Keeper’. Her scales glittered in sparkling blue as she guarded a cluster of clear quartz crystals representing the crystal kingdom.

Now Saphira was birthed in Holland and she felt this could not possibly be right. This could certainly not be happening to one as great as herself! What itself respecting Dragon was created in a land as flat and crystal-less as that? It could not possibly be right.IMAG0235_1

As such she flew to Wales, the land of dragons. After all, did the Welsh not have a red dragon on their flag? This must definitely be the place to be.

And so she flew to Powys where she ended up in a lovely New Age shop where she was admired for a year and a day. By that time a restlessness started to creep in. If this was where she was supposed to live, why had she not been bought by some great wizard or healer? She just sat there being an ornament when she had so much more to bring to the world! Could this really be all there was to life? Just sitting there, looking pretty? Admittedly she was the loveliest dragon of all of Wales, but she started to feel an emptiness inside her.

IMAG0236She even started missing her Dutch creator and wondered if perhaps there had been a reason to be born in a country where dragons were less known and common. Perhaps she had a huge task there to bring some of the dragon energy to a land that could use some extra myths, legends and crystal healing power.

In her great haste to return to her creator, she bumped her head and a little chip came off her lovely horn. Saphira was devastated. Had she not been on her way to some great destiny? Had she been wrong? Was this a sign? How could she possibly do that with this small imperfection in her otherwise perfect countenance?

So as she arrived at the holiday cottage of her creator, she sat there sitting like a wilting flower.

“Enough of this!”, her creator said. “You are the Crystal Keeper and do not need perfection to be who you are!” To cheer her up they went for a walk to enjoy the Lleyn peninsula. “You will be the first dragon ever to walk here and get a photoshoot!”, said her creator. And there they went…walking near the sea, climbing little walls. Saphira felt the sun glitter and sparkle of her as she sat by a little stream and in a tree. IMAG0237

And all was well. She just knew she was perfect, just the way she was!

Copyright Cathelijne


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Special full moon meditation on April 15, 2014: lunar eclipse

foto-'s-van-de-maansverduistering-nb8699The next full moon is on April 15. This moon of April is known by different names, such as the Pink Moon, referring to pink blooming moss flowers. In another system, it is called the Moon of death, because at this time when many crops are particularly vulnerable. Buds and flowers of fruit trees can still significantly affected by the frost that can still occur. In that sense it is a time that separates the wheat from the chaff. When you see your personal intentions as seeds, then some intentions will flourish and others will be like dreams that do not come true.

This full moon will also be a lunar eclipse. Eclipses provide surprises in our horoscope. They can shake up our lives and help us to grow. This may be associated with major life events. Messages that come your way during eclipses require extra attention. Eclipses shine light on deeper truths in your life. They can unveil new insights.

Often eclipses bring about the new. They may announce an end as well as new beginnings.

The eclipses of 2014 are extra powerful because they are total eclipses. These are wonderful moments that can bring around great change, especially when you tune into your higher self and your true path through meditation.

Dia1Please pay extra attention to the signs from your angels and guides. This will help you bring about positive change and inner growth. Use these moments for deep introspection and purification. Go within and find the silence of your heart. The lunar eclipse will give you the opportunity to let go of old stuff from your own and the collective unconscious making room for your True Self to shine through. This is a great time to heal relationships and the earth. A time to bring yourself back into balance and you can recharge your inner batteries.

As such this moon meditation will not only connect you to the full moon and all the light workers who join the meditation, but also to your life path or Divine Blue print. Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who helps us during a so-called life review. After this life we all receive such a review, but there is no need to wait. You can use this meditation to check in with your Higher Self and Archangel Jeremiel to see if you are living your Blueprint. I will create a new Crystal Angel Essence during this full moon, attuned to Jeremiel. By focusing on the beautiful , spiritual energy of Archangel Jeremiel during this full moon will indirectly help to anchor this energy on Earth too!


You can join me and the other light workers at 7 pm UK time. Should this not be convenient, then feel free to join in at another time. In meditation and spiritual work intention is more important and will connect us all regardless of time and space.


1. You can start your meditation by lighting a candle (make sure it is in a safe place).

2. You can also use some incense or aromatherapy.

3. Sit quietly and relax. Be aware of your body and take some deep breaths. This will purify your energy and helps you connect to the angels more easily.

4. Begin by purifying your space, for instance by visualising the golden, silver & violet flame through your room.

5. Ask Archangel Michael to protect you with his deep blue cloak of protection.

6. Put your feet firmly on the earth to ground yourself. Imagine your feet growing roots deep into the earth. Then open up to the powerful energy of the full moon and lunar eclipse. Travel to Archangel Jeremiel on a beam of moonlight.

7. Now imagine that you are in a Temple of Light in the higher dimensions. In the middle of the temple awaits a beautiful purple angel. You know it is the Archangel Jeremiel. He is holding the book of your life. In this book, your mission in life is written down.

8. If you have questions about your life mission, ask Archangel Jeremiel about it. Let the picture unfold. Perhaps scenes are shown, or you receive words or other insights. If nothing comes, you can set the intention to receive clarity and directions from the angels in the coming days.

9. Jeremiel finally closes the book and puts his hand on your heart and says: ” Your heart is the compass of your soul. Follow it with wisdom.” The Archangel then takes the book and says goodbye to you. Thank him for his help.

10. Now bring your awareness back to the room where you started. Move your hands and feet, stretch a bit and feel your body firmly back on the ground. When you’re done, consciously blow out your candle letting of the meditation. Do not forget to write down any insights you received (in a angel diary).

I wish you a transformative and insightful moon.

Angelic love,


PS If you are interested in the Crystal Angel Essence Jeremiel, you can mail me.


Message of wisdom from a stranded whale bringing in compassion.

Whilst Light Workers all over the world meditated on 12-12-12 and opened up to the Divine Feminine energy coming in, a Humpback Whale stranded on a small Island off the Dutch coast. Could this be some cosmic sign and if so, what sort of sign would that be? In the Middle Ages whale strandings were seen as bad omens. Today many of us have a different view on this.  

When you look at the animals that cross your path as signs or animal totems, the appearance of a whale reminds us of our creativity, intuition and forgotten talents. Whale asks us to listen to stories of our past and healing old wounds with creativity. Open mindedness and acceptance are needed as well. Whale teaches us about the magic of sound, singing and chanting. The whale reminds us not to strand in our lives, but to communicate clearly and move forwards whilst doing so. Whale connects us to sacred breath, consciousness, community, the bond between mother and child and sacred sexuality.

As such the qualities of the whale resemble those of the Divine Feminine consciousness, reconnecting us with the feminine, empathic, intuitive and communicative aspects within. As such the stranding of the great humpback whale in Dutch waters seemed to underpin the energy of 12-12-12.  

A humpback whale breachs off the coast of Maui, with a double rainbow.The stranding of the whale that was named Johannes, touched me deeply. It was the same for many accorsse the Netherlands and worldwide as well. How we respond to this sad events is up to each and every one of us.

Every event on Earth can be viewed from many levels. Physically the stranding of a whale can be about a sick whale no longer able to navigate the ocean of life. Socially it can lead to all sorts of responses in the community. Some of it was not pretty as there was uproar, judgment and even threats directed to the animal rescue organizations and government. Others were beautiful with people sending Light. Though Johannes’  physical life has ended, his soul mission may still be working out through us all.

I would like to share the impressions I, as well as other Light Workers, received about the stranding of this magnificent being in this time on the planet.

A day before Johannes stranded, I had a dream of a humpback whale with a wound swimming up to me for healing. I remember giving it healing and having a telepathic link to it. You can imagine my surprise when the news on 12-12-12 reached me. Goosebumps all over (or should I say angel bumps). As soon as I heard the news I started sending healing and Light to the whale. In my mind’s eye I saw a spirit whale made of translucent golden energy floating above Johannes’ physical body. What a magnificent soul! He let me know he was there to share his wisdom with mankind. I got the impression of light packages of wisdom needing to be downloaded. He said his soul mission was to impart wisdom, compassion and unity to the people. A huge sacrifice to help mankind awaken to the fact we are part of all that lives. In my last healing to him I was carried on the golden whale’s back to a pyramid of Light where the whale was surrounded by intricate geometric patterns, some of which were downloaded into my aura. Though I am not sure what that means, but what is perfectly clear to me is that his message was one of love and unity.

Anne, a Lightworker who hosts whale trips in Panama, received the following message frommedia_xll_1458698 Johannes:

I came to risk myself to help humans come together at a time of need. There is much fear and stress in the world today and it is my soul’s mission to offer my physical life in service to the human race. My goal in stranding was to bring humans together, hoping they would bond in the effort to save my life. I want people to forget their daily worries to join together in an act of selfless love to save my live. I want to live. I am saddened to see that people are fighting over what to do with me and many are giving up. I can survive and live a long, healthy life if you humans can drop your fears and need to control the situation and act purely from your hearts with no ego involved.” I sensed there is a very strong life force and a white light around him, almost angelic. The angels are with him in honor of this incredible act of selfless love and beauty in a drastic attempt to heal the world.”

Mary Getten, a well known whale commuinicator who wrote a lovely book called ” communicating with orcas”  tuned into the whale after its passing:

“How are you doing?
It is a relief to be in spirit.
Were you in pain?
Yes, I had physical pain in my body, being on the land. It is not a place for a whale.
How and why did you end up there?
I have things that are obstructing my stomach. I have been unable to process my food and have been getting weaker and weaker. Finally I had to come ashore because I could not support myself on the surface anymore.
I am so sorry for the way you were treated. Is there anything you would like to say about that?
There is nothing that could have been done to save me. My life force was already so weak and there was this internal condition that could not be righted. I felt the love that many humans were sending me and I thank them for that. There were those who held the light and sent me energy to do what I needed to do, which was to leave my body.
Do you know that your presence caused a lot of conflict or misunderstanding in the various marine communities?
I felt the confusion, but I did not understand what it was about. I came ashore to die, not to ask for help. It was my time to go. Loving hands on me throughout the process would have been wonderful, and there were some loving hands at times. I would have liked that until my light left my body.
Do you have a message for humanity?
Each being is precious in it’s own way – none are better or less, higher or lower in importance. It329_1young_curious_humpback_whale_calf is time to treat everyone as a brother, whether they be human, animal or plant. Be compassionate in your response to every one you meet. My time on the beach was an opportunity to open hearts and to give people a chance to be compassionate. Some took that opportunity and others did not. I have no judgment about it. This is just a fact. Do your best to come from your heart in every interaction and your world will be so much better for it. 
Did the physical problem you had come from human impacts in the sea?
Yes. It is time for humans to realize the impact they have on all other species and to minimize those impacts as much as possible.  We are all connected and dependent upon one another. What happens to me will eventually happen to you.
Anything else you would like to say?
Do not spend your time being sad and sorrowful for me. Use your time to open your hearts and do good for all beings. I was a reminder and an opportunity for you. Learn from this encounter and lift yourselves up.”

What a beautiful message! Jude, a dear friend and animal healer andcommunicator from England also tuned in:

“What a wonderful Whale to actually give up his life like that to get humans attention. Yes I felt the whale was saying people need to open up to a deeper consciousness now and him being beached up he sacrificed his life in order to raise awareness to humans in how they treat the mother earth and release negative emotions like fear and judgments within her and one another.”

Hilda from Belgium received several cosmic symbols in 2006, one of which was the white golden whale. She feels these symbols are ready tob e sent into the world. In her words “Let us work to have Golden Water stream through our rivers. In light, Love, Unity, Strength and Wisdom.”

orb whaleInge, an Angelic Reiki friend, visited me this week to pick up an angel sculpture. She posted a photo on facebook with an orb on it. In the middle of the orb was a whale eye conveying peace, wisdom and compassion.

The similarity between all these message are love, light and healing for the world. Did Johannes touch your heart and would you like to use this constructively? Here are some ways to do just that:

  • Send love, light and healing to the whales, dolphins and oceans on a regular basis.
  • Be compassionate towards yourself and others. Let go of the tendency to judge.
  • Work with the energy of the whales and dolphins by using the Crystal Angel Essence “ white whale”  and “angel dolphin” (you can order them by sending me an email at angellightheart @ hotmail.com)
  • Learn to communicate with whales and to work with dolphin energy through the work of Mary Getten and Linda Shay.
  • Do not leave behind rubbish and litter on the beach. On a summer day here in the Netherlands the garbage cans are often full and people simply dump their stuff next to it. All it takes is some wind to blow it into the ocean.
  • When walking on the beach, bring a plastic back so you can pick up the garbage lying around. Garbage, especially plastic is a danger to the ocean and all that live in it.  
  • Support the whales and dolphins by giving money to causes such as WDS, SOS dolfijn and Greenpeace.

We are all a part of the greater whole. It is time for us to learn with compassion and take good care of the Earth and all sentient beings on it.

12-12-12 Channeling of Shekinah

12-12-12 was an important day. During this Cosmic Portal day, a great influx of energy came to Earth to bring in the Divine Feminine.

Many Light workers across the globe meditated around 12.12 am. During my meditation I received a channeling from the Shekinah:

Goddess1“I am the Shekina bringing to you and to the world the Divine Feminine.   I am one with God. As soul flames, twin flames, the Father and the Mother god are one in essence. Two sides of the same coin. Within each these sides are represented. Both to be tapped into and used for the greater good. As in the yin yang symbol both flow together, encircling each other and carrying the aspect of the other within.

This is what interconnectedness and connection to the Godhead means. All beings are pieces of the same puzzle, carrying the same Divine Light within themselves.

Accept all that is. Sameness. Togetherness. Differences. All have their place in the greater whole as do you.

Bring in the caring, the nurturing of my energy to heal yourself. Now is the time to be gentle with yourself and your body as you receive the download of new cosmic energy in your being.

Soften your heart and wrap Divine Love around yourself like a blanket. Then picture yourself and all Light Workers wrapping the Earth in a soft blanket of Love and Golden Christ Light.librabluetolite

Each Light Worker is like a brilliant star on the blanket of Love. Each unique, yet part of the fabric of this healing blanket of Love for Earth.

Today, nurture your inner light. Let it shine brightly to others. And see it reflected in the eyes and hearts of all you meet.

I am Shekinah, divine Mother, bringing you my nurturing Love.”

Venus Transit and Mary Magdalene

What a special day, this was: 06/06/12 with the Venus transit.

I wrote about the transit earlier in my angel newsletter. Venus would move in fornt of the sun, bringing to the Earth her beautiful qualities. Whilst I would be in the South of France these couple of weeks, I knew that Lightworkers everywhere on earth would be meditating on this cosmic moment that helps us to honour the Divine feminine aspects of ourselves and unite them with the Divine Masculine parts.

How lucky just to be close to Rennes-le-Chateau. A perfect place to attune to Venus’ energies. Rennes-le-Château is a small town in France in the Pyrenees, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aude, between Carcassonne and Andorra. In 1885, Rennes-le-Château was a small provincial town. That year Bérenger Saunière was appointed priest of the village. He started a modest renovation of the church. Rumour has it that Sauniere found something that brought in large sums of money which he used for to fund a much larger renovation. The question remains what Sauniere found. There are now thousands of people around the world in search of this secret. Especially since it would appear that it has to do with the underground tradition around the doctrine of the Cathars and the worship of the Feminine and the specific role of Mary Magdalene. The church itself holds hidden symbols indicative of this role. Furthermore, information underscoring her role has said to have been found in the parchments Saunier discovered. According to the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail Saunière found evidence that Mary Magdalene was the wife of Jesus Christ, and had children with him. she is said to have traveld to France with their children.

It seemed a good day to visit Rennes-le-Chateau and meditate in Venus transit. I woke up early and I hoped to be able to see Venus dancing in front of the sun, but it was too cloudy so I went back in my bed. During the morning we left for Rennes-le-Chateau. The sun had come out and I enjoyed the scenery.  Nature around us reminded me of the beauty of Mother Earth. Vast vineyards were interspersed with wild flowers. There were rocky slopes with forests. A breath of fresh air compared to our rather over-populated country. The road to Rennes-le-Chateau had a few hairpins. I never like being on hairpin roads much, but my hubby had a great time traversing them.

Arriving at Rennes-le-Chateau, we first visited the museum about the supposed treasure and Sauniere. We enjoyed the open views and when the belltower announced it was noon, I felt it was time to go to the church dedicated to Mary Magdalen.

The atmosphere in the church was very special. It was like stepping into a warm bath. As receiving a warm and loving embrace. It literally felt very warm. All the holy statues are lovely and the dome behind the altar is painted a beautiful blue with stars.

The church exuded a very strong angelic energy, and I felt many angels were present. I sat quietly in a church bench and sank into a light meditation, occasionally interrupted by other visitors. Soon the energy of Mary Magdalene was present as I received a channeling and guided meditation.

When I closed my eyes I saw a circle with a dot in it. I was asked to do the infinity breath through the center of my heart. Breathing in I was to bring down a loop into Cosmos, breathing out into the Earth. Then I was to do the infinity breath horizontally from the front of my heart to the back. The vertical movement focused on Light and the horizontal one on Love.

I sat for a while breathing the Light and Love through me and around me. In the channeling I was blessed with the Love of the Mother, the Light of the Father and finally with Love of Self. I was once more welcomed into The Sisterhood of Light, as has happened before in Glastonbury.

I was told that the balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine was torn apart in Atlantean times when the energy of this continent sank and most people started to listen to the negative ego instead of the Higher Self. We are invited to meditate and pray to restore these Divine energies at this time. There is much work to be done. We have free will and we need to make our own contribution. It does not matter how we do this, as long as it comes from pure intention (Light) and a pure, heartfelt awareness (Love). With this, we give the angels and ascended masters permission to do the work on our behalf.

We must realize that we have the masculine and feminine within us. The light and love are here to guide us in our lives. How beautiful!

After the silence and meditation in the lovely church of Magdalena, we drove to the Cathar Castle of Arques. And while I was waiting for the door to be opened, I looked up. There was a beautiful halo around the sun. There it was again: the dot with the circle. I made a picture of it. When  downloading it on our laptop, I saw two birds within the circle. A beautiful reminder of the twin aspect of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine: two separate parts which still form a unity.

Want to know more about my work? Please visit my site: www.heart-healingart.co.uk. You can sign up for my monthly angel newsletter, free Moon meditation and read about my spiritual and creative work.

Bright blessings