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Living your Soul Mission

How has January treated you? Numerologically 2019 is a 3 year. The numerological 3-year is considered a symbol of the trinity and a number that brings happiness. Year 3 also inspires and encourages generosity, strength and positivity. It can be a very creative year in which it is important to really express your Soul.

In my last Angel & Light newsletter (if you want to receive it, you can subscribe here) I asked if readers had specific questions, which I could dedicate a blog to. Quite a few of them were about one’s Soul Mission. A perfect question to answer at the beginning of this year.

One of those questions was this:

“My greatest blockade at the time is not getting my soul mission clear. I keep trying but do not get a grip on it. “

Our soul often has multiple missions in this life. It can be things that we come here to experience and work out, ways we can grow. These are often the themes that keep coming back in our lives and that we might not immediately think of as having anything to do with our soul mission. Yet it is precisely those deeper lessons and things we need transform that will enable us to achieve the greatest growth. Through this transformative processes, we increase our vibration and so we also increase the vibration on earth.

We often see them as blocks for our soul mission, but it is precisely the themes that our soul has specifically chosen to continue to grow. When we take steps on this path of learning, it will open up the space needed to really stand in our power and shine our light.

We shine most brightly by doing in those things that we are good at. Things that we can contribute to this world. We recognise them because they will bring joy to our hearts. They are done in a wonderful flow. Writing spiritual books is one of my soul missions, as wel as doing  Light work, coaching, healing, making spirital art, working with crystals. As you can see this is a very varied Soul Mission.  Your mission can also develop and change over the course of your life. That is how I started working as a psychologist. I certainly had a calling, but after a while I felt that something was missing and it was time for a new direction.




When you want to gain more clarity about your soul mission, these questions will help. The more you answer them with your heart and not just your mind, the better:

  • What gives me energy?
  • In what way van I contribute something to others or the world?
  • What gives me joy?
  • What do I love to do with ease and flow?
  • What increases my vibration?
  • And most importantly: what would love do and with what do I generate the most Light?

You can ask for help from archangel Michael to get a clearer idea of your Divine Blueprint and archangel Jeremiel to see if you are on the right track in your life.

This year is the ideal time to really focus on your Soul Mission. The 3 is not just a creative number, it is also an energetic number. It likes to move quickly and you may notice that 2019 will seem a bit like a haze. So make sure you stay grounded. Stay in the moment. Be aware and surround yourself with like-minded people. This will help you to find joy and therefore your soul mission.

Do you need help with this? I would love to coach you via Skype. You can find my current online coaching and consultation options here>> 

Love and light,

Cathelijne (Cathy)