Angelic Reiki

_wsb_350x494_AR+Ascociation+Blank+3$264+coloursDistant Angelic Reiki Treatments

Angelic Reiki is a wonderful healing form, brought to Earth by Archangel Metatron thorugh Kevin Core. Archangel Metatron calls it “the healing for this time”. I have been trained by Kay Zega and Colleen Tucker from England and love treating people with this wonderful form of healing. I am part of the Angelic Reiki Association. 

Distance healing is possible wherever you live in the world. Distance makes no difference, because whether you’re receive a hand-on treatment or remote Angelic Reiki, both work equally well.

The distance healing that I send is a healing on a spiritual basis. This is safe and can influence both body, mind, emotions and spiritual being.

A remote treatment with Angelic Reiki brings you in touch with the energy of the angelic realms and helps you align with your Higher Self. This allows the purest angelic energy to come through. The angels know what is best for you on your current soul path, be the healing physical, emotional, mental or spiritual in nature. Angelic Reiki brings balance and wellbeing.

If you’re attracted to Angelic Reiki, this means that on some level you are ready for change. Angelic Reiki can help you to let go of imbalance, whether it comes from a current or past life. Ultimately the aim is to help you have a happier life.

What happens during healing with remote Angelic ReikiAngelicReikiwingsBlank_jpg_w180h254

Each treatment is unique. You can have different experiences while receiving the distance healing. Most people experience a sense of calm, relaxation and positivity. Some experience little, whereas others may experience physical clearings or a wonderful connection with the angels through sensations in the body, colours behind the eyes or other psychic senses.

You can order a distant session from Angels & co webshop.

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