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Faeries and nature spirits near Watersmeet

watersemeetI love all things mystical and magical. Faeries are certainly that.

Faeries and nature spirits guard the natural world. Their energies can be found where two or more elements meet, such as water and earth.

All the experiences I have had with faeries so far were in such places: The Fairyglen in Wales, Les Roches des Fees in France and the Chalice Well in Glastonbury. A few days ago we were walking from Brendon to Watersmeet in Exmoor National Park. Such unspoiled nature!

As we sat down on some rocks amidst the stream of the river I picked up a faery channeling. Somehow they always come in a rhythmic cadance with lots of rhyme in between. That never happens when I channel angels or dragons or unicorns.

Here is what they said:

Where rocks and water meet 
We are present
Gateway to other worlds
Enter into faery

Be still and be here
Just this moment in time
Let yourself be guided   faery orbs
As gurgling waters rhyme

We are the spirits of nature
We are the fair and fey
Be welcome nature lover
Those without love stay away

We are the guardians
Of ancient forests and waters
We are of faeryland
Be present in nature and we will take your hand

To see the beauty around you
In all that lives and breathes
To uncover mother natures secrets
Unlocking you heart’s beliefs

Believe in us and nature
Bring honour to our world
In turn we will bless you
With all that’s good and pure.

After spending time with faery energy, lots of orbs surrounded my picture! So much fun.

faerydoorsSo next time you spend some time in nature…open up to all that leaves and breathes, all that streams and all that is. the seen and unseen. And perhaps you will feel the presence of the nature spirits too.

Faery blessings


PS I love helping you connect to the mystical and magical. You can inquire about the Crystal Angel Essence “Fairies and nature spirits”. I also love making faery doors. It is possible to personlize them just for you.

Calling in Dolphins in New Quay

dolfijnenI have been attracted to dolphins since I was a teenager. As I looked at a dolphin ring my brother’s girlfriend was wearing, something inside me clicked. Since then I have had many dream visits from Dolphin, visited many places to spot dolphins and had dolphin attunements.

I have loved spotting dolphins off the British coasts, such as around the Moray Firth area in Scotland where you can see them so close from the shore. But also from Cardigan Bay (Mwnt, New Quay) and the Shannon Estuary in Ireland. I have seen dolphins from a boat trip in Tenerife and swam with them in Eilat.

As we were in holiday in Wales this year I could not pass the opportunity to reconnect to the Cardigan Area Dolphins. So off we went to New Quay by car. As soon as I sat down on the quay walls I saw dolphins in the distance. One was making fabulous leaps!

We then went on a little boat trip to see if we could come closer. They remained quite far away. So I asked the angels and angel dolphions to please let them come closer. And as soon as I asked they did! One wanted to bowride, but as the captain stopped the ship to look at it, the dolphin went underwater never to be seen. It wanted to play!!

So I asked them again and then two came up to the boat. You could see them under the water and they came up just two metres from the boat as if to say hi “we heard your message” and then they went off again.

What a blessing!vakantie wales 2008 228

Dolphin is here to teach us about unity community, living in joy, being interconnected, going with the flow and being playfull. Our inner child comes to the surface as soon as we look at them! So be playful today and embrace the inner child and dolphin within!

Dolphin blessings


Ps me and Sabine have created the Crystal Angel Essence “Angel Dolphin” to help connect to the Angel Dolphins and Dolphin consciousness. Feel free to inquire about it by replying to this message or sending me an email via

Angel signs and leylines in Bury St. Edmunds

angel lane blogHow lovely to be on holiday in the UK again. It has been a few years since we had a summer holiday here and how lucky we are to have such splendid weather.

We spent our first day in Bury St. Edmunds, a lovely historic town in which the St. Michael and Mary leylines cross.

We arrived early in the morning as we had travelled by night ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich. As an angel person I thought it was great fun to park the car on Angel Hill car park. We were staying in the Angel hotel, how cool is that? And our room overlooked Angel Lane. Around the corner was a little shop to buy cards and newspapers called Angel News. It certainly made me grin form ear to ear.engelenveer blog

We started the day by visiting the Abbey gardens wit hits beautiful roses wafting their wonderful fragnance in the air. The ruins of the Abbey held a special appeal and I found an angel feather during our walk there. We then visited the church of St. Edmunds, where I photographed a engel kerkbank blogbeautifully carved wooden angel. St Mary’s church was next. You could have a competition to see who can spot the most angels. The nave has a magnificent hammer-beam roof. Eleven pairs of angels (a great angel number), attended by lesser angels on the wall plates form a procession of worship. Not to mention all the different angels portrayed on the stain glass windows. On the windows behind the altar you find the four great Archangels: Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel. I loved it!engel plafond blog

At night, after a lovely diner, we went in search of the energy of the leylines. I have always found it easier to tune into these energies when the surroundings are more quiet and peaceful. I was not disappointed! The leylines of Michael & Mary form a near straight line from St. Michaels Mount in Cornwall to Bury. On the line are wonderful sacred sites, such as the well known Glastonbury Tor and Avebury. Other interesting sacred sites are The Hurlers and Brentor to name a few. And it lands in the Netherlands where the Michael line can be felt at the Mary Chapel in Keins, Schagen. Many churches built on the lines have been dedicated to Michael and Maria. In Bury St Edmunds the Mary Line moves through Abbeygate St & Abbeygate. The Michael Line runs through Churchgate Street, and then moves through the Norman Arch to finally intersect with the M2013-07-05 20.21.35ary Line at the crypt of the abbey.

We took a walk to the Norman Arch and from there walked towards the abbey ruins. I felt naturally drawn to a certain section of it, which turned out to be the crypt I had been looking for. I sat down to meditate and connect to the energies of the ley lines. Soon personal information regarding my spiritual path came in. I felt a joilt of energy move up my leg and was asked to send this energy to those in need.

Light work and can be that easy…grounding well, opening your heart with a pure intention to receive for the good of self and all and then simply open up, after which you share the beautiful energies you receive with others. You can try it yourself!

PS. You also feel a connection with Archangel Michael and / or Mother Mary? You can support your light work with them by using the Crystal Angel Essences Michael and Mary. Feel free to email me to order them by sending an email to

Angel blessings, Cathelijne



Spiritual summer tips

Glastonbury-Tor-niceWhat makes your heart and soul sing? When are you happiest? What place gives you energy? Let your soul guide you through the summer!

I will be travelling to England and Wales. It’s been a few years since we have spent the summer there. Although it is not a sunny destination, it does bring out my inner light and for me is a great destination to recharge my spiritual batteries. Chances are I will have some mystical experiences or encounter angel signs. If so I will probably blog about it, so watch this space! You will find some spiritual summer tips on this blog to start with.

Spiritual Summer tips:
■ Start your spiritual journey on google, by finding information on ley lines and sacred sites. There are ley lines all over the world as there are sacred places, whether ancient forests with faery energy or man-made sacred sites such as Stonehenge. Whether you journey aboard or stay home, it is always possible to connect to a special place near where you are.
Hold a retreat, if only one day. Switch off your phones and computer and take time to meditate.
Spend time in nature. The fresh air in the forest and near the sea is full of negative ions. Your aura is cleansed by, you feel instantly grounded and a fresh breeze clears your mind. I always find it easiest to connect to the angels when I am near the sea as water is a great conductor of energy.
Invite the angels and beings of light into your life and ask them to create orbs on your photographs.
■ Read more tips on how you can feed your soul.
Want to give your spiritual development a boost this summer? You mayLichtbollen-Stonehenge2-300x201 want to order an angel heart e-consultation, a Healing Heart Angel with spiritual message, or work for a few weeks with a Crystal Angel Essence program. For such a spiritual journey, you do not even get out the door.

However you decide to spend your summer, I wish you inspiration and lots of fun!

Angel Greetings,