Channeling Archangel Zadkiel about transformation

Full moon october 23, 2010

“I am Archangel Zadkiel, known as the Angel of Mercy and Benevolence. I am the Archangel of Forgiveness and I work closely with Saint Germain and the violet ray to bring transformation to this world.

All things change on earth. Life is on earth is a cycle of change, a rise and fall, a growth and decrease. As earth is a dualistic planet, change is one of its main ingredients.

And so to those of you who resist change, who want their lives to transform, but do not know how to do it, who think they cannot, I say: life IS change. Life IS transformation. So, embrace life. Live it to the fullest and try not to resist the natural change and transformation of life.

These times are especially great times of change. Earth, you planet, has decreed she now wants to rise up in vibration to Higher Dimensions. And so with the heightening of frequencies, old outmoded beliefs may go. Old patters that no longer serve you may come to the surface for you to heal and transmute.

In this process I want to ask you to please be merciful to yourself and others. Help yourself and others through these processes of transformation. You are like caterpillars ready to become butterflies. You may think your cocoon is safe and comfortable, but when you stay in your self-imposed cocoon, you can never spread your wings.

Transforming does not mean self-denial or criticism. All too often I see humans trying to live a ‘spiritual’ life, beating themselves up over lack of perfection. Yet your Soul is already perfect, even if your earthly vessel and personality seem flawed.

Everything starts with acceptance. Be aware of who you are and where you are in life. Now. This is the starting point. You are exactly where you need to be. Through the Veil of forgetfulness you do not know which road you chose as a soul. Seeming errors or mistakes may be the very lessons you set out to learn.

So in each moment, tell yourself:

This is me.
I love and respect myself.
And what can I do now to bring forward more of my soul’s qualities and Light?

And so, transformation is not about hating the caterpillar or disliking the cocoon. It is not about judging the larvae.  It is about becoming your True Self and spreading your unique wings.

If anything is holding you back, give it to the Golden, Silver, Violet Flame.

If you need help with forgiving yourself or others, ask me to help. I am always here for you to lovingly help you with this.

 I am Archangel Zadkiel and I love you my butterflies.”

Transmitted by angelcoach Cathelijne.


4 thoughts on “Channeling Archangel Zadkiel about transformation

  1. Maria João Rico

    I have been resisting this change at an emocional level…I ask you, dear Zadkiel, to help me understand…and truly forgive. Some changes seem more difficult to accept than others, and my heart needs to be in Peace, I need to WANT to forgive!
    I have been working with the Violet Flame weekly for 6 months, with a group, and I’m realy commited to it.
    So…yes, I accept your guidance, love and help, so that I can move on and rebuilt my life in a higher consiousness, in pure joy, love and gratitude!
    I love you and I thank you! Please be there every time I invoque the Violet Flame!
    Caterpillar MJ

    1. engelentherapiecoach Post author

      Dear Caterpillar MJ,
      what a beautiful prayer to Zadkiel. May he help you go through the change you want and need. Should forgiveness relate to relationships, you may also call on Archangel Raguel as this archangel helps with healing arguments and misunderstandings and brings harmony to situations. Also, Jophiel can help uplift your thoughts and feelings an beautify them.
      Angel blessings

  2. Laura Pennington

    Just now entering into a sprititual journey, that is taking my spirit, soul, and flesh in new direction. I just started to realize that I can call on Archangels of Heaven, but am not sure what all this means. Can you please explain to me what the purpose of Archangels are and who and what do they represent ? I look forward to hearing from you soon, as I am ready to pursue this said “Spiritual Journey” as soon as possible. Thankyou, Laura Pennington

    1. engelentherapiecoach Post author

      Dear Laura,
      how lovely to hear from you and wonderful to hear you enering into your spiritual journey.
      Angels are known as messengers of God in the sense that they are in betweens between Earth and mankind on the one hand and the Source on the other hand. Now archangels can be seen as Chief messengers of God. Echt has a speciality that represents a an aspect of Father/Mother God. They were there before mankind and religion and will work with anyone who asks. A lovely book to start with would be Archangels 101 by Doreen Virtue. It describes 15 major archangels and what they do. It is a lovely introduction.
      If needed I can coach you through email. You can find more about what I do on
      Bright blessings


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