12-12-12 Channeling of Shekinah

12-12-12 was an important day. During this Cosmic Portal day, a great influx of energy came to Earth to bring in the Divine Feminine.

Many Light workers across the globe meditated around 12.12 am. During my meditation I received a channeling from the Shekinah:

Goddess1“I am the Shekina bringing to you and to the world the Divine Feminine.   I am one with God. As soul flames, twin flames, the Father and the Mother god are one in essence. Two sides of the same coin. Within each these sides are represented. Both to be tapped into and used for the greater good. As in the yin yang symbol both flow together, encircling each other and carrying the aspect of the other within.

This is what interconnectedness and connection to the Godhead means. All beings are pieces of the same puzzle, carrying the same Divine Light within themselves.

Accept all that is. Sameness. Togetherness. Differences. All have their place in the greater whole as do you.

Bring in the caring, the nurturing of my energy to heal yourself. Now is the time to be gentle with yourself and your body as you receive the download of new cosmic energy in your being.

Soften your heart and wrap Divine Love around yourself like a blanket. Then picture yourself and all Light Workers wrapping the Earth in a soft blanket of Love and Golden Christ Light.librabluetolite

Each Light Worker is like a brilliant star on the blanket of Love. Each unique, yet part of the fabric of this healing blanket of Love for Earth.

Today, nurture your inner light. Let it shine brightly to others. And see it reflected in the eyes and hearts of all you meet.

I am Shekinah, divine Mother, bringing you my nurturing Love.”

5 thoughts on “12-12-12 Channeling of Shekinah

  1. Hari Ma

    Dear Cathelijne, I have fallen in love with your beautiful painting here of Shekinah! Thank you so much for sharing it here on your blog, she is bringing in so much light! Would it be okay for me to print off a copy for my own personal use? And would you consider selling the original? I feel a huge longing for her to come live with me! If you would be open to that! I am greatly appreciating beautiful art work and have a few pieces in my house that recieve a lot of love everyday! Much love to you, Hari Ma xxx

    1. Angel Light Heart Post author

      Dear Hari Ma,

      like you I loved this painting, but this one is not done by me. I have not been able to find out who did it as i found it on another blog, perhaps you will!

      Bright blessings Cathelijne

  2. Hari Ma

    Hi Cathelijne, thanks for getting back to me, so you fell for her too!!! :):):) There are so many amazing pieces of art unaccounted for on the internet! I have one I printed off from google images on my website and I feel its such a shame I cant credit the artist. Thank you for introducing this beautiful Shekinah to me :):):) I loved the channelling that you recieved that is written next to it, it had special meaning for me. Thank you! Much love, Hari Ma xxx

    1. Angel Light Heart Post author

      Wonderful Hair Ma, yes it reminds me I should take more care in providing my own images with copy right…I sometimes see them popping up in unexpected places to. But it is fun when that happens! Glad you enjoyed the article and bright blessings to you! Lots of love Cathelijne xx

      1. Hari Ma

        Thanks Cathelijne 🙂 Its lovely to know you feel that way when you see your art in surprising places you didnt know about! :):):) You have widened my own vision of sharing. :):)
        Much love Hari Ma xxx

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