Spiritual summer tips

Glastonbury-Tor-niceWhat makes your heart and soul sing? When are you happiest? What place gives you energy? Let your soul guide you through the summer!

I will be travelling to England and Wales. It’s been a few years since we have spent the summer there. Although it is not a sunny destination, it does bring out my inner light and for me is a great destination to recharge my spiritual batteries. Chances are I will have some mystical experiences or encounter angel signs. If so I will probably blog about it, so watch this space! You will find some spiritual summer tips on this blog to start with.

Spiritual Summer tips:
■ Start your spiritual journey on google, by finding information on ley lines and sacred sites. There are ley lines all over the world as there are sacred places, whether ancient forests with faery energy or man-made sacred sites such as Stonehenge. Whether you journey aboard or stay home, it is always possible to connect to a special place near where you are.
Hold a retreat, if only one day. Switch off your phones and computer and take time to meditate.
Spend time in nature. The fresh air in the forest and near the sea is full of negative ions. Your aura is cleansed by, you feel instantly grounded and a fresh breeze clears your mind. I always find it easiest to connect to the angels when I am near the sea as water is a great conductor of energy.
Invite the angels and beings of light into your life and ask them to create orbs on your photographs.
■ Read more tips on how you can feed your soul.
Want to give your spiritual development a boost this summer? You mayLichtbollen-Stonehenge2-300x201 want to order an angel heart e-consultation, a Healing Heart Angel with spiritual message, or work for a few weeks with a Crystal Angel Essence program. For such a spiritual journey, you do not even get out the door.

However you decide to spend your summer, I wish you inspiration and lots of fun!

Angel Greetings,

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