Full Moon meditation November 17, 2013: Bloodmoon

b589cb0dda01e5502f6b501421876ce2Meteor showers can be observed in the skies tonight followed by the full moon tomorrow. Though the mercury retrograde is over since the beginning of this week, many light workers still feel challenged and confronted with ascension symptoms. 

This full moon is called the bloodmoon as it is historically the time of year when people would prepare for the hard winter months ahead by slaughtering the pigs. In those days the harvest had gone by and survival was a lot harder without all the technological support we have.

People in the West have become quite removed from nature and its natural rhythms. We have electrical light, heat and all sorts of machines to help us get things done. And although this is certainly very easy and convenient, it also means we have grown apart from nature. My yoga teacher used to tell her students that we have less energy in our bodies during winter (she would say we would have 50% of our energy on December 21 and 100% on June 21). Western living does not really take this into account. The economy does not go any slower. When you look at people going to work in the dark hours of morning and coming back home after sunset, you sort of wonder what is wrong with that picture.

The Bloodmoon is a time to say goodbye to that which lies behind us. It is an the-full-harvest-moon-is-comingexcellent time to ponder what we wish to keep. It also shows us our vulnerability. Vulnerability and personal weaknesses do not deserve punishment or criticism. They should be given care and attention instead. It is important to take time to get to terms with old hurts and find inner peace. Winter is a time to go within, to collect energy so that we may blossom again come spring. Every season has its own energy and it is unwise to try make things grow and flourish in winter as spring is a much better time to do so.

To prepare for the New Year and spring, winter calls on us to let go of all that no longer serves us. Emotions and events may be digested. Take time to rest, take good care of yourself and recover and recuperate where needed.

Though we do not always feel it, the Earth and all souls currently incarnated are in the middle of wondrous and powerful times of change and transformation. We can contribute to this process by taking care of ourselves and by sending love to ourselves, others and the earth. The closer we stay connected to our soul, the purer and more powerful the Light will be that we can radiate to the Earth, to people in need, and to all that lives and needs light.

This full moon I would love to share a meditation received by my friend Joan Osborne from the Paradigm Shift Reader’s Club. Please join me and the other Light Workers by participating this Sunday at 7 p.m. U.K. time. Or simply have the intention of connecting to us all at a different time.

  • Relax and deepen the breathing – imagine that on the in-breath you are taking in pure Light particles which fill the lungs and move through the body, through the veins, the arteries, the meridians.
  • Keep breathing in these Light particles and, on the out-breath let go anything that needs releasing.
  • See this released energy moving into the Violet Flame to be transformed and then brought back on the in-breath as purified energy. Keep this going for a few minutes until you feel totally relaxed and full of those Light particles. Throughout keep the breath deep as you can without strain – use the breath as a conduit for this new 589287857a7ee94220e2e88b36a6615evitality.
  • Then invite the Archangel Raphael to direct his Green Ray into your heart.
  • See a small orb of that Green Ray energy glowing in the centre of your heart. Focus on it for a while, then allow it to grow to fill the heart.
  • Now see streams of that energy radiating from that orb, flowing into the rest of your body – radiating out from the heart – upwards into the neck, head and shoulders, down the arms and into the hands. Once those areas are receiving the Green Ray energy, see it radiating downwards from the heart into the torso, hips, thighs, legs, ankles and feet. Let these slender streams of Green Ray energy go to every part of you, and then see it streaming gently down through your feet into the earth.
  • Hold the energy within you, allow it to stream through all your meridians, arteries and veins so that it reaches every part of you. Allow the AA Raphael to continue sending in as much of the Green Ray energy as you need and keep it flowing into the heart and then radiating firstly throughout your physical and then your energetic bodies.
  • Once you have completed this, you can allow the Green Ray energy to radiate further out to wherever it is needed – just allow the Beloveds to move it where it is needed for the Highest Good. Thank the AA Raphael as he gently closes the stream of Green Ray energy. Allow all your chakra centres to steady, balance and then close as much as they need, as much as is right for you.
  • At the end, invite your Guardian Angel to wrap you in a cloak of whatever colour you most need – and sense/see what colour that is.
  • Give thanks to all the Beloved, and return making sure you are fully grounded and fully present.

Bright Blessings Cathelijne

PS the full moon is an excellent time to cleanse charge your crystals. Why not program some to be sent to Fukushima for healing as shared by Little Grandmother?

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