Sacred places: visiting Lourdes

I always feel so blessed when I can combine my vacations with visits to sacred places, also known as power places. A few days ago I wrote about our visit to Rennes-le-Chateau and the contact I felt with the feminine energy of Mary Magdalene.

I had dreamt of a apparition of white Light the night before and I went to Lourdes with a list of names of people who desperately need the healing of the Virgin and with a wish list for souvenirs to bring back with me for other Lightworkers. I also wanted to light a candle for the people of Syria, and especially the children there, that are suffering so much.

Lourdes is located in the Hautes-Pyrenees in France. It is the largest Catholic pilgrimage site in France. It is located in the south of the country in the foothills of the Pyrenees and has about 17,000 inhabitants.

I was surprised to find Lourdes to be a real city, filled with shops and especially tourist shops selling religious figurines, bottles and rosaries. I had promised some friends and relatives to bring water from Lourdes, so we went looking for the right bottles to start with. I also wanted to buy a beautiful statue of Mary with my birthday money. Yet I could not find what I had in mind. It became clear to me that I nothing there could compete with the lovely statue of Mary that I received after the death of my grandmother. I do feel I will be adding some Mary sculptures to my Angelic Art when I get back!

I did find two beautiful reproductions of more contemporary art inspired by Mother Mary and Lourdes.

My dear grandmother Toos had a special love for Mother Mary. The statue of Mary I mentioned above had prominent place in her living room and she would have a little candle burning with it, whenever she was home. She also had some books about apparitions of the virgin Mary, such as in Lourdes.

Bernadette Soubirous declared to have seen several apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the grotto of Massabielle far in 1858, when she was a 14-year-old girl. In 1864 a statue was erected in honour of Our Lady of Lourdes at the site of the apparitions. There was a chapel built which soon became too small and did serve as a crypt for the first basilica, the Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Over the years two more basilicas were built and several other buildings, now all part of the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Lourdes.

When visiting Lourdes the result of this history is clearly visible. Although the sacred buildings are wonderful, I felt a longing for the time that the cave still existed by itself without all the business surrounding it and the well-oiled machine of the church. How would it have been to feel the energy of Mary in the natural environment of the cave?

How appropriate that this feminine aspect of divinity has so often been revealed in caves and near springs. It connects the Divine Feminine to Mother Earth, who is our mother and gives us shelter and refreshment.

Lourdes is not only known for the apparitions of Mary, but also recognized miraculous healings to have happened ever since. On 11 November 2005 the Vatican recognized the 67th official healing miracle.

After burning a few candles for those who need healing and for all Lightworkers to lovingly work together to bring more Light to Earth, I went to sit by the grotto and the statue. Soon after I closed my eyes in meditation, there was a perception of bright light. I was surrounded and permeated by it. I felt an infinite compassion from Mother Mary for all people who suffer and who have lost their way. She clearly let me know that she is not (only) of the Church but of the Light and thus she is there for everyone. To be able to pass on the Creator Light to the Earth she needs our pure intention and heartfelt prayers. For just as the angels will never dismiss free will, neither does Mary, who is known as the Queen of Angels. Therefore it is important that we ourselves call for help and pray for and / or send light to others.

After my time in the cave, I lit a candle burning in small a chapel and dedicated it to the people of Syria for peace, support, comfort and healing.

I would like to invite all Lightworkers to do the same. When we light a candle for another, we literally and figuratively send Light and pure intention to their side.

Sending you Bright Blessings and Light of Mother Mary.


2 thoughts on “Sacred places: visiting Lourdes

  1. Juliana

    Again Cathelijne , such a very beautiful heartfelt description , I felt as if I was there too. Thankyou for such beautiful descriptive words. Juliana xxxxxxx


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